corset friday France part 1

Location: Le Chateau de Bruzac, Dordogne, France

Lingerie: purchased by The King (a.k.a “That man from the market”)

Photographer: The King

Permission granted by: QueenWilly

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  1. Oooh! A lovely dryad! X

    • Wow – how quick are you? I only put that up one minute ago

      • That’s because I’m your number one fan. X

  2. Alright this is my favorite Friday so far. I love the artistic feel of it, the lighting is phenomenal and the look a beautiful, vulnerable woman in lingerie surrounded by the wilderness of nature is just breathtaking. And I love the pose with your arms above your head. You are Amazing!

    • All compliments should go to queenwilly’s husband, The King. He scouted the beautiful location and took 10 photos in about ten minutes, just quick snaps. Normally at home I take about 40 to get 3 or 4 that I think are usable.

      It was especially kind of queenwilly to lend her husband too. Drop by her blog and let her know you appreciate her generosity 🙂

      • FOr you.. anything!

  3. Such a wonderful adornment to the natural world. Delightful, beautiful and very very edible!
    Thank you Queenwilly.

  4. Number four Miss. N. best shot and setting, the arch, the woman and the decay.

  5. au naturel in the French countryside…..myra, you’re a goddess.

  6. C’est magnifique, je suis sans les mots.

  7. So these photos were taken in public? Is that correct? They have a lot of artistic merit. And…you know…other stuff.

    • The chateau is in ruins and has been abandoned. There was no one else around when we were there, so it wasn’t technically “in public”.

  8. Corset Friday on Location! How gorgeous! Great photos, fun corsetry, and terrific friends!

  9. great setting, did King Willy get outfits for the whole entourage – can we see them?

    • The Royal couple and I were in France together then we went our separate ways – they headed to England and I headed to Greece to meet up with daisyfae and dolce. The King has yet to meet the entourage. Perhaps one day when the two D gals make it out to Oz

  10. What a delicious set of photos! You are definitely channeling Dryad in a wonderful way today. Hoorah for King Willy, and generous QueenWilly!

    I played today, in a way. . .

  11. Viva la lingerie… viva la model… viva la locale… viva la vie!

  12. Being lost in the woods never looked so ravishing. All hail The King.

  13. Hot, hot, hot…

  14. Outside? I love nature.

  15. All I will say is, “Thank God Its Friday”.

  16. Tres jolie, mon amie…tres, tres jolie.


    Pain au chocolate! Croissant! Joie de Vie! Paris!

    Ok, my French is now exhausticated.

    You make me want to French kiss someone. And use a French letter. And stuff.

    • Yeah I want to do all that stuff too 😉

  17. And some people don’t believe in fairies!!!! …… tsk

  18. It’s exactly what every well bred Frenchwoman should wear on a Friday! Magnifique!

  19. Sexy!

  20. These are beautiful. A day brightener on a day when I need one!

  21. Wow, I didn’t realize you would look so good au naturale.

  22. love your dedication and King and Queen Willys friendship … both combined = a lovely corset Friday 🙂

    • Yes, where would we be without friends?

  23. The most fun for me was kissing King Willy as he purchased sexy lingerie and handed it to nursemyra in front of the whole market. Very french!

    • I’m sure we were the talk of Brantome for the month of June. Everywhere we went there were whispers… “There he is – that man from the market. With his two women!”

  24. Ah yes, what can I say, you should see part two! In typical Nursie fashion these photos are somewhat of a teaser… My favourite shot for example is not amongst them, let’s just say I had to ‘push’ NM to go for a position she wasn’t too keen on, but the results were beyond superb.

    At the market a passing stranger was heard to say “That guy’s just bought her lingerie and the whole market’s watching.” This was indeed the case, a pin was heard to drop in a nearby tailor’s shop. NM and I had been wandering around together looking for lingerie while Queenwilly was off buying food. When Queenwilly kissed me on the lips just as the purchase went through, I could feel many curious eyes upon us!

    As for the ruined chateau it is like something out of a fairy tale. It was open to the public once, but we trespassed in order to get these photos for you dear readers.

    Well enough from me, once again the royal sceptre needs polishing, and I wish you all well. Some days it’s good to be the King.

    The King

    • Actually, I’ve divided the photos up into 3 parts. And saved your favourite for last…. 😉

      • Well good things come in threes…

        The King

  25. Metre une grande saucisson l’amore dan mon derriere?

  26. That really is a beautiful set of photos. You really do look as if you belong there as a wood spirit

  27. Lovely! All hail The King.

  28. Gorgeous shots. Awesomer still is that it’s shot outdoors…

  29. Makes me think I should do some shots locally, of course I’ll have to get special dispensation again… Imagine if we used the Opera House!

    The King

  30. Don’t eat Foie Gras.. That’s when they force feed the goose to fatten up the liver.. It’s awful to see them doing it..


    But I’ll forgive me if you show me your hooters. lol

  31. Don’t eat Foie Gras.. That’s when they force feed the goose to fatten up the liver.. It’s awful to see them doing it..


    But I’ll forgive you if you show me your hooters. lol

    • We’re talking about Geese, not a pair of Owls!

      The King

  32. Nice and damn its in France. Lovely shots.

  33. I’ve been practicing my French for you:

    Je me rends!

    Now how good is your tongue?

    • depends on where you’re going….

  34. wow, this is some excellent photography. ~and a beautiful model! …very tastefully done nusemyra. ♥

  35. (apply brakes) ‘Miss—do you need a ride?’

  36. Gorgeous, NM! the King has a great eye for photography, but seeing how fantastic you look I think they would have come out beautiful anyway.

  37. These are (by far) the HOTTEST pictures ever to grace your blog. I’ll have to type the comments one handed if this keeps up.

  38. this particular style of photography ~ Forest Nymph

  39. only you can make sitting on a rotting stump in the forest look so sexy.

  40. Ain’t it a shame to wear a corset only on a Friday when you got Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday ?

    (Originally ain’t it ashamed to go fishing –1950s)

    I think you officially changed the song. Corset day all week!


  41. ps. Not Radish King, but Henry the Savage at

  42. Rock

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