Triple Corset Friday from Lesbos

On the terrace of our apartment in Skala Eressos, Lesbos.  Playing along today for this special edition are dolce and daisyfae.

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  1. Aaah, how much fun was *that*?


  3. Wow,thrice the pulchritude!

  4. Finally, words fail me. This is beyond fantastic. Enjoy the adventure!

  5. Oh my. nursemyra, dolce and daisyfae, you spoil us.

  6. Three Graces – how delicious.

    Continue to have a wonderful time xxx

  7. So long as you’re keeping out of mischief

  8. Daisy called you edible over on her place. Heh-heh. I’d say you’re all quite the tasty morsels. How many pics were taken at this shoot? More importantly, where are the outtakes?

  9. are you girls behaving yourselves?

  10. I thought that was a fig-ment of my imagination for a moment ….. I suppose that you’re all honorary Lesbians now ……

  11. I had to stare at this for ten minutes to fig-ure out what that was.

  12. I’d like to think this is how you’re spending your entire vacation in Lesbos, running around some villa in corsets and stockings spanking each other fig leafs. Then later there’s cocktails and kinky 3-way wrestling matches.

  13. Playing along on Lesbos…the mind boggles.

  14. Do you wear corsets at the beach? Go on I dare you I double dare you.

  15. Looks like fun was had by all!!!

  16. Lesbos? When did you switch teams? (That’s what I get for going missing for so long).

  17. Haha! Nice!! I’m glad (aka. jealous) to see you’re having fun, NM!!!

  18. We miss you!!

    I’ve joined in for t-shirt friday….not the lesbo version though :p

  19. I think the leaf is a fine touch and there would be many envious of its position.

  20. A woman has come to power down under. Also in Australia, as I understand it. Clearly Lesbos rules, but are there no rules in Lesbos?

    Doctor Holiday

  21. Now that is a damn fine use for foliage. Beautiful, the three (six?) of you.

  22. Great Googly Mooglies. Back with a bang…well three!!!

  23. I would say “You go girl,” but then it would expose my lack of modernity. Or recentivity. Or perhaps my overabundance of uncoolafoolery. I’ll just settle for “That’s wicked hot.” It’s Boston-speak.

  24. triple corset! and a strategically placed fig leaf.
    happy friday!

  25. Boing!!

    (Haha it’s really me-gaz)

    Not Twin, she can’t go boing……. boink is whole nother matter tho’….. 🙂

  26. Damn, why couldn’t you have come to Southern Spain…? I hope that you are having an amazing holiday, you deserve it!!

  27. Speechless…Rare for me.

  28. hey guys thanks for all the comments. internet connection here is very very slow and we only have one laptop so I can’t do the usual visiting and commenting until after we leave lesbos. please check out daisyfae’s and dolce’s blogs too…… they have some great corset friday shots over there….. and yes, UB, you’re rght to wonder about the outtakes… ooh la la

  29. Where are the rest of the photos?

  30. My goodness

  31. That was worth the wait

  32. Woo hoo!

  33. Huh? Can’t feel my legs…

  34. Now SCOM is mad. That is exactly the scenario that he had in mind if he joined you.

  35. you are looking good gals 🙂 [having girlie holiday envy]

  36. Is it my turn to have a holiday yet?

  37. Looks like you all are having a wonderful time! Good!

  38. You know, at your suggestion, I almost dropped you a line and paid a visit, since we were just over the border in Thrace. Maybe next time.

    On the other hand, do you know how hard it is to drive from Bulgaria to Lesbos?

    Next time, fly through Munich. There’s beer.

  39. Wish I was there.

  40. […] Lesbos July 2010 – we had fun didn’t we girls? […]

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