the glory of the gourmand

Brillat-Savarin was a man who knew his food and the effect it has on those of us who appreciate the finer things on our lips and in our mouths.

“Gourmandise is favourable to beauty… it gives more brilliancy to the eyes, more freshness to the skin, more support to the muscles… it is equally true to say that those who understand eating are comparatively ten years younger than those who are strangers to this science. Artists are well aware of this, for they always portray those who starve themselves as sunken cheeked, craggy necked and altogether decrepit. Such a person was Napoleon, who was irregular in his meals and ate fast and carelessly. As a result he lost the Battles of Borodino and Leipzig.


Those predisposed to epicurism are for the most part of middling height, broad faced, bright eyed with small foreheads, short noses, fleshy lips and rounded chins. Those to whom nature has denied an aptitude for the enjoyment of taste are long faced, long nosed with dark lanky hair. It was one of them who invented trousers.”

read about Bunny Roger here

Brillat-Savarin had a sister who was also a gourmet and who outlived him. She died on her hundredth birthday after enjoying a delightful dinner and calling loudly for more dessert.

hairball extracted from woman’s stomach found here

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  1. I was loving this until the end bit – eeeuw Nursey – I now need more pudding to take that image away

    • I know. It’s about the grossest thing I’ve posted all year. But you know I like to throw the odd shocker into the mix 😉

  2. the hairball looks like “Cousin Itt” from the Addams Family… but far more frightening…

    • As frightening as that flying beetle that landed on you at Skala Eressos?

      • The beetle was the size of a military transport plane! And it had sharp claws, fangs and sounded like a jackhammer… i was NOT over-reacting. much.

    • Or the autopsy of Cousin ITT

      • That’s IT!

  3. Brillat-Savarin seemed to have a strange grudge against trousers. Not sure why. Pants are fun.

  4. Ick!!

  5. Need it be said that hairy balls are better than hairballs.

    I think there’s difference between trousers and pants, a “trouser man” for example conjures up an entirely different image to a ‘pants man’ wouldn’t you say?

    The King

    • And brynners are the best balls of all

  6. Hey, it’s Pantsless Thursday!

    • Not over here. It’s already corset Friday 😉

      • Time for France part 2 methinks…

        The King

  7. Strange Napoleon must have been a gourmand at one time what with Austerlitz and Wagram and the like. I wonder what changed him

    • Haha… salient point

  8. I would guess that the opposite of an epicurist wouldn’t be people like Napoleon, but more likely people who eat the trends: probiotic omega3 tofu-ravaged organic something-or-other, doing exactly the opposite for their health than what they intended.

  9. “Tofu-ravaged” – that’s great….

  10. a condition called trichophagia huh? gee,i wonder if dave H will elaborate on this disorder… it sounds fascinating!

    • Maybe we should ask him?

  11. Nice O. Henry ending on this post, baby. You haven’t pulled something like this in quite a while.

    • I love O Henry! what a great compliment UB, thanks.

  12. ‘more pudding’… I want that on my tombstone 😉

    • I want more pudding every day – especially pavlova

  13. Napolean looks like a rock star. They ofetn have similiar eating habits . . . and tempers.

    • I see what you mean…

      The King

      • that nosepicking nonce….

  14. This is cool.
    You show the good the bad and the ugly. lol

    • thanks Richard, welcome to the gimcrack

  15. Presumably the woman who swallowed all that hair was long faced, long nosed and dined on nothing but her lanky hair?

  16. I second the motion!

  17. In keeping with the grossness of Thursday, what proportion of that hairball was pubic?

  18. Jeeesus! I was feeling all like having something delicious to eat, and then I saw the hairball.



    • I now feel suitably chastised by your exclamation mark Dolce. Am standing in the naughty corner with my head bowed.

  19. Man alive! Are you sure that the ‘hair ball’ isn’t some sort of headless river dweller – a beaver or platypus maybe?

  20. Oh Blleeerg. I was planning on gazpacho but who wants to eat after seeing that half digested wolf?

  21. Good grief, nursemyra. You need to get out for a nice walk in the fresh air and not spend so much time on the internet! I did not know that human beings could get hairballs, I’m not sure I needed to know this either.

    I also find it interesting that the fact that he skipped meals accounts for Napoleon’s losses on the battlefields. Of course, we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. . .

  22. Hmm. I’ve been trying to lose a couple of pounds before heading on vacation. Now I know how to do it. Take another look at that hair ball just before eating and then after I’ve taken a couple of bites…if I get that far. Thank you. 🙂

  23. I’m ignoring the end. Because ew.

    But I love the word trouser.

    I thought you’d like to know.

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