corset friday 8.10.2010

The brooch in the photo on the left of the middle row was given to me by my favourite uncle after he visited Fiji in 1970. It’s hard to see, but the blue background is made of butterfly wings . You can see a better example here

Today’s corset friday post is dedicated to alonewithcats, one of the funniest female bloggers around. Happy Birthday for yesterday AWC xx

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  1. Best. birthday. gift. ever.

    • You’re welcome πŸ™‚

  2. Now that’s a fine gift to give!

  3. Very retro with the white fishnets – nice!

  4. This just gets better and better every week! I love the baby blue and the brooch is too cool!

  5. *gulp*

    • do you need some Andrews Liver Salts daddyp?

  6. the blue/lace is adorable, and how you matched that to the tops of the stockings? wonderful!

  7. What brooch?

  8. Wow! A virtual strip tease. Very nice indeed.

    • There’s nothing virtual about minge!

      The King

  9. Remind me to tell you when its my birthday.

  10. Quite nice, makes my day (which is about to be spent painting the inside of my house) much better.

  11. That’s a birthday present and a half right there.

  12. nice! πŸ™‚

  13. whoa…

    • Ha! Well that brought you out of hibernation didn’t it twinny?

  14. A veritable cornucopia of allure; brooch, tassels, fishnet, garters…all the required food groups.

  15. Oh I say!

    (You’ve got a nice neck btw)

    • It’s my favourite body part so thank you for noticing

  16. some how I don’t think much attention will be on the brooch πŸ™‚

  17. Denny’s not going to lie–he didn’t notice the brooch. Or the garments.

  18. Very Pretty

  19. Alone with Cats is a lucky beyotch.

    Great post. I like the white fishnets. Gotta get some of those.

    • Yes, yes I am a lucky beyotch.

      And I can’t wait till next year.

  20. flip nursie. my eyes fell out.

    • That’s not a good look darlin’. Put them back in quick!

  21. Happy birthday to AWC and lovely as always nurse.

  22. Broach? What broach? I perused each picture closely and never did find it. Maybe I was looking in the wrong place.

  23. The floral ensemble is a lovely salute to the end of Floriade. Now after the you’ve gone The Full Minty I am encouraged to be a bit more flaunty.

  24. I love the little tassels. For some reason, it makes you look very demure.

  25. Thank you for another fantastic Friday!

  26. What a special piece of jewelry to have to remember your uncle. Bet it’s lovely.

  27. it never occurred to me that you had KNEES too!

  28. Very bold indeed!
    Well done!

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