t shirt friday 27.8.2010

healingmagichands is playing along today

and sledpress too!

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  1. Boy, that album is a blast from the past.

  2. Boobies from the bottom rather than the top. Inventive touch, Nursie!

  3. Thought about it. Then the weather turned decidedly Polar!Would you consider a multi-layer day!

  4. Hi Nurse Myra, I also have to get something off my chest…. no not that… your post of the Agapemonites reminded that the cult was started not far to where I live so I wrote a post.

  5. I think the ‘Forty Licks’ album cover (the tongue!) would have been even more appropriate!!

  6. Rock on!

  7. Cute!

    The King

  8. wowzers! that’s a view that might even wake keith richards up from the dead!

  9. Schwing………….

    Boobies at 630AM…. I love it.

    Have you ever thought of having people send you a regional T Shirt from their country and wearing it for a T Shirt Friday?


    • that’s a really great idea but it would involve giving my address to strangers…..

      • You could always set up a P.O. box under an assumed name.. Assuming you have a couple of $ of disposable income to piss away every month.


  10. That album is their masterpiece, if you ask me. It was their answer to punk rock. Exile on Main St. is overrated.

  11. Yeah… what… yeah.

  12. Just so long as there are no sticky fingers!

  13. I be in too and it kind of fits the theme — kind of.

    • hey sled, thanks for joining in!

  14. I just got some satisfaction!

  15. Whoo – I’ve been shattered!

  16. I love the tee shirt and I worship what’s underneath! Hope you have the Friday night you should be having…

    • oh I did… definitely 🙂

  17. Beggar’s Banquet!

  18. excellent T!

  19. Cool! 😎

  20. Oh my God! What a top view!
    Now you need to top that – please tell me there’s a third picture in that series; I’m willing to wait till next Friday.

    • Sorry, it’s back to corsets next week….

  21. I have to say, I was a little disappointed there was no tattoo!

    • my tattoo appears in some of the corset Fridays but isn’t visible when I wear a t shirt. Maybe it will pop up again next week.

  22. Thank you dear, I needed cheering up

    • Happy to oblige sweetie xx

  23. Save a spot for me in the groupies’ queue!

  24. Hmm, I don’t see any tats. I’ll go clean my glasses–they’re all foggy.

  25. Kinda makes me thirsty . . . sigh . . .

  26. Yup

  27. I was playing along, but the camera is missing again, stupid kids!

    • Next time Malach…?

  28. I need to post my Denny DelVecchio T. It’s better than the Denny corset.

    Or maybe not.

  29. Nobody can lick old Jagger ….. *wistful sigh*

  30. Whooooa Nelly! There’s something about Gimcrack that makes me wanna do the ol’ Gimwhack…that’s right, I said it…


  31. Kickass shirt, NM!

  32. Love the T Myra.

  33. great T NM :)… I promise to be on board with Septembers T x

  34. God damn, I love Fridays.

  35. Oooooh baby that is HOT!!!

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