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Shelley Winters was a great character actress who portrayed a drab factory girl in A Place in the Sun and a sex starved mother in Lolita. She wasn’t particularly beautiful but her love life was steamier than most other sex symbols of her time.


“Yvonne De Carlo told me that Mr Erroll Flynn was giving a small dinner party and asked if I wanted to go so I put on my red satin you-know-what-shoes and drove out to his place in Hollywood Hills. The butler handed me a double martini in a silver goblet and Yvonne and I  were introduced to Mr Clark Gable and another couple.


We ate at a glass top table in an outdoor dining room surrounded by flowers and birds, and there were real gardenias floating in the pool. While we were having Irish coffee a doctor arrived and all three men left the dinner table. I heard each of them yell “Ouch” and one by one they returned buttoning their shirts and rubbing their right shoulders.


After the second “ouch” I excused myself and sneaked down the hall so I could peek in the room where the doctor was. I saw Mr Flynn with his shirt off and the doctor cutting a little flap of skin on the back of his shoulder, inserting a capsule, then stitching it back up. It seemed very weird  and to this day no doctor has ever been able to offer an explanation for what I saw.

Before we headed into the screening room to watch a movie, Yvonne invited me to go to the ladies room with her. “Which one do you want?” she asked. I hesitated and she said “I think Erroll really likes you so I’ll sacrifice myself and take Gable” and that’s how we decided.

Sacrificial Yvonne

As the lights went out Mr Flynn put his arm around me and I swooned like a Victorian heroine. I couldn’t tell you what the film was about but half way though watching it something shiny caught my eye. Mr Flynn must have pressed a button because a 12 foot panel slid back to reveal a raised platform with a huge satin covered bed with the top sheet turned back, ready. Around the bed were books, telephones, a bar, an icebox, a radio and a phonograph. On the ceiling was a mirror which also slid back to reveal the moon and stars through a flowering magnolia tree.

seduction den found here

When the movie ended everyone got up to leave but Mr Flynn’s arm kept me pinned to the seat. Maybe I wasn’t trying too hard to escape. He said to the others “Don’t worry about Shelley, I’ll see she gets home.”

“Remember she has to be at work at 6:30 on Monday morning” said Yvonne. I wondered what the hell she was talking about, it was only Friday night. In those days when the film industry considered a scene censorable, the camera would pan to such things as the fireplace or waves on a beach or fireworks in the sky.

So… cut to:

A fire ROARING in a fireplace

Waves POUNDING on a beach


Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, WITH CANNONS

Sydney fireworks 2007

By the way I WAS late for work on Monday…….

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  1. Oh Errol, everything to come out of tasmania since you is utterly disappointing.

    The implant though, what the hell was that?

    • Wish I knew….

  2. That’s a lovely piccy of Erroll …… *checks to see if I’ve turned*

    • A fine figure of a man indeed

  3. All that sex followed by some fireworks.
    how romantic. lol
    Good as always to check out your random posts

    • and cannons!!

  4. Well…my current post pales into insignificance!
    ((That “man in the pub” reckoned he knew where Sean Flynn was living.)

    • Another mystery to be solved one day…..

  5. I notice that last line is not in italics. Just saying – – –

    • I’m always on time Archie 😉

  6. Wheeee! Here’s to being late for work!

    • I know what makes you late daisyfae. Something starting with the letter S

  7. While wonderfully enthralling, so sad that she didn’t elaborate on the famous, “in like Flynn”….

    • She probably did in one of the many books she wrote

  8. Mrs. Herman Munster was a dirty little thing? man i had a thing for Yvonne De Carlo when i was a kid, sounds like she was my kind of woman.

  9. In my “getaway room,” I push a button and the clock radio comes on. It does have a “megabass” position.

    Sal Good

  10. Ah, to be young again — when a “one night stand” lasted all weekend. . .

  11. Errol, so young, so hairless. did he wax, I wonder?

  12. What ho! I was under the impression Errol fancied blokes. Maybe it’s the merry men have me confused.

    • He may have been bisexual but he was pretty much into women. Or girls anyway.

  13. “Red satin you-know-what-shoes” – I expect they were easy-wipe.

  14. I would if I had the money!

  15. I love this! Quite the event….wonder what the capsule contained? Maybe early Viagra?

  16. Funny, the only thing I remember Yvonne DeCarlo from is her role as Lily Munster on the short-lived TV show The Munsters. She was pretty hot then too.

  17. One of her least known but, in my opinion, her best roll was in The Night Of The Hunter.

    I’m thinking some drug combo supposed to be an aphrodisiac.

  18. Erroll Flynn is a fucking dreamboat. Captain Blood is one of my favorites. You know who looks like a harsher Flynn? Christian Bale. Always thought that if they made an Erroll Flynn biopic, Bale should play him.

    • His son Sean was pretty hot too. He was believed to have been killed in Cambodia by Khmer Rouge but his body has never been found.

  19. That’s sort of hot in a smarmy, Get Smart sort of way. I think I would have laughed too much, and he would have sent me home in a taxi.

  20. loved this story – and what a great pic of Ms Winters

  21. I don’t know why this sticks in my mind but I remember her performance in The Poseidon Adventure, of all stupid things!

  22. I grew up so sheltered… Little chance of having had such a wild encounter. Though the seduction den would likely have made me laugh as well. 🙂

  23. Sadly when I press my light switch only the lights come on…no bed from the ceiling.

  24. Cybernetic implant

  25. It certanly would have been a big sacrifice to have to hook up with Gable….wasn’t he (in)famous for his horrid breath???

    • I think it was Vivien Leigh who said that. Maybe he’d just had a big night on the turps followed by a garlic sandwich…. I would have been happy to cut him some slack 😉

      • Apparently, it was because he wore dentures.(I wonder what people said about George Washington, whose teeth were wooden?)

  26. Ms. Winters was also superb in A Patch of Blue, one of my favorites.

  27. I SO want a bachelor bad there a bed bar and other stuff pop out with the flip of a switch.

  28. cannons have kept me from work too.
    but who keeps playing the lone
    ranger theme in the background?

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