corset friday 15.10.2010


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  1. TNIF – Thank Nurse, it’s Friday!

  2. I know that I always say this but this IS my favorite one ever! I guess I’m a ‘live in the moment’ kind of guy.

  3. Who weee, better bod than that Gaga creature by a mile.

    We Approve.

    The King

    • Does that approval include the royal hound’s?

  4. Hell of a long wait between fridays…

    • They seem to come around very quickly to me

  5. Yayyy it’s Friday, seems to take forever to get here now that I am waiting for Corset day. Love the outfits, great bod Nursemyra!!

  6. Ah, Nursey – you have excelled yourself! VERY cool…..!

  7. Is it Friday again already???? I know I’m getting old by how fast the days just fly by. You are looking very elegant indeed in this little black number. I think the detailing shots are very nice, especially the ribbon and bow at the end. . .

  8. Is that the nape of your neck, Nursie? I’d like to see more pictures of you from behind.

    • My arms aren’t long enough for those shots GB

  9. My favorite part of friday morning, beautiful as usual Nursie.

  10. the word is “tasty”! you can’t go wrong with black… and you look gorgeous!

  11. Cue toe AC/DC. Back in Black indeed!

  12. Should be “the” or even “to” instead of toe in above post. Apparently i was toetally distracted.

  13. One of the best views I’ve had all week!

  14. Nice!

  15. You can never go wrong with black. Or with Corset Friday. So black and Corset Friday together is infallible.

  16. Yeah, I like this one.
    Very nice.
    The gauzy thing is cool too.

    • It’s just the skirt part of the babydoll

  17. Yummy

  18. Exceptional.

  19. Very nice indeed!

  20. I worry that I only seem to come here for Corset Friday. Which pleases M. DeFarge immensely.

    • Oh but the other posts are usually far more interesting! they’re much more enjoyable for me to do – I get so bored with taking my own photos.

  21. I like you hair

    • I like you there

  22. wow … thank you for this fantastic friday!

    • Nice to see you here Walter. I’m a big fan of your work.

      • many thanks, I’m a big fan of your friday-publications 🙂

  23. Black is a very nice color on you.

  24. Do love Corset Friday. Marvellous Yum. xx

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