Cinderella of my heart

Pierre Arnold Bernard (1875-1955) had an abiding interest in Tantra

“Known in the popular American press as “Oom the Omnipotent,” Bernard became notorious throughout newspapers and journals as a spiritual leader and philosopher as well as a philanderer, seducer of women and purveyor of scandalous indecencies.


Wily con man, yogi, athlete, bank president, founder of the Tantrik Order in America and the Clarkestown Country Club …the remarkable “Doctor” Bernard was all of these.

Bernard simulating his own death

In 1904, Bernard established a clinic in San Francisco where he taught his own versions of self-hypnosis and yoga, which eventually became known as the “Bacchante Academy.” Even then, Bernard had become something of a scandal in the California press, who charged that the Academy “catered to young women interested in learning hypnotism and soul charming by which they meant the mysteries of the relations between the sexes”


Teaching Hatha Yoga downstairs and offering secret Tantric initiation upstairs, his Oriental sanctum quickly became an object of scandal in the New York press: the notorious “Omnipotent Oom” was charged with kidnapping and briefly imprisoned, though the charges were later dropped. “I cannot tell you how Bernard got control over me or how he gets it over other people,” said one of the alleged kidnapees, Zella Hopp, “He is the most wonderful man in the world. No women seem able to resist him.” The press reported “wild Oriental music and women’s cries, but not those of distress”


Apparently, Bernard also believed that for certain individuals (particularly overly-repressed women of the Victorian era) more drastic surgical measures might be needed to liberate their sexual potential. Sexually unresponsive women could be helped by a form of partial circumcision in which the clitoral hood was surgically removed, an operation believed to improve female receptivity by exposing the clitoral gland to direct stimulation.


One of the wealthy men associated with Bernard was Ed Browning, better known as Daddy Browning.

Real estate multi-millionaire Edward West Browning married Nellie Adele Lowen in 1915. He built a 24 room Manhattan penthouse for them that included an interior aviary, a miniature lake stocked with Japanese goldfish, and a turtle and frog garlanded fountain that spewed the colors of the rainbow. In 1918 Nellie adopted three-year-old “Little” Marjorie, and in 1920 five-year-old Dorothy “Sunshine.” But by 1923, Adele had had her fill of Edward, and she ran off with a dentist, taking Little Marjorie with her. Divorce followed.


Browning tried to make up for the loss by providing Sunshine with ponies and miniature railways. For transportation she selected a peacock-colored, stretch Rolls Royce “equipped with a 4 foot high motion picture screen.” The child, however, still suffered from loneliness and Edward placed adoption ads in 1925: there were 12,000 applications from which he chose 16 year old Mary Louise Spas. The adoption was later annulled as it was discovered she was 21.

To assuage his failure at marriage and adoption, Edward became active in sponsoring youth-oriented dancing clubs and high school sorority dances where he met Frances Belle Heenan, a tenth grader. She was described as buxom, with a peaches and cream complexion. “Peaches is the Cinderella of my heart,” he said. Thirty-seven days later, on her sixteenth birthday, fifty-one-year-old Daddy married Peaches.

Daddy doted on Peaches, spoiling her with a four and one-half carat diamond ring and Fifth Avenue shopping rampages. There was much activity after their marriage, including social engagements and a stroll along the Long Beach boardwalk with their pet African Honking Gander on a red ribbon leash. But six months after the marriage, Peaches left Daddy, claiming abuse.


Court room details of Peaches’ assertions of Daddy’s excessive eccentricity, included contact with the “Love Cult” High Priestess of Oom, sandpapering shoetrees at night, prowling and barking on all fours, and placing at the end of his lit cigar a white tablet that produced a large snowflake.

Michael Greenburg has written a book about their exploits called “Peaches and Daddy”. And on this site here you can see more photographs like the one below of their pre-marital abode.

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Princess Poo

The Japanese Toto Washlet is one of the most sophisticated toilets in use today.


The most basic feature is the integrated bidet, a nozzle the size of a pencil that comes out from underneath the toilet seat and squirts water. It has two settings: one for washing the anus and one for the bidet. The former is for general use, or family cleaning, and the latter for feminine cleaning.


Most high-tech toilets allow water temperature and water pressure to be adjusted to match the preferences of the user. By default, the vulva receives less pressure than the anus. High-end washlets allow selection of vibrating and pulsating jets of water, claimed by manufacturers to be beneficial for constipation and hemorrhoids.

do you really want to know what this is? then click here

Other features include a heated seat and an automatic lid equipped with a proximity sensor, which opens and closes based on the location of the user. Some play music to relax the user’s sphincter (for example the first few tunes of Op. 62 Nr. 6 Frühlingslied by Felix Mendelssohn). Some toilets also glow in the dark or may even have air conditioning below the rim for hot summer days.


Recently, researchers have added medical sensors which can measure the blood sugar based on the urine, and also measure the pulse, blood pressure, and the body fat content of the user. The data may automatically be sent to a doctor through a built-in internet-capable cellular telephone.

The repetitive use of a Washlet type water jet on a high-pressure setting for an enema, can weaken the capability for self-evacuation which can lead to more serious constipation. If a Washlet high-pressure water jet is used on the anus repeatedly, it may cause excessive cleanliness, prompting other bacteria to adhere around the anus, causing inflammation around the anus. Proctologists in Japan have named this “Washlet Syndrome


Some Japanese women are embarrassed at the thought of being heard by others during urination. To cover the sound of bodily functions, these women used to flush public toilets continuously while using them, wasting a large amount of water in the process. A device was introduced in the 1980s that, after activation, produces the sound of flushing water without the need for actual flushing. A Toto brand name commonly found is the Otohime, literally “Sound Princess.”


And now for some slightly related factoids from Ralph Lewin’s book Merde.

Rabelais related how some young ladies had such pure natures that their little virginal faeces were fragrant. The phenomenon may be questioned , since it is hard to suggest a physiological basis for such a manifestation of piety but scientists have in fact discovered that the excrement of young virgin queen bees aged between 1 and 14 days are actually fragrant, whereas those of other bees are not. The perfume of such a virgin queen in some ways controls the behaviour of her subjects in the hive.


But the award for the sweetest anal excretions in nature goes to the aphid. They consist mainly of a concentrated solution of sugar, hence the endearing term “honeydew”.

carved honeydew found here

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rector rectifies laxity

Matthew Parris’s interesting book The Great Unfrocked tells tales about some assorted miscreants

In 1963, Reverend Eric Weeks outraged the parishioners of Ashbrittle by whacking his dairymaid with a walking stick during an argument. In response, the dairymaid, Mrs Mable Moon threw a bucket of dirty water over his head.

dairymaid’s smallpox

In January 1956, Reverend Richard Smart was reprimanded by his bishop after he undressed and spanked a bride-to-be in the vestry. He claimed he was angered by her laxity in religion and was trying to remedy this.


Reverend Eric Betteridge was gaoled for three months after he organised a strip teaseshow in his church while 74 year old Reverend Hugh Proctor was given a 6 month suspended sentence for playing strip poker with two youths.


Reverend Richard Mayes, known fondly as Ric the Vic, was gaoled in December 1977 for drug dealing and again in 1979 for assaulting a police officer. The following month he was arrested after two girls encountered the former curate stark naked in an Essex woods. On seeing the girls it is alleged he called out “Come over here my darlings”. When the police investigated he explained he had ‘a marvellous thing about primeval man’. Ric the Vic was last heard of living in a teepee near Aberystwyth.

not this teepee

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corset friday 10.9.2010

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I’ve written about graphology before but I found an extract from the 1928 Dallas Morning News that made me think the subject could be worth a revisit

“Can you tell me by the enclosed sample of my handwriting whether I will be a great actress, or does it show that my talents run along the lines of literature? Will you please answer immediately, because I am awaiting your decision before I make up my mind to go on the stage or write a book. My career rests entirely upon the sort of analysis you make.”


This excerpt from the letter of a young lady of apparently versatile talents and ambitions, and an unbounded faith in the ability of the handwriting analyst to delve into the future and advise her accordingly, is only one of the many amusing and sometimes absurd missives and inquiries which come daily to Nell Lively Dunaway of Lawton, Ok.

not this Dunaway

Asked about the character changes showing in one’s handwriting, Mrs Dunaway laughingly said that only a day or so before, she had noticed a change in her own writing, denoting an acquired love of authority, and upon carefully considering the matter, discovered to her own chagrin that she was becoming terribly bossy.


“I use it in hiring my household help” she said. “Whenever I lose a maid or a cook and we have a run on new ones, I have them write their name, address and telephone number down for me and then I analyze it when they’re gone.”

“You fire and hire on the way a ‘t’ is crossed?” I demanded incredulously. Really, I felt that it was a sort of unfair advantage to take. What if a maid happened not to be feeling well, and crossed her “t’s” antigogglin, denoting a morbid and cruel nature, or left off the tails of her “g’s” or something else fatal?


One young girl wrote in and sent a sample of her beau’s script which had come in a box of roses. While, as yet, the question had not been propounded to the young lady, she said she felt that American Beauty roses at the present price could be construed as something approaching seriousness. In order to be forewarned and ready for the vital moment, this modern miss demanded to know the real low-down on her Don Juan who was so profligate with his intentions.

For instance: Would he make a model husband and remember such trifles as bringing home the groceries and winding the clock ?

Read about Naaman Diller here and the French Queen’s clock here

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fireworks and freeloaders

It never ceases to amaze me what rich folk spend their money on. In the 1940s Huntington Hartford was one of the wealthiest men alive and his money was burning a hole in his pocket.


The fireworks were imported from the Riviera. The chartered jet flew in from New York with a cargo of famous stars and freeloaders. Zsa Zsa was there, and so was model Cristina Paolozzi, famed for her recent bare-breasted exposure in Harper’s Bazaar, and now doing penance in the form of a needlepoint sampler that reads NUTS TO YOU (“For my mother,” she explained).


For super glamour there were the Prince and Princess of Windisch-Graetz, Lady Sassoon, the Earl of Hardwicke, Baroness Peggy de Gripenberg, four U.S. Senators and two people named Connie and Nonnie van Vlaanderen. By rough count there were 850 sparkling personalities jammed onto little Hog Island in Nassau harbor in the Bahamas for its transformation into Paradise Island, a brand-new Caribbean resort. The champagne, the swimming, the golf and the jet were all provided free.

Paradise Island

H.H. also set up a foundation for artists, composers and writers, who were invited to spend up to six months at an estate in Los Angeles’ Rustic Canyon. He founded the Huntington Hartford Theatre in Hollywood, built his own art gallery in Manhattan and tried his hand at playwriting with an adaptation of Jane Eyre for Broadway. It flopped.


Hundreds of thousands of dollars went into Hartford’s researches on graphology believing that some day it would be possible to predict human behavior through handwriting analysis. “My handwriting,” said he modestly, “shows I’m something of a perfectionist.” And so he was. At Paradise Island, for example, he devoted more than an hour of serious conversation with an aide to the question of whether to charge guests $1.50 or $2 for the use of the tennis courts.


His free-spending ways and roving eye for attractive young women made him a darling of the tabloids in his youth. He sank millions more into Show magazine, which was devoted to highbrow arts but also featured a girl-of-the-month picture spread that Hartford insisted on. Some of Hartford’s domestic disarray became public in 1981 when his neighbors ousted him from a 21-room Manhattan apartment, saying undesirables streamed through his doors at all hours.


He had a sad end to his long life, filing for bankruptcy after receiving squalor warnings from the Health Department. I suppose some of it must have been fun but it’s not the way I would live if I had oodles of money. Though sewing a needlepoint sampler on a Caribbean island would be nice for at least one month of the year…..


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butter me up

In the late 1860s Hippolyte Mege-Mouries was commissioned by the French navy to find a cheap substitute for butter.

He chopped up a quantity of beef suet, minced in some sheep’s stomach, steeped the mixture in warm slightly alkaline water and declared it to be butter. The flavour was not quite right but when he tried again, adding some chopped cow’s udder and a little warm milk the effect was gratifying.

America was quick to take up the idea. The manufacture of “butterine” offered a way of utilising stockyard byproducts, especially when it was discovered that cow udders and sheep stomachs were superfluous; all that was needed was to melt out the softer elements from the caul fat of oxen and shake them up with milk.

After the release of Last Tango in Paris a slew of young men dreamed of lubricating their partner’s arse with Western Star. A word of advice from the nurse – don’t. Boy Butter is a much better idea. Though not on your toast.


ModernMechanix recommends the rancid butter treatment, quoting an anonymous “famous surgeon”. Don’t you just love the way he makes butter sound vindictive, mysterious and selective all at the same time?

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musical tales

In this lovely old book about musicians and food, Charles Nielsen Gattey relates some interesting anecdotes.

“In his impoverished youth, Irving Berlin was employed as a waiter cum pianist in a shabby Bowery restaurant. Visitors would later be taken there during tours of New York, and guides would point at an ancient, ill-treated piano in a corner and allege that Berlin had composed some of his best tunes there.


Drawn to the place by a fit of nostalgia one evening when he had become famous, the composer sat at the piano and began to play. Just then, a coach arrived and unloaded its sightseers. “This historic place is where Berlin wrote his immortal melodies on that very piano. Listen, the song that Bowery bum is playing is one of his, though if he heard how he’s murdering it he’d turn in his grave.”


The pianist Paderewski displayed his sense of the ridiculous when replying to an invitation to perform after a dinner party being given for King George V and Queen Mary. He had asked for a fat fee which she agreed to pay, adding in her letter

“Please accept my regrets for not inviting you to the dinner. As a professional artist, you will be more at ease in a nice room where you can rest before the concert.”

The great pianist wrote back: “Dear Duchess, Thank you for your letter. As you so kindly inform me that I am not obliged to be present at your dinner, I shall be satisfied with half my fee.”


Yet another clueless member of high society issued a thoughtless invitation to the Spanish violinist Pablo Sarasate

“Dearest Maestro, how lovely to have you back in town. Can you dine with us tomorrow? P.S. Please don’t forget to bring your Stradivarius!”

Sarasate replied “Delighted to see you. I most certainly accept your invitation to dinner tomorrow. P.S. My Strad does not dine.”


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corset friday 3.9.2010

Yesterday was Stephen’s anniversary so I left some flowers around his tree.

Syncy gave me this corset last weekend. We didn’t have time to take the photos then because she was learning to play mah jongg with queenwilly and The King so I’ve taken these myself.

I’m grateful to all those (real life friends and fellow bloggers) who’ve helped me through the past three years. Nothing fills the hole in your heart when someone you love dies but knowing that other people care makes it a little easier to live with.

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a little dovie told me

When Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos were ousted from power in 1986 the newspapers had a field day reporting on her 3000 pairs of shoes  and vast collection of lingerie including a bullet proof bra.


The power couple stayed together until his death in 1989 but playboy Ferdinand had been anything but faithful in the preceding years.  Deciding his image needed a facelift, Marcos authorised a movie about his mythical fantasies and imagined wartime gallantry with American actor Paul Burke playing the part of Ferdinand and busty blonde bombshell Dovie Beams playing his then-girlfriend.


Over the two years that it took for the film to be completed, Marcos conducted a passionate affair with Dovie who recorded the details on tape every night. At the end of filming they exchanged snippets of pubic hair, assured each other of mutual love and parted.


Seven months later, when a final payment for the movie was not delivered and after receiving no word from Marcos, Dovie called a press conference and produced the tape recorder. Journalists were amazed to hear the voice of their president singing off key love songs and desperately begging for oral sex. For her own protection Dovie was whisked away on a flight to Hong Kong. On board she discovered how long the reach of her former lover was when the seat next to her was taken by Delfin Fred Cueto, Marcos’ personal hitman and half brother. The Philippines consul-general also got in on the act and tried to block her departure but she was eventually placed in the custody of MI5 and escorted safely home.


Dovie was not the only blonde to fall under Ferdinand’s spell.

Evelin Hegyesi, who modelled mink bikinis in the 1970s and once graced the pages of Playboy magazine, is now a 57-year-old eastern suburbs multimillionaire with a waterfront Point Piper mansion and several investment companies.

She also has a Eurasian daughter, Analisa, who lives with Dean Fleming, son of the wealthy racing and fruit markets family worth $270 million. She called the baby Analisa Josefa. Josefa is the name of Marcos’s mother.

It is not clear how she came to be connected with Marcos in 1970. But something happened that prompted the president to assign one of his secret Swiss bank accounts to Evelin’s company.

While her mother eschewed parties, daughter Analisa is described by social writers as “exotic”, “vivacious” and “flamboyant”, with a super-curvy body.

Rumours that she has an interest in recordings have so far proved unfounded.

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