corset friday 13.08.2010

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  1. Ooh Nurse dear the blue is just lovely!!! And i love love love the side-boob shot! *drool* Thank you for making my fridays soo interesting 🙂

  2. Better than kimo…

  3. Wowee Kazowee. xxx

  4. Gimcrack or bust?


    The King

  5. Who took this set for you? Well done!

  6. you know, it’s hot here in The Wilds… and these pictures have made it much hotter.

    i’m not complaining.

  7. that shade of blue is one of my favorites. and on you? magic! cool pics!

  8. Thank you for the weekly reminder of why I dig chicks!

  9. specfuckingtacular. makes friday that much better.

  10. Lovely in Blue!

  11. Love the pink/blue panties and the striped stockings. Corset Friday makes everything better!

  12. Lovely, a wet dream in blue. There are times I almost wish that I was yuman!

  13. I wanna eat those striped-stockings for lunch…What? I thought I could be honest here?

  14. So delicious in blue. I’m a sucker for lace.

  15. On some days, I feel sketchy reading blogs at work.

    I’m not sure why.

    • Naughty naughty. My blog is definitely NSFW

  16. Ah yes, *now* I remember why I look forward to Friday so much!

  17. Wow.

  18. Good grief woman! …… put some clothes on …… you’ll catch a chill ……..

  19. Blue is my favorite color.

  20. Love the stripy stockings. Most adorable.

  21. Fantastic, uh… presentation. I like the stalkings, and I love the transparency of the lingerie. Ha! I just said “lingerie.” Is that spelled write? Man that looks weird. Looks like “lingery.” Like something that you’d linger around for. You know, like you’re “lingery” so I’m lingering around. Lingerie should be spelled “lawnjureh” or something.

    • I think you’re right! Let’s take it up with the OED

  22. Stuck in freezing Jo’burg wearing 18 layers of fleece-type stuffs. Glad one of us is showing some sexy winter style! X x

    • I’m counting down the days until the end of winter… maybe three more weeks to go

  23. mmmm. personally i like my girls to wear black lingerie or not at all. lol

  24. Those are some of the hotter pics in awhile..

    Wassup up with the Dr. Seuss stockings? lol

  25. Nice leggings. Almost Dr. Seuss-like. And, uh . . . wow.

  26. This is making our beautiful platonic relationship increasingly difficult.

  27. Oh My . . That is my favorite so far.

  28. I am so sorry that I’m late.

    You have the smokingest body in all of the Southern Hemisphere…at least. You put 97.7% (that’s real research people) of the 20 and 30 year olds to shame the world over!

  29. Just the thing to speed my recovery! Hubba, Hubba!

  30. i read somewhere that wearing the colour blue means you’re available…

  31. Very nice.

    (Please excuse the shaky typewriting)

  32. Mmmmmmm Nursie honey. How’d you know that stripey stockings were my personal fave?


  33. Hahahaha! You can almost see the drool marks these commenters have left on your photos, NM!

    I love those stockings!!!

  34. The first and last image is forcing me to type one handed.

  35. Oh… I haven’t been here in a while and look at what I”m missing!!

    Very nice!!

  36. I have been out of touch with these!
    Nice to catch up!

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