corset friday 17.9.2010

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  1. Do you do give massages wearing those gloves, Nursie? It must be pretty good therapy for all kinds of ailments.

  2. Fringes!!!! I love fringes …… *sigh*

  3. Very very acceptable after a but of a mad Friday. Thank you for the uplifting post. 😉

  4. Tres sexy as ever!

  5. I love fridays!

    The King

    • Of course you do. Mah jongg is the sport of kings

  6. it all fits like a glove! you look great in red and black!

  7. “slurry with a fringe…” OK, giggling too much to say more!

    • better than slutty with a minge 😉

      • touche! (how far do you think this R&H twist could go?)

  8. There’s my favourite colour combination again – looks very Spanish!

  9. Little teases of pieces of a fuller ensemble… very nice. I bet it’s breathtaking when viewed as a whole.

  10. What size Tata’s are those? Full B or C?


  11. ouch…

  12. Like the pants.

  13. A lady in a corset is like a soft boiled egg still in its shell. The egg of course having been properly inspected, graded and cooked properly.

  14. I do so, do so, do so love corsets.

    • Do you own any Megan?

  15. Thank you my dear. The sweeties are in the drawer.

    • and licorice too? I like licorice

  16. Is this one of those puzzles that you rearrange to make a complete picture?

    • Yes but I’d still be headless. With very large and scary hands.

  17. Ireland is beautiful, but apparently the sights Down Under are just as lovely!

  18. Love the gloves! Oh heck. I love the whole ensemble. Thanks for sharing.

  19. very Spanish springs to mind 🙂

  20. Red Hot!

  21. This reminds me a 80’s Music Video.

  22. A vision in crimson – brava, brava!

  23. Did you get into corsets on your own or was it a “fetish” of your lover?

  24. Love the gloves. Look like they’d stop you getting a nasty chill if you were outdoors.

  25. Wow. That’s all I can say. Wow. I need me a corset. A great body would be good, too.

  26. Ooh yeah

  27. Yowzerz! Nurse My, you’re smoking hot. What’s your secret?

  28. Never a dull moment around here. Raucously red. And you have such graceful lines…

  29. Oh how lovely!

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