t shirt friday 30.7.2010

healingmagichands is playing along and so is Lynn’s husband Rip. Plus gitwizard and 70steen and Malach

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  1. I rather like the skull on your shirt. very nice Nurse!

  2. Thanks for the butt shot, Nursie, we don’t often get to admire your bottom.

    • Eh?

    • Um…. that’s my front bottom GB

  3. You look as phenomenally sexy as always NM! I love that t-shirt, really love it. Where did you get it?

    • St Vincent de Paul’s. It’s a charity shop here.

      • I know them well. Very well! They are in the states as well.

  4. Love the skull on the T. Simply awesome!

  5. All I can say is, “Thank God it’s Friday!”

  6. loved the last one best! cool shirt too!

  7. when skulls take wing! fun pics, you look great!

  8. C’est plus que juste un T-Shirt!

    Le Monarch

    • I was having royal thoughts by the time I took that last shot

  9. Delectable… as always.

  10. I remember this movie: Revenge of the Pink Panties.

    • Kyk you always make me chuckle

  11. My my my! Quite fetching, Nursemyra! I almost posed sans shorts, but thought that possibly my now non-existent derriere would not be an asset to the picture.

    I played today: http://healingmagichands.wordpress.com/2010/07/30/t-shirt-friday-3/

  12. The t-shirt is great, but it’s a red herring considering the unruly state of those pink nickers.

  13. Damn!

    Muchas gracias!

  14. Gorillas can’t tell an arse from a **** so don’t take offence.

    Nice nicks

    • GB only admires me for my mind anyway 🙂

  15. Fantastically metallic. Nothing with skulls on it can be too bad.

  16. Great T-shirt, do they sell the contents in that charity shop too?

  17. That last pic is rather saucy, m’dear…

  18. Nursey!! NURSEY!!!! Gitwizard is playing as well!!!! I’m trying to make my mind up who looks sexier …… very tricky ……

  19. I do so love photography of this planet’s varied fauna.

  20. Phwoar! Saucy minx! X x

    • Pot. Kettle. Black.

  21. We show up for the t-shirt, stay for the fishnets, and stay even longer, unable to stand up without showing our excitement, for the panties.

  22. Just joined in ….. you are gorgeous as ever hun x 🙂

  23. How the Hell am I supposed to live up to that one?

  24. Damn you, Good Nurse.

    Time for Denny to Proactiv.

  25. Very nice. I would add a lot of “verys”, but it would run forever.

  26. as always, t-shirt-friday is a great eye-catcher!

  27. OH-MY-GOD!!!! A little striptease!!! I’m hyperventilating!!!!!

  28. Very sexy! I love that T shirt. I think it would look good on the not-wife

  29. pantyless fridays? goober!

  30. This is the most sex I’ve had in a long time, Nurse Myra. Many thanks.

    • Delighted to have been of service!

      I know your birthday is in early October. Drop me a reminder the week before and I’ll dedicate a corset Friday to you….. 😉

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