jilted over a cabbage

Beau Brummel was, for a period, the fashion arbiter for Regency England. His dictum was “A life of leisure is a difficult art… boredom is as depressing as an insistent creditor.”

He became a friend of the future George IV, who was a good bit older but impressed with Brummel’s wit and dress. The Prince of Wales, or Prinny*** as he was called, was quite a flashy dresser. For his first speech in the House of Lords he showed up in pink high heels which matched the pink satin lining of his black velvet, gold-embroidered (and pink-spangled) suiting. While known as a flashy dresser today, Brummel in fact believed in a much more sober style and less bright colors and he quickly converted the Prince from a fop into a dandy.


Brummel favoured starched muslin neckcloths which had to be tied just so. The collar, which was always fixed to the shirt, was so large that, before being folded down, it completely hid his head and face, and the white neckcloth was at least a foot in height. The first coup d’achet was made with the shirt collar, which he folded down to its proper size, and then, standing before the looking glass, with his chin poked up towards the ceiling, by the gentle and gradual declension of his lower jaw he creased the cravat to reasonable dimensions.

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Asked for the address of his hairdresser Brummel replied: “I have three: the first is responsible for my temples, the second for the front and the third for the occiput.” When he was asked at a dinner whether he liked vegetables, he said he had never eaten any, adding after a pause: “No, that is not quite true – I once ate a pea.” He was said to have jilted a woman because she ate cabbage.


***Today, George IV is remembered mostly for his extravagant lifestyle of drinking, womanising and gambling that scandalised the country and got him heavily into debt. It is reported that every time he had intimate relations with a woman he would cut a lock of her hair and place it in an envelope with her name on it. Upon his death an astounding 7000 such envelopes were discovered.


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  1. 7000? What Australians would call a “Furphy.”

    • Is it only an Australianism? I thought it was universal.

      • I’ve never heard the expression “Furphy” before. Perhaps he was a bit of a FIGJAM?

      • Well, it originated in the WWI Digger trenches, but probably is widely-known now.

  2. laser off the hair, and then have individually named hairs tattooed on? that’s a fashion trend that may not take, i’m afraid…

    • you never know…..

  3. He must have been horribly constipated.

    • unless he was a fig and prune addict

  4. So even back then douchebags were popping their collars? Nice to see things haven’t changed much in douchebaggery over the centuries.

    • I’m more a t-shirt and jeans appreciator

  5. The Beau is one of my favorites–marvelous post. I love your site.

    • Thanks Deb. Hope you have a fall-free day

  6. I think I understand why he jilted that girl. My ex-wife used like making cabbage soup *shudder*

    • With a ham hock?

  7. I wouldn’t jilt that young lady …. she looks rather nice ….. a very pleasant smile …… mind you the TG might jilt her for me of course …..

    • Isn’t she a little young for you daddyp?

      • I was thinking of just being a father figure although that is probably one generation out as well …… *sigh*

      • Someone to whom you could impart your words of wisdom…..?

  8. pink high heels have to be the ultimate of dandyism….

    • especially when matched with pink spangles

  9. Even if I sat there and stuffed envelopes with random hair, I don’t think I would ever get to 7,000. His postcoital routines were a bit obsessive, don’t you think?

    • I doubt the coital routine was up to standard either

  10. I would jilt a cabbage eating smelly farted woman too.

  11. I have 3 hairdressers, too – one for my head, one for my nose hair, and one for my underarm hair. It gets rather expensive.

  12. Debate:

    Patti Boyd, Hottest Woman how ever lived?


    • Malach!?!?!?!?

  13. I saw a buhgina…I saw a buhgina…I saw a buhgina…

  14. Hi! I don’t know how you come up with these stories, but they’re great! As for being jilted, this has only happened to me once. Many moons ago, I connected with a another nurse, female of course, but to my amazement and frustration, I ended up being jilted as she prepared females. Why she didn’t tell me in the first place, God only knows!

  15. He didn’t come close to Wilt Chamberlain’s record of over 50K though. Imagine if ‘The Stilt’ was a king, or even a prince. He would have had enough hair to wig the heads of all of Tibet.

  16. 7000. I’m speechless. That was one busy guy, makes you wonder how he had time to dress in high heels and spangles.

  17. I gotta start working on those envelopes!

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