corset friday 20.8.2010

photographer: The King

permission granted by: queenwilly

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  1. wow! lovely…

  2. Wow. I can’t… you’re so… I mean…

    Yeah, like that.


  3. Oh, nice work, Nursey! You just melted my CPU and RAM chip. Do you know what? It was TOTALLY WORTH IT.

  4. wow! thank you, queenwilly, for sponsoring this message! magic!

    • Small waves from the royal carriage.

  5. If I had the money I would buy dozens of corsets.

    Now to find a bank to rob…

  6. Frankly, if I looked like that in a corset, I’d quit my job and sit around and look at myself all day. Wow!

  7. I’m breaking radio silence just to write that you are very VERY nice.

    • Woeful! How nice to see you here again.

  8. Good heavens …… *blushes to match*

  9. Enjoying the wild, wild Split Enz moment (I see red, I see red, I see red!). Now objectively speaking, like climate change, you are getting hotter and hotter…

  10. Agree with general consensus … wow!

  11. Delightfully sinful.

  12. Just as well last weel’s operation was on my knee and not my heart or I would be back in hospital after seeing those pics!

  13. Did you listen to an interview between Philip Adams and a man called Marcus Scriven (Wednesday night, Thursday arvo repeat, of Late Night Live) – Scriven has written a book that I think you would love, all about dotty aristos.

    • Did he mention Nick Knack Somerville, who has been described as a procurer and full time toady? He was a friend of John Hervey, one of the aristocrats Marcus Scriven wrote about. I’ll have to see if that book is obtainable from the library. I’d like to read it.

      • It will probably be defined as ‘reference’ by the Surry Hills Library.

      • Hahaha… you remembered!

  14. Wow! HOT to match our weather here! Kudos to Queenwilly for lending the King for a photo shoot, the new perspective is GREAT. May I just say that perhaps you have not been paying enough attention to your back view in previous posts? It is rather beautiful.

    For the first time, I understand the appeal of the thong, visually, although I still prefer the other term I generally append to that item of clothing.

    • I’m not wearing not a thong, but I’m not sure what the correct name is for underwear that is like a boy short at the front and cut high at the back to expose the lower part of the bottom. Someone suggested “cheekies” was a good name.

      • I stand corrected. . . . I don’t spend enough time in lingerie shops, obviously. I had no idea that such a garment was available. . .

        Whatever the name, you look spectacular in it.

  15. Ooh, and I see the sexy hip scar too!

  16. Excellent.
    The red on red effect helps highlight the non red portions, providing an conceptual framework for the appreciation of the contents therein. This is a fantastic study.

    • you should be writing “artist statements” 😉

  17. Ohhh! I’ve never seen you looking so lovely as you do tonight – – –

    • LOL

      The King

  18. myra, that is such awesome hotness, I can feel the heat from here.

  19. Hot hot hot. Red hot!

  20. Gawd lummy nursemra. Is this also a political statement?

    • No, I voted for Bob Brown’s Green Party today. It’s going to be an exciting election night tonight.

      • Having just seen the possible result… no, no it won’t. I shall have to console myself by staring at your behind.

  21. You have a very lovely bottom. Criminy.

  22. That is some red hot ass you’re sporting there!!! Nice pics… kudos to you and to the King.

  23. That was pretty hot. Luckily my central air is on.

  24. Bless you, my queen.

    Bless you.

  25. before i go to bed, i just *had* to see what goodness you have to offer on this wonderful corset friday. yum.

  26. Sweet mother of Pearl, Nurse Myra is that you?!!!! Teach me your ways. All I have are some chicken cutlets and some biker shorts for my first photo shoot. I don’t think I’m in your stratosphere.

    • Biker shorts we can work with! If Syncopated Eyeball was taking the photos she would dispense with the chicken cutlets as she’s vegetarian. If The King was the photographer he’d probably marinate them and grill them on the barbie. I’d suggest sneaking them in under the breastages for extra lift as you don’t yet have a corset to work with.

      I have plenty of corsets to spare, come on over here for your next photo shoot and I’ll dress you up. Or down. Your call.

      • Can you dress me up, too, NM?

        My unitard/kielbasa outfit is so “last year”.

  27. I wish I had a model like you to photograph. That’s a compliment btw.

    • Well I can’t always get to Syncy’s place or The Castle, so an extra photographer would be ideal. The air fare might be a bit pricey – can we meet halfway on a tropical island?

  28. you’ll get me in trouble. lol
    Cute pics

  29. I can’t wait for the chicken cutlet pictures – mainly because I don’t know what a chicken cutlet is (we just get breasts and thighs)

  30. #3 is the best, I think.

  31. Praise Allah for your most heavenly buns.

    Can we have a “Daisy Duke” Tuesday? Where you wear nowt but a pair of unfeasibly tight ripped denim shorts. WOOF!

  32. myra…there’s new Spassfabrik.

  33. It seems churlish not to comment but I can’t think of anything to say that wouldn’t be held against me in a blackmailers’ convention.

  34. The red’s nice, but I prefer last week’s blue one.

  35. Oh if only I were there with the camera 🙂

  36. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. This certainly merits a standing ovation *clap*clap*clap*

  38. Unbearably luscious.

  39. WOW!

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