the erethism culminates in onanism

Excerpt from the Sexual Instinct and its Morbid Manifestations

The child born with congenital sexual perversion grows up and develops to all appearance quite regularly in every way. But the womanly form gives rise to no sexual excitation in such a youth. Sometimes, incited by companions of his age, he ventures to share the couch of some girl and to accomplish the act of manhood, but each time the effort fails and is often followed by a hysterical fit.


In the weaker defined manifestations the boy exhibits only his predisposition to occupy himself with feminine work. He likes to knit, to sew, to make doll’s clothes; he distinguishes himself by his peculiar preference for feminine manners and strives to be coquettish in his demeanour.


Another occupies all his leisure time before the looking-glass ; combs his hair, paints his face, adorns his person, studying in the most serious fashion what is becoming and what is not. He has a wonderful remembrance of the most complicated female toilettes; but shows himself absolutely wanting in taste when he adopts male attire. He either sports a too violently coloured neck-tie, or exposes his neck so low, that it appears extravagantly exaggerated.


When the boy has been repressed in time, and laughed at on the first feminine imitations, he begins to pull himself together. If he is then carefully kept away from female society, occupied as much as possible with athletic exercises, always severely punished for the slightest appearance of coquetry and for every external feminine manifestation, by such strictly conducted education the youth attains the normal state of puberty.


Many of these subjects find their first feelings of lust excited by the sight of a naked man, particularly of his posteriors or the orificium ani. They have also nocturnal pollutions accompanied by dreams in which naked men with strongly developed hindquarters play the principal part.


Sometimes the boy notices in early youth, that slight strokes on his naked posteriors caused him an agreeable sensation. He then voluntarily seeks, in play or even as a punishment to get a few strokes. Later on he fustigates himself and the erethism culminates in onanism. When manhood arrives, if the vicious habit of seeking excitation by strokes with a birch on the posteriors has become deep rooted, the patient is only then able to have intercourse after having been flogged previously.

However, if he perseveres in having regular intercourse, the genesic perversion gradually dies out, and finally the youth who from his birth was disposed to perversion of sexual instinct, grows up to be a man endowed with normal genital functions, and fit to fulfil the duties of the head of a family.

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  1. Sounds like something the headmaster in a boarding school(boys only, of course) would have on his desk.
    Do people still believe this tosh works!

    • Well it was published in the 1920s….

  2. “he ventures to share the couch of some girl and to accomplish the act of manhood, but each time the effort fails and is often followed by a hysterical fit.”

    I can only assume that this means she wouldn’t let him take over the remote control.

    • hahahaha….

    • Nice.

      • Etymology on Hysterical – The hyster (uturus) has broken free of its moorings and gone in search of a baby, because babies fix EVERYTHING. Prosterical?

      • Hi Alpha…. welcome to the gimcrack. I really like your blog, you tell a great story.

  3. “Hysterical fit…”

    Gave me one.

    The King

  4. After reading this instructive guide, I realise I may be a gay man.

    • The orificium ani gave it away didn’t it?

  5. If only I knew what fustigation was, I’m sure I could help eradicate this stain on society

    • the solution lies in athletic exercises…..

  6. These spankings are how Conservative Politicians are educated – – –

    • Don’t forget the Christian Democratic Party.

  7. someone needs to call the God Squad here in the US of A. They still think you can “pray the gay away”. Obviously it takes a bit more effort than that…

  8. So the wee lad whacks his ass, in order to stimulate himself, then spanks his monkey. I guess playboy wasn’t around back then. What a shame.

  9. Bright neck ties? I’m doomed!

    Perhaps cold showers, boxing gloves at night and the ministrations of a friendly priest should cure them!

    • When I read the bit about the ties I thought immediately of you!

  10. Hmm… many of my ventures to the couch of a girl to accomplish the act of manhood ended in failure and hysterical fits… no wonder I do martial arts 4 times a week…

    • I want to see the photos RF

  11. The writer seems to be executing his job with a certain amount of descriptive relish, doesn’t he.

    • Yeah that’s the giveaway…..

    • I was noticing that, He seemed to have a loving familiarity with the particulars.

  12. How I made my son gay = HAHAHA!!

    • I take ALL the credit ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. I’ve always found the phrase Onanism hilarious, as that poor man, who even in the Bible is never described as doing so has become mankind’s one example of self love!

    Also? That last figure is hilarious beyond belief.

  14. This is your finest piece of research. Love the Batman picture.

    Small typo. in the title….sorry, had to mention it.

    • Thanks, I’m glad that you did, fixed now.

  15. It does remind me, somewhat tragically, of an early boyfriend. If only I had your advice to hand, I could have been saved Barbie clothes swapping sessions at an early age.

    • Haha…. that was one of the first clues I had with my son. Such an adorable little tyke he was ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. The Dusty Rhodes moonshot was a bit of a mood killer.

    Okay, I’m back and ready again.

    • Dusty Rhodes? That’s Ric Flair, baby! Whooooo! The Nature Boy! Stylin’ and profilin’ even when Hulk Hogan’s pullin’ down his drawers.

  17. I wonder when I will be able to be to full fill my duties as head of the family. More sex might help. But when will I find the time?

    • I wonder when I will be able to full fill my duties as the head of the family?
      What a cock up I made of the first attempt. My apologies.

  18. Wow. Full of words I had to look up. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I say that any blog post that doesn’t have at least one look-uppable word is wasted opportunity.

  19. Personally, I find that an intimate knowledge of womens’ fashion and beauty products is very useful for getting women to sleep with me.

    Maybe I’m just different that way.

  20. Nice Old Ric Flair Ass . . . I prefer this Ric Flair myself:


  21. Hmmm…i think a close friend of mine has this but he refuses to acknowledge his condition….at least now we can stop wondering bout what actually is ‘wrong’ with him

    I always wonder about the phrase violently-coloured….does it imply that the wearer/looker gets violent upon noticing said colour?

  22. hindquarters????? hmmm, gives me a whole new angle on The King.

    • I bet he has perfect posteriors queenie

  23. There were metrosexuals in 1898?

    The wrestling photo is from an infamous match between legends Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan. Wasn’t meant to happen but there was a great stir caused in the pro wrestling fan base when this happened.

    • It seems several of my male readers are very familiar with wrestling….

  24. If I could fustigate without that annoying erethism, I might just do more of it.

  25. The person who wrote that piece of erudite nonsense sounds like it was obsessed with sex.

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