your money or your life

Sir Leo Money (1870-1944) was an English politician and economics journalist who had a taste for the ladies. He was once caught in a compromising position with a young woman in Hyde Park.


“Sir Leo gave evidence that he had known the young woman who was of unquestionable reputation for 18 months. On the night the charge was made they had been sitting in adjoining chairs in the park for 10 minutes when a plainclothes policeman appeared. The father of Miss Savidge stated he had had long correspondences with Sir Leo on the subject of economics and he considered him a family friend. His daughter was also interested in the subject of economics.”


***Chief Inspector Alfred Collins‘ reputation was challenged by the notorious case when it was alleged Miss Selvidge had been made to show her pink petticoat to police without a female witness in attendance.

Sir Leo not only fought the charges, but demanded an apology from the police. Collins was accused of badgering the witness, and faulted for not having a female police officer remain for the interview (Inspector Lilian Wyles). A Parliamentary inquiry ensued, at which the police were largely exonerated, and the Met changed its policy to mandate that women officers always be present when women were giving statements. Wyles and Collins remained on good terms after the inquiry was concluded, and he always carried, in his waistcoat pocket, a “lucky” mahogany bean which Inspector Wyles had given him during the hearings.


In 1935 Sir Leo was again arrested for “wilfully interfering with the comfort of a passenger, Miss Ivy Ruxton” on a train travelling between Dorking and Ewell. After some consideration, Sir Leo, who admitted kissing the woman, was fined 50 shillings. He decided not to appeal and spent his last years writing rambling political treatises and serving as an editor for the Encyclopedia Britannica.

***Chief Inspector Collins was also responsible for uncovering crucial evidence in the “Bloody Belgium” murder trial of a French butcher. A very interesting story which you can read here

(the barrel on the right contained the head and hands)

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  1. I misread “Collins was accused of badgering the witness” on the first reading ……. just sayin’

    • so you misread ‘badgering’…?

  2. politics + economics + women = Money. clearly, a man living up to his name…

    • As I endeavour to live up to mine πŸ˜‰

  3. “Forced to show her pink petticoat” Oh the SHAME!

    • It’s enough to get a good woman branded as a harlot!

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sexier pod of mahogany beans. Actually, I’ve never seen a pod of mahogany beans at all!

    • Me neither. I think the pods are rather sexy too.

  5. Interested in economcs they both were? I wonder if he tried a line like “touch me there and I’ll show you a practical example of inflation”

    • haha…. good one jams

  6. Step 1: Invest in Tag Larkin’s cock.
    Step 3: Profit!

    • Step 2: Insert nursemyra

  7. “…once caught in a compromising position with a young woman…”

    so, is there such a thing as an “uncompromising position” with women?

    • Unfortunately yes. It often happens at the gym.

      • why, yes…yes indeed. i have noticed that. gleefully so.

      • πŸ˜‰

  8. I don’t know if having someone with a political agenda is the right person to write for an Encyclopedia

    • Yes, I prefer the person with lax morals and bad timing to write my reference manuals

  9. The pink petticoat was my favorite part.

    • I agree. Poor Miss Selvidge. My reputation was also challenged the first time I posted that photo with my petticoat showing…. hahahaha…..

  10. Damn. Everything was fine and dandy till I followed that link to the French butcher. Sweet Jesus what a horrific murder. Friends don’t let friends beat people to death with a poker!

    • He was an atrocious speller wasn’t he?

  11. I had totally forgotten the some years ago I lost my β€œlucky” mahogany bean.

    An economics journalist with Money as his surname…perfect. Comedic reportage + irony = Nursemyra.

    • Maybe I should send you a “lucky” nursemyra charm

  12. Reading this site could end up making Denny even smarter than he is now.

    This story gets told at my next cocktail party. I know that much.

    And, Dear Nurse, you may compromise me at your leisure.

    • You’re hosting a cocktail party? Are we all invited?

  13. That story about the Bloody Belgium murder was really interesting. And so was the story of Crippen on the same site. I knew his name, but never all the details. Thanks!

    • It’s a fascinating site, one could spend several hours reading all the links. Hey – aren’t you supposed to be working?

  14. You posted a pic of yourself. BEHOLD THE POWER OF MALACH!

    • Yes, that one was just for you Malach!

  15. Hey I recognize the third picture down. And it’s a perfect fit. Did anyone ever tell you that you have the body for a pulp fiction, dime-store novel Doll?

    • Thanks Duke πŸ˜‰

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