corset friday 10.9.2010

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  1. I am a cat person. And I was shown, by an expert in the trade, how to make nipple-tassles.

  2. I could correct you on a couple of points, but on second thoughts I won’t!

    The King

  3. This is very fun! Can you twirl them? Will there be video? Are they edible?

    • I think Dolce took the edible pasties home with her 😉

      • I did indeed. But lost the stick on bits. Gorgeous, Nursie. I’m so jealous.

  4. Well now technically this is not a corset. Shouldn’t there be truth in advertising??? This is Tasty Pasty Friday, and don’t anyone forget it! Wow. I’m sure there are a lot of viewers who are going to express a desire to be that cat. . .

    You have outdone yourself, my dear! I share the desire for video. This sends me back to my young woman hood during which I did take belly dancing and I did indeed learn to twirl pasties. And shimmy. It was exhilarating. Now I fear the effect is rather lost due to the effects of the Law of Gravity, which is inexorable.

    I am inspired, uplifted, and somehow I feel like I need a raspberry sorbet or something. . .

    • Oh, and the black lace is beautiful.

    • You’re right, it’s definitely not a corset this week but don’t you get sick of the same old same old? I thought I’d throw a curly one into the mix…

      • But the cat is not a Rex…

      • No, he’s Burmese. But I’d love a Devon Rex too

      • Yep darlin’, the same old same old can induce ennui. This was certainly a fine switch. . .

  5. Indeed, some sort of action photo is in order here.

    You can paste the pastie, but can you twirl the tassle?

    • Alas no.

      • Ask me

  6. meow.

  7. I recall when I was eighteen and went to Chicago with some Air Force buddies out of Chanute. We went to a burlesque show in some huge theatre on State Street. Bad comedians, bad strippers with bad pasties, but what wet behind the ears kid could ever forget that?

  8. Pablo looks into the camera and says “All of you are jealous of me.” And he’s right.

  9. ah pasties, when the world was a simpler place and strip clubs weren’t all nude, now like the dodo the pasty has disappeared, thanks for reminding me of my glorious youth when i spent many a night sitting at the strip club stage waiting for a pasty to fall off.

    • Mine weren’t very well attached either…..

  10. Pasties are just weird!

    But Pablo is beautiful, and so are you.

  11. Happy cat.

  12. I would think those things would give you a nasty hickey, but maybe I misunderstand the physics.

  13. Ooh i love pasties… Oh the ones you twirl and not ear… Pablo is one handsome fellow, nicer than the Satan cat that attacked my hand this week

  14. It’s been a pretty shitty week, thanks mightily for cheering it up.

    Pasties are very popular round our way:

    • Will you cook some for me Kevin? If I ask nicely?

      • Whenever you want, dearie

  15. *sings* The most happiest cat in the world…

    Superb, myra. With stripper twirly pasties no less.

    Speaking of pasties, there’s an image in my current post you really should see.

    • Whoah! Now those things are really pastie-worthy

  16. Those red things aren’t a corset . . .cheater

  17. OMG! Love the nipple tassels, NM!

    Believe it or not, I’ve never actually seen them before.

    • Syncopated Eyeball found these for me in an Op Shop. When I return them she’s going to use them to make hats for two of her dolls. I wish she was still doing her photo blog so she could show off her eclectic collection

  18. A pussy and boobs. Three of my most favorite things.

    • I’m partial to nice arms. And I’ve seen photos of yours my dear.

  19. I’m amazed that nobody has said what a lovely hand you’ve got ….. I assume the other one matches …… honestly, people are sooooooo shallow

  20. Woah! Nice contrast of soft and pointy.

  21. I feel I should make a ‘I can see your pussy joke’, but that would be tasteless. I don’t really get the appeal of tassles… I’m guessing they aren’t for suggesting very dangly nipples.

  22. Lovely, all around.

  23. i’ve never been a fan of pasties. they look like little dunce caps for nipples.
    but i am a fan of yours, and i look forward corset fridays.

  24. Great tassles … can you twizzle them ?? lol 🙂

  25. How is it that you manage to top yourself week in and week out? Does it ever get boring?

  26. A weekend spent gardening, reading and market-browsing (and watching my footy team lose a finals match) when I could have been here. I really must improve my time prioritisation! Nice to see a 25 21yo who can pass the pencil test 😉

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