corset friday 1.10.2010

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  1. Love it! There is something so extraordinary about costume gloves with lingerie, you are fabulous.

    Have an amazing weekend my lovely!

  2. I have to say, these are some of my favourites.

    Spoiling us 🙂

  3. Very pretty.

  4. Saving the missing “fluffs” for another Friday?

  5. Pretty in Pink Nursie! Oooh la la!

  6. Thank god for fridays

  7. A far cry from Sooty and Sweep – from glove puppet to glove love ……. pink is soooooooo girly ……

  8. Shocking Pink!

  9. Who needs Oktoberfest? Such a great start to the month, Nursey M!

  10. very nice pink fluff! wheee!

  11. What a great set of pics. . . I like the interesting scar too, sort of emphasizes the relative perfection of everything else around it.

  12. Caroline walks and it’s raining all day she loves to be one of the girls… wonderful as usual.

    • Well the Fur is not quite Psychedelic 😉

  13. Do the feathers tickle?

  14. I love the fluff… wait… no, no thats right, I love the fluff.

  15. Delightful. Lovely in Black, White, Red, Blue, Green but loveliest in Pink.

  16. Showing off that sexy scar again… very nice. And the pink accents the white really well too.

  17. Nice stuff!

  18. The last 2 shots are my favorite.

  19. No muffy too fluffy……..!!

  20. p-p-p-p-p-pink. You know what pink does to me, don’t you?

    • Yes I do. the pink corsets are always for you UB

  21. Ah, feathers. They look so nice, but they always end up stuck to my mouth. 😉
    I like the gloves too, even if they spoil the view.
    Awesome as Always, myra.

  22. Honey.. I don’t know what you are doing but that is one fine ass. It’s so tight I could bounce a Quarter off of it.


  23. I’m glad you put a scarf on: you could have caught your death of cold.

    • (btw – you do a commendably good job of protecting your email address from idiots like me :))

      • I’ll send it to you 😉

  24. I like how the corset has a fake hand that comes down to cover your business. That’s just great design.

    • Haha… that’s just hilarious

      • I have the same one…only it’s a prosthetic foot.

  25. oh yes, fluff friday.
    with gloves, it is quite lovely.

  26. Nice, although I’d like the bottom two more without the hand hiding so much of your…corset.

  27. You really do have the sexiest little tush!

  28. Very sexy indeed!

  29. Your name and expertise came up in today’s thread. I can’t imagine why. 😉

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