gin and cabbages

Allen Williams adopted his uncle’s surname of Lane when he became involved in the family business of publishing. John Lane was one of the founders of Bodley Head publishing whose stable of high profile writers included Oscar Wilde though Oscar fell out of favour with the Lanes when he seduced one of their office boys.


“He rose quickly in the business becoming managing editor in 1925 following the death of his uncle. After conflict with the board of directors who were wary of publishing James Joyce’s controversial book Ulysses, Lane left in 1936 to set up Penguin Books. The legend goes that on a train journey back from visiting Agatha Christie in 1934, Lane found himself on an Exeter station platform with nothing available worth reading. He conceived of paperback editions of literature of proven quality which would be cheap enough to be sold from a vending machine; the first was set up in Charing Cross Road and dubbed the “Penguincubator”.


Lane soon became as much of a British institution as the BBC and was often referred to as a modern day Gutenberg. Early company meetings were held in a favourite Spanish restaurant with plenty of wine to accompany them. One visitor was shocked to discover an editorial meeting taking place on a rowboat, the staff dipping into gin as steadily as the oars did into the water.


In 1937, Penguin moved its office to Middlesex; the property cost £2000 plus an additional £200 for the crop of cabbages that were growing there. The staff first had to pick their way through the cabbages which Lane then sold at markets.

In 1960, Lane once again became the champion of free speech when he decided to publish Lady Chatterley’s Lover. The trial for obscenity was decided by Mervyn Griffith-Jones, who, when asked how he would decide whether or not to prosecute, answered, “I’ll put my feet up on the desk and start reading. If I get an erection, we prosecute.


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t shirt friday 29.10.2010

Warm the One You Love

After you watch the video, swing on by HMH; she’s sporting a t shirt today too

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how not to get your rates lowered

Woodfield House in Aspley Guise is said to be haunted.


In 1927 this part of Bedfordshire was valued under the terms of the Rating Valuation Act 1925; every piece of land and property was inspected to determine the rates to be paid on it. The valuer described it as standing in just over half an acre, he also noted it had been empty for some time.

By the late 1940s the owner was Blayney Key, who lived at Eel Pie Island, Twickenham. In 1947 he appealed against the value put on the property in 1927. This was because the property could not, in fact, be let, since it was haunted.

Rolling Stones at Eel Pie Island

In the early 18th century Dick Turpin, the notorious highwayman, Key asserted, was wont to frequent Aspley Woods as a hide-out and the hooves of his horse still echoed down Weathercock Lane on dark nights when a low mist was in the air. Turpin knew the family living at Woodfield, most particularly the daughter of the house. She had a lover and the father, outraged at the character of the youth shut them both up in a cupboard, causing their death. This gave Dick Turpin a cause to blackmail the man to give him assistance and a place to stay.

read about Dick Turpin the boxer here

The ghost of this unfortunate girl, Key claimed, still haunted Woodfield, making it a thoroughly undesirable place to live. The claim for a revaluation went to a hearing at which a local historian was able to contradict Key’s tale by stating that the house had been built in the early 1820s, whereas Dick Turpin was hanged at York in 1739. A former maid claimed to have seen arms coming through the wall whilst trying to sleep one night, but rather undermined her own evidence by stating, in answer to a question, that she had eaten cheese sandwiches for supper. Blayney Key’s case collapsed.

The model above is wearing a cheese sandwich on her head. You can see even wackier fashions by clicking this link. Don’t miss the golden lips hat, the accordion pants or the spaghetti hat…..

pearls before frogs

Escoffier once prepared a special dish, “Nymphs’ Thighs”, for Nellie Melba, Lily Langtry, the Prince of Wales and Duc d’Orleans. The recipe called for frogs’ legs poached in a court-bouillon with white wine and placed on a layer of champagne jelly with chervil and tarragon leaves between the legs to resemble grass.

image by Milanko

The Prince travelled to Paris, where a far more daring dish was served. When the lid of an enormous tray was raised, there lay before him the celebrated courtesan Cora Pearl, naked save for sprigs of parsley and a rope of pearls.

Coral Pearl

Cora fancied herself as a singer and dancer and often supplemented the income from her wealthy clients with theatrical performances.

“Cora’s artistic rebirth on the Paris stage was a breath of spring for a country anxious about the possibility of war. Determined at last to be seen as an artist, and not merely as a hard working woman, Cora spared no expense, and emerged on the stage in a very provocative costume that left little to the imagination. She had learned from the Italian Masters that there was nothing shameful about the human form, as long as it was exposed for noble purposes. Accentuating the outfit was a pair of boots that caused a gasp of astonishment in the crowded theater. Knee high, they were buttoned with diamonds the size of easter eggs, and the soles were encrusted with more precious stones from toe to heel. One nobleman, a Count, was seized by the desire to own them, and offered 50,000 francs for the chance – twice that if Cora would wear them when she relinquished possession. Though nothing is known of the outcome of this transaction, the evidence will show that Cora was always malleable when it came to men, and quite probably acquiesced to his request, if only so as not to hurt his feelings.


Cora was the trendsetter of 1860s France. Whatever she did, the nation followed. One day, in a lighted-hearted moment of whimsy, she dyed her hair to match the upholstery of her carriage, and the women of France followed suit. She had learned of a cunning make-up house in London, and began to have silver and crushed pearl face powders sent from across the Channel. She even shocked Parisian sensibilities by browning herself in the summer months, something unheard of at the time.

match your rocking horse’s hair to your own

When the Franco-Prussian War begun Cora proved her mettle, and a heroism unparalleled in the history of high society was revealed for the world to see. She turned her largest house into a hospital for officers, ripping apart her curtains and table linens to make bandages for wounded officers.

Torn Curtain by Robert Pyle

After the war ended, Cora attempted to pick up the pieces of her life. One man, Alexander Duval, harassed her constantly. He threw so much money at her that she didn’t know what to do. She tried to make him understand that she could never love him but he pulled out a gun and shot himself on her doorstep.

So overcome was she that she quite forgot to summon help, naturally thinking that others, too, had heard the shot and would do so. At her first social engagement after the shooting, she was stunned to realize that gossips were saying that she had left Mr. Duval to die on her steps, out of a cold-hearted indifference to his plight.

She was forced to sell her possessions and move to a shabby rooming house, where she died in 1886.

Instead of a sad, lonely farewell from a society that had used her and cast her aside, Cora’s funeral was a fairy-tale event organised by a mysterious benefactor, who paid anonymously for the largest, most lavish burial that France had ever seen

image (2010) here

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sit down and spread ’em

There are people out there who have no idea how difficult it is to crap in space, and until I read Mary Roach’s book “Packing For Mars” I was one of them.


“The NASA potty cam is an astronaut training aid. It provides a vivid arresting perspective on something you’ve had intimate contact with all your life but never really seen. Positioning is critical because the opening to a space shuttle toilet is 10 centimetres across as opposed to the 45.5 centimetres maw we are accustomed to.

toilet lighters found here

The camera enables you to see if your anus lines up with the centre. Without gravity you can’t reliably gauge position by feel. If your angle of approach is off you can sully the back of the transport tube or plug the air holes.

The re is an alternative positioning tactic called the two-joint method. The distance between the anus and the front of the seat should equal the distance between the tip of the big finger and its knuckle.

knuckle buster ring found here

Here’s something else you may not have considered.

Gravity facilitates what is known in aerospace waste collection circles as “separation.” In weightlessness, faecal matter never becomes heavy enough to break away and drip down on its own. Space toilets utilise air flow “drag” to pull the material away from its source. The seats are designed to also function as a cheek-spreader to facilitate a cleaner break.


Early Apollo missions used faecal bags rather than sit down toilets. The moulded adhesive ring at the top of the bag rarely fit and the adhesive pulled hairs. Worse, without gravity or anything else to foster separation, the astronaut was obliged to employ his finger. Also under consideration was a defecation glove. The astronaut would reach around and crap in his own palm then peel back the glove and dispose of the contents.


Given the complexity of this chore, “escapees” or free floating faecal material have been known to plague the crews. There is also the problem of “faecal popcorning”…..

You should probably buy the book if you want to know what that is.

Without gravity to pull things straight, bowel motions tend to curl as they’re coming out. Thanks to some filming done by NASA, their engineers are not only aware of the curl, they know its range of curvature and most likely direction.

The films featured male and female volunteers included gals from the nurses’ corps. The footage was classified as limited distribution but regularly travelled beyond their prescribed limits. They were very very popular.


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trapped by a fetishist

It appears to me that more people in the arts have polygamous relationships than us ordinary folk. Or maybe no one writes about the ordinary folk who are having them


Wonder Woman was created by Harvard-trained psychologist Dr. William Moulton Marston, who wrote the stories under the pseudonym Charles Moulton. Marston is also known as the inventor, or at least the most enthusiastic advocate, of the polygraph lie detector. Marston led a colorful and unconventional life. In his first of several popular psychology books, Emotions of Normal People, he discussed emotional states in terms of “elementary behaviour units” in the activities of dominance, compliance, submission and inducement.

One study in Marston’s book involves the “baby party,” a strange sorority ritual held at Jackson College. Freshman initiates were required to dress like babies, bound, prodded with sticks, and wrestled when they resisted. One of Marston’s theories was that America would become a matriarchy, and in many of his writings he espoused the view that women could and would use sexual enslavement to achieve dominance over men.  His ideas landed him the post of consulting psychologist for the women’s magazine Family Circle.

order your adult baby dresses here

His research assistant on that study, Olive Byrne, was also the woman who, as Olive Richard, conducted the seminal interview published in Family Circle. In fact, Olive moved in with Marston and his wife Elizabeth. William Marston fathered two children each by each woman, and the extended family lived together harmoniously.


Artist Sir Stanley Spencer also had an unconventional love life.

“He viewed sexual union as a sacrament. A man raises a woman’s dress with the same passionate admiration and love as the priest raises the Host on the altar,’ he wrote.


Stanley met his first wife, Hilda Carline in 1923 and they eventually married in 1925. Their first daughter, Shirin, was born the same year and their second, Unity, in 1930.

In 1933 a fellow artist, Patricia Preece, began to model for him, first in a conventional way – there is a portrait of her in striped jersey in front of his gramophone – and later wearing increasingly few clothes.

Patricia Preece – Self Portrait

Stanley quickly became infatuated. Hilda wrote to a friend: ‘She vamped him to a degree unbelievable except in cinemas. If he went to her house, she always received him half or a quarter dressed. He showered her with presents, from the lacy lingerie in which he painted her, to gifts of cash.

Carline divorced Spencer in 1937. A week later he married Patricia, knowing she, however, was a lesbian. She continued to live with her partner, and though she frequently posed nude for her husband, refused to consummate the marriage.

Patricia found herself trapped by a fetishist. As she said years later, he bought her ‘innumerable pairs of bright, beastly shoes with enormously high heels, in which he stared at my legs and feet with fascination‘. When Spencer’s bizarre relationship with Patricia finally fell apart (though she would never grant a divorce), he returned to visiting Hilda.


Then there’s Australian actor Jack Thompson who spent 15 years in a ménage à trois with two sisters, Leona and Bunkie.

“Know how difficult it is living with the woman you love?” Thompson is fond of saying. “Try doubling it”. Though the living arrangement came to an end, Thompson has no regrets, “I wouldn’t have missed it for quids.”

Glenda Jackson & Jack Thompson 1975

Perhaps most famous of all were the complicated goings on of the Bloomsbury Set.

Duncan Grant had always been actively homosexual but a relationship blossomed with Vanessa Bell who was in a relationship with his friend, artist Roger Fry. Grant eventually moved in with Vanessa and her two sons by her husband Clive Bell. Then Grant’s new lover, David Garnett arrived.

Vanessa Bell aged 2

Relationships with Clive Bell remained amicable, and he too stayed with them for long periods fairly often – sometimes accompanied by his own mistress, Mary Hutchinson. Vanessa very much wanted a child by Duncan, and became pregnant in the spring of 1918. Although it is generally assumed that Duncan’s sexual relations with Vanessa ended in the months before Angelica was born, they continued to live together for more than 40 years.


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corset friday 22/10/2010

I’m going to be late for mah jongg if I stop to take any new photos so here’s some from a couple of years ago. I think I’ve posted two of these images before but at least one of them was an outtake so it’s not a total cheat.

I have no idea what The King is barbecuing but queenwilly has made Salted Caramel Ice Cream and I’ve made Buttermilk Pudding with Mango Sauce and Strawberries marinated in Brown Sugar and Balsamic Vinegar.

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the Citizen Kane of stag movies

Burlesque dancer Candy Barr was born Juanita Dale Slusher on July 6, 1935, in Edna, Texas.


“At age 16, though she appeared much older, she appeared in the most famous and widely circulated of the early underground pornographic movies, Smart Alec. It was the Deep Throat of its day. Film critic, Phil Hall, calls it the Citizen Kane of stag films.

For her signature striptease, she would walk on stage wearing a full Annie Oakley buckskin get-up. By the time her five-minute routine was up, she would have stripped off everything but her panties, pasties, cowboy boots, white cowboy hat and the twin holsters slung low across her hips.


Offstage, Candy enjoyed hanging out at the Carousel after hours, where owner Jack Ruby became a close friend and father figure. In 1953 she hooked up with Troy Phillips, a nightclub denizen who became her husband and manager. The marriage had fallen apart by the holiday season in 1955, but Phillips was not the sort to walk away without one last dustup.

Jack Ruby and friends

When he showed up at her door Candy refused to answer so he kicked it in and stumbled drunkenly around her apartment. When he got 6 feet away, she leveled the rifle barrel on her husband and pulled the trigger. She hit him in the lower belly near the groin, later claiming her aim was off. The charges were dropped two weeks later, when Phillips acknowledged that he’d been very drunk and ornery.

Candy briefly became the squeeze of Mickey Cohen, the L.A. mob kingpin, whom she met while headlining on Sunset Boulevard. (He was a sucker for strippers; Tempest Storm and Beverly Hills had been in his bed too). Following their breakup she married Hollywood hairdresser Jack Sahakian, the Vidal Sassoon of his day, in Las Vegas in 1959.


In October 1957, Dallas police detectives knocked at Candy’s apartment door. They told her an informant had tipped them off that she had marijuana.

After a brief give-and-take with the cops, Candy dug down into her bosom and pulled out a pill bottle that contained less than an ounce of pot, the equivalent of the tobacco in 25 cigarettes. Her trial was a spectacle, with men elbowing their way into the courtroom to ogle the stripper and the jury sending her away for 15 years. Some time later, a Dallas police official stated that Candy had been convicted because of her occupation. He said the 11 men on the jury would have been mortified to go home to face their wives after acquitting her.


On April 2, 1963 — after three years and three months — she walked out of prison carrying a Bible and holding a $5.70 one-way bus ticket back home to Edna. As a condition of her parole, she was barred from working as an exotic dancer.

Jack Ruby, her old nightclub pal, visited Candy after her release and gave her a getting-out gift of two dachshund puppies. The dogs were about six months old when Ruby’s name popped up on every newspaper front page in America. She said she knew nothing, but to this day some view Candy as a cog in the arcane machinery of the Kennedy conspiracy.


In 1972, she published a slim volume of poetry, “A Gentle Mind…Confused,” some of which she had written in prison. She was lured out of retirement by a $5,000 payday when she posed nude for Oui magazine in 1976, at age 41.


In 1999, she was named on Playboy’s “Most Desirable” list, and she made Texas Monthly’s list of “perfect Texans.” “Of all the small-town bad girls,” the magazine said, Candy Barr “was the baddest.” Copies of her book of poetry now sell for as much as $3,000.


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the erethism culminates in onanism

Excerpt from the Sexual Instinct and its Morbid Manifestations

The child born with congenital sexual perversion grows up and develops to all appearance quite regularly in every way. But the womanly form gives rise to no sexual excitation in such a youth. Sometimes, incited by companions of his age, he ventures to share the couch of some girl and to accomplish the act of manhood, but each time the effort fails and is often followed by a hysterical fit.


In the weaker defined manifestations the boy exhibits only his predisposition to occupy himself with feminine work. He likes to knit, to sew, to make doll’s clothes; he distinguishes himself by his peculiar preference for feminine manners and strives to be coquettish in his demeanour.


Another occupies all his leisure time before the looking-glass ; combs his hair, paints his face, adorns his person, studying in the most serious fashion what is becoming and what is not. He has a wonderful remembrance of the most complicated female toilettes; but shows himself absolutely wanting in taste when he adopts male attire. He either sports a too violently coloured neck-tie, or exposes his neck so low, that it appears extravagantly exaggerated.


When the boy has been repressed in time, and laughed at on the first feminine imitations, he begins to pull himself together. If he is then carefully kept away from female society, occupied as much as possible with athletic exercises, always severely punished for the slightest appearance of coquetry and for every external feminine manifestation, by such strictly conducted education the youth attains the normal state of puberty.


Many of these subjects find their first feelings of lust excited by the sight of a naked man, particularly of his posteriors or the orificium ani. They have also nocturnal pollutions accompanied by dreams in which naked men with strongly developed hindquarters play the principal part.


Sometimes the boy notices in early youth, that slight strokes on his naked posteriors caused him an agreeable sensation. He then voluntarily seeks, in play or even as a punishment to get a few strokes. Later on he fustigates himself and the erethism culminates in onanism. When manhood arrives, if the vicious habit of seeking excitation by strokes with a birch on the posteriors has become deep rooted, the patient is only then able to have intercourse after having been flogged previously.

However, if he perseveres in having regular intercourse, the genesic perversion gradually dies out, and finally the youth who from his birth was disposed to perversion of sexual instinct, grows up to be a man endowed with normal genital functions, and fit to fulfil the duties of the head of a family.

bloody beef

Back in the 17th century, meat was not just something you dished up for dinner – it could also act as a rather large band aid.


“Take a piece of lean salt beef and let the beef be of that greatness that it may fill the wound, and lay it in the fire in the hot ashes till it be hot through, and all hot stuff it in the wound and bind it fast.”

Cures for constipation or stomach upsets also involved food that was not ingested in the usual way.


“A suppositor good for those that are troubled with the collicke or the winde is half a flattened fig with some bay salt rolled up inside it, skin inwards. Tie it with thread, grease with butter and administer to the patient

It was a time when many believed that a woman’s uterus moved about in her body and could be threatened back into position. Nowadays a prolapse is usually treated with pessaries or surgery (how many times do I have to tell you to keep doing your kegels? are you clenching now? good… keep at it) but back then doctors believed in scare tactics

the least horrifying image of a prolapse I could find

“”You may fright it back in with a hot iron presented near the opening as if you would burn the falling part

And beef makes another appearance during pregnancy as a way of preventing miscarriage

“Take a fillet of beef half roasted hot from the fire, then take half a pint of Muscat wine, sugar, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and grains of paradise. Make a sauce, divide the beef in two and dress with the sauce.

Then bind one piece to the bottom of the woman’s belly and the other to the kidney area of her back, as hot as may be suffered and keep them on twenty four hours at the least and longer if need thereof.”

grease her up with bacon lube

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