corset friday France part 2

Location: Le Chateau de Bruzac, Dordogne, France

Lingerie: purchased by The King (a.k.a “That man from the market”)

Photographer: The King

Permission granted by: QueenWilly

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  1. I like this set very much, ‘Babe in the Woods’

    • Thanks Lulu, I’ll tell Their Majesties. It was all their idea.

  2. Well, the castle maybe taking donations for its restoration, but you obviously have no need for that. 🙂

    • haha…. you do make me laugh Ian

  3. That archway one is gorgeous! And I just got my postcard from you and Daisy Fae and Dolce – thank you all, i’m very happy for the thought, the compliment and the card itself. I’m smiling away. . .

    • Are you laughing out loud too? I love your laugh darlin’

  4. flipping some of these to black and white, or sepia, would be interesting. suspect that if they put you to work holding that sign? donations would increase substantially!

    • queenwilly has the originals, I’ll ask her if she has time to play with sepia or b/w

      • Playing with Nursemyra! yes…..

  5. haha – what Ian said. And Daisy.

    that little skirt is so cute!

    • You’ll be able to see it from another angle in Part 3 (still listening to that cd you gave me)

  6. Very nice — I’m one of the ones wondering what part of you is in need of restoration? It all looks so fresh and beautifully kept up. . .

    • As long as I keep plucking my chin 😉

  7. Ooh la la! It must be nice being The King.

    • oh yes he’s a very lucky lad

  8. I like the upper left one a lot. And your hair is really wavy in these – nice.

    • That’s the au naturale hair…. today it’s blow dried straight

      • I like wavy better too.

  9. I love this one!!

    All of the photos are fantastic, but I think the top two are my faves.

    Though I do think the sign is a misnomer…

    • I think the top right was the first shot, I still had the bodice on underneath and the cardigan on top

  10. Tres sexy!

  11. Gorgeous photos – and lingerie!

  12. Nice, what does the sign say? I am guessing it says, “Will work for espresso and angle-hair pasta.”

  13. Yes . . . good to be King. There’s such a feel to these. It makes me lonely and sad. Meloncholy. I guess it’s powerful to do that, eh. The solitary, empty castle maybe. You’re a powerful necromancer, NM.

  14. It’s like a sexy wood nymph on patrol of her area of the forest, and for some reason there’s a sign written in one of them languages…

  15. Metre une grande saucisson l’amore dans mon derriere!

  16. You were busy over there weren’t you..

    • Actually, not busy at all. It was one of the most laid back holidays of my life. I even did two jigsaws

  17. the french say it best, ooh la la.

  18. Crumbling castles and climbing ivy make for a great backdrop. I am enjoying the holiday series.

  19. That part of France is gorgeous enough without the addition of Antipodean beauty. I cycled this area many years ago (camping at Nontron) but I was too busy avoiding the hordes of holidaying Brits in their Volvos to see this chateau.

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