special edition: t-shirt birthday

happy birthday, kyknoord – from your three fangirls on the island of Lesbos.

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  1. Oh my Lord God in Heaven Nursemyra. This is my favorite photo of you so far in over a year. Your legs are amazing. You look amazing! I will be letting you know when my birthday rolls around this year.

  2. I’m looking forward to my birthday now …… just sayin’…… [ignore Scott BTW]

  3. Yay! Pantsless Thursday came early this week. Thank you :mrgreen:

  4. […] to me, Meta, My kind of stupid, Wait – it could be a trap, WTF 27 UPDATE: Many thanks to Dolce, Nursemyra and <a title="What a handful" […]

  5. That is insanely clever. I’ve always wondered what the symbol meant but was too lazy to look it up. Well done, you.

  6. Wouldn’t many just love to be a local Lesbian with a view of that balcony?

    Meanwhile, can kyknoord or friends alert me to the meaning of the character on the t-shirt? It reminds me of the North Wind tile from Mah Jong.

    • It’s the Kanji character for “North” (it’s a bit of a long story, but you can find it here.)

  7. That’s a fantastic gift! All three of you.
    Nice cake!

  8. You look downright demure! Beautiful dress…

  9. well, it’s monday evening here now and we’ve left our little fishing village and are almost at the end of our holiday. Early flight to Athens tomorrow morning, one more night there and then back to our various parts of the world….. I have a couple of nights in singapore before I get home so it’s still a little while before regular blogging resumes.

    It’s been such a fun time meeting up with not one but two other bloggers…. Happy birthday Kyk, this was Dolce’s idea as you probably already know.

  10. cute!

  11. as beautiful as nursemyra is on the outside – and let me tell you kids, she’s an absolute knock out in person – she’s even more beautiful on the inside. i know i’m going to cry like a big damn dork when we say farewell at the airport in a couple days…

  12. That is the Chinese symbol for “ravishing.” I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I believe it.

  13. awww, you look shy in the photo. well, yeah, and scrumptious as usual, but…

  14. What a beautiful picture. And what a great birthday pressie! Looking forward to seeing you soon! X

  15. Wow, what am I going to get on my birthday?

  16. Nice shoes Nursie 😉

  17. haha! Very nice shoes indeed – thanks for the loan Dolce xx

  18. My birthday just passed Nursie dear….can i get one of you in a red hot corset with matching red CFM boots???? Please please please….

  19. I want a list of what you are wearing for that shot.

    A complete list.

  20. That’s a lovely photo of you. Great T too!

  21. Very nice, from the top to the bottom.

  22. I left the same comment for Daisyfae, but it fits here, too: October 7. 😉

  23. happy birthday kyknoord!
    and you look birthdaylicious, nurse myra.

  24. Whoa,how did I miss this? Wonderful.

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