corset friday France part 3

Location: Le Chateau de Bruzac, Dordogne, France

Lingerie: purchased by The King (a.k.a “That man from the market”)

Photographer: The King

Permission granted by: QueenWilly

This is the final part in the French series. Just a reminder that next week is T shirt Friday again, so you’ve got 7 days to take a photo of yourself wearing a T shirt, then post it on your blog on June 30th for a link back. Thanks to daisyfae for suggesting the sepia treatment this week and thanks to queenwilly for being so obliging.

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  1. Yay! I’m comment number one!

    Love these, NM. France looks really good on you.:)

    • I’d love to wear France again some day

  2. Ah, saving the best till last, see you for MJ!

    The King

    • I’ll be there. Looking forward to seeing the new venue.

  3. Good Shabbas, Nurse, and all your Gimcracked pals. An lovely post, and quite picnic-at-hanging-rocky.

    • Shabbas is mah jong day – it’ll be more than good.

  4. Well, if I was not quite so long of fang (and if school teachers didn’t see my blog!) I might give you youngsters a run for your money!
    I mean, photo-shopping wrinkles is allowed, isn’t it?

    • Who you calling youngster?…. well queenwilly is quite a bit younger than me. But I don’t think she used her mad photoshopping skillz on my photos…. did you queenie?

      • I was there and it’s all real!

        All she did to the last shot was the sepia treatment and a bit of overexposure and blurring. The unaltered shot looks great too btw.

        The King

  5. Damn. And me without my time machine.

    • I know a doctor who has one

  6. Beautiful. Just beautiful. I think Daisyfae had a good idea, that sepia tone shot is fantastic. The light makes an aura around you.

    I particularly like the rather sensible shoes in the first shot, though.

    And thanks for the heads up on t-shirt Friday! I missed last month because I went to Texas, but I’ve got plans for this month.

    • Oh I’m all for sensible shoes. And boots. No stilettos for me.

  7. these are fabulous! and since you’re out of photos from france, i guess you’ll just have to go back!

    • Actually, it’s Lesbos that is giving me the siren call…… I want to swim in the Aegean again…

  8. now that’s just Old World style. and a gracious good morning to you, too, Scrumptious.

  9. Très jolie.

  10. Daisyfae is the idea lady you know and those pics are excellent, sepia looks good on you.

  11. Even when traipsing around the forest in a corset with sexy long Marlene Dietrich legs, functional footwear is very important.

  12. I agree RF – I really think that Nursey should have gone the whole hog and been wearing Doc Martens ……

  13. I like corsets so much more than tshirts.

    Still, I’ll persevere.

  14. love love love love the second one!

  15. I think we are going to have to take up a collection to make sure that all of your shoots are in France from now on. Damn you look fine! And amazing photography as well!

  16. I can’t believe that you actually brought thigh-highs on vacation with you.

    • I didn’t! I only had one corset with me (the one you can see in the Lesbos photos) as I hadn’t anticipated blogging in France. I was persuaded by the beautiful location and The Royal couple’s silver tongues.

      That’s why we had to go shopping in Brantome for an outfit and stockings….. it’s also why I’m wearing such sensible shoes 😉

  17. i’m with Dolce…..sepia shot is gorgeous!

  18. Loving your work.

  19. oh yes, sepia is very nice for that image. good eye daisyfae and another great corset friday to you nmyra!

  20. Very nice. The sepia effect really sets the last photo off beautifully

  21. Yee-haw to these pictures 🙂

    Those are some lengthy frackin socks ya got there—-those look like they’re all-business, not all-vacation…

  22. I’ve seen your corset pictures. Perhaps it’s time to show you mine.


    Happy Friday, Good Nurse.

  23. I want to go France someday

  24. Why do I need my currant cougar when you sit here before me like this!?!?!?!

  25. Ooh la la! You look like a natural French woman!

    • Ah yes…. I remember well how Stephen made me feel that way….

  26. The sepia photo looks like a vintage Holga shot…cool.

  27. Lovely! Will try and join in next week :p

  28. Very nice, Nursie. X

  29. Love the sepia – love the legs xx

  30. I would always worry about getting bits of grit in my nether regions dressed like that is those draughty old places. You must have a very hardy constitution.

  31. francy pants 🙂

  32. Le dernier foi? C’est dommage.

  33. Trés belle!

  34. wow …breathtaking, the second one !!!

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