a little dovie told me

When Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos were ousted from power in 1986 the newspapers had a field day reporting on her 3000 pairs of shoes  and vast collection of lingerie including a bullet proof bra.


The power couple stayed together until his death in 1989 but playboy Ferdinand had been anything but faithful in the preceding years.  Deciding his image needed a facelift, Marcos authorised a movie about his mythical fantasies and imagined wartime gallantry with American actor Paul Burke playing the part of Ferdinand and busty blonde bombshell Dovie Beams playing his then-girlfriend.


Over the two years that it took for the film to be completed, Marcos conducted a passionate affair with Dovie who recorded the details on tape every night. At the end of filming they exchanged snippets of pubic hair, assured each other of mutual love and parted.


Seven months later, when a final payment for the movie was not delivered and after receiving no word from Marcos, Dovie called a press conference and produced the tape recorder. Journalists were amazed to hear the voice of their president singing off key love songs and desperately begging for oral sex. For her own protection Dovie was whisked away on a flight to Hong Kong. On board she discovered how long the reach of her former lover was when the seat next to her was taken by Delfin Fred Cueto, Marcos’ personal hitman and half brother. The Philippines consul-general also got in on the act and tried to block her departure but she was eventually placed in the custody of MI5 and escorted safely home.


Dovie was not the only blonde to fall under Ferdinand’s spell.

Evelin Hegyesi, who modelled mink bikinis in the 1970s and once graced the pages of Playboy magazine, is now a 57-year-old eastern suburbs multimillionaire with a waterfront Point Piper mansion and several investment companies.

She also has a Eurasian daughter, Analisa, who lives with Dean Fleming, son of the wealthy racing and fruit markets family worth $270 million. She called the baby Analisa Josefa. Josefa is the name of Marcos’s mother.

It is not clear how she came to be connected with Marcos in 1970. But something happened that prompted the president to assign one of his secret Swiss bank accounts to Evelin’s company.

While her mother eschewed parties, daughter Analisa is described by social writers as “exotic”, “vivacious” and “flamboyant”, with a super-curvy body.

Rumours that she has an interest in recordings have so far proved unfounded.

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  1. I like the spiderlings. 🙂

    • They creep me out

      • Then look away now….

      • Aaaaaarrrrgggh

  2. Love the bullet-proof bra but not the mink bikini.

    • It’s actually a bra-dryer. But it’s one of the more interesting images that turned up when I did a search for bullet proof bras, so I decided to use it anyway

  3. Famous men and oral sex – Clinton, Gibson, Marcos. I suspect they can’t get off without it.

    • Don’t gorillas like oral GB?

    • Why just famous men?

  4. Imelda Marcos is she the one who had a opera house/theatre built for her, and then there was some sort of accident, so they just went through the building cleared the rubble, chopped off any of the limbs sticking out of the concrete and kept building it… or am I just making that up. I heard a story like that about someone, somewhere, some time ago…

    • I don’t know but it’s a great story Alex

      • That may or may not be true…

  5. Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos vampires who sucked the life out of that poor country.

    It’s a comfort to know that even the wealthy, powerful leader of a country has to beg for a blow job.

    • Ah yes, we must take our comfort where we can 😉

  6. i need a bra dryer. the neighbors complain when i hang them from the antenna on my car…

    • I love it when you talk trailer park to me daisyfae

  7. “So tell me, Evelin Hegyesi, what exactly did you see in greasy, wrinkly, podgy, ageing multi-millionaire Ferdinand Marcos?”

    • oh don’t be so cynical Affer, she just loved him for his mind.

  8. Love that “pubic hair”. It seems many arachnophobes read the archive so that image may be stolen.

    Were those spiders found in that bullet-proof bra?

    • Now don’t you go teasing Buff with that creepy image!

  9. The daughter will first have a sex tape released and then get a reality show on E!

    • I don’t think the Flemings would approve

  10. Looks like he got his head blown up rather than blown. There’s a lesson there somewhere, or maybe it’s just a double entendre. Either way, it’s worthy of a dirty limerick or two.

  11. Another story of hair exchange… maybe I just don’t have a developed enough sentimental side for that sort of thing. Or maybe I don’t think snippets of hair is a worthwhile trophy.

    • Yeah I’m more into well worn t shirts as a trophy

  12. I only heard about the 300 pairs of shoes… but then I was only 6 back then!

  13. Love the images! I agree, the spider pubes are totally disturbing. I hate Imelda Marcos. She gave all of us shoe-happy dames a bad name.

  14. A bra dryer!!! ….. that’s very unfair ….. I’ve never seen a budgie smuggler dryer ……

  15. Wow, a chastity bra. Useful too, if you ever find yourself without a colander.

    • Good idea. There’s nothing worse than soggy pasta (in the culinary world anyway)

  16. I wonder if the attraction was based only on his ardour!

  17. that explains the cobwebs…

  18. I bet she had a bullet proof corset.

  19. I wonder what it was like trying to unsnap that thing?

  20. The Marcos were a kookie couple

  21. Haha!

    With your tag lines, I can just imagine the search engine terms you find people using when they find your blog.

  22. Shoes.

    Reminds me of that “Shoes” youtube song with the crossdresser. Remember that?

    • No… share the link with us

  23. The Marcos’ are were brilliantly eccentric. But who among us has not begged for oral sex now and again? Still, all those shoes…

  24. The bra dryer/colander/bulletproof vest item is pretty fascinating. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

  25. I’m not going to admit how long I spent staring, trying to process the spiders photo.

    And what woman doesn’t want a bulletproof bra?

    • Well, I remember a day when women didn’t want any bra at all.

      • The first thing I do when I get home from work is take off my bra. I can only imagine what I’d do with a bullet-proof one. Probably forgo it and take my chances.

  26. Well all it seems to takes is money and power to wind the affections of some beautiful women. That woman was lucky to get out alive.

  27. what a great story.
    The daddy long legs video was well creepy

  28. considering the eccentricity of her husband, it is no mystery why imelda bought so many pairs of shoes. i wonder if they wore the same size?

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