corset friday 22/10/2010

I’m going to be late for mah jongg if I stop to take any new photos so here’s some from a couple of years ago. I think I’ve posted two of these images before but at least one of them was an outtake so it’s not a total cheat.

I have no idea what The King is barbecuing but queenwilly has made Salted Caramel Ice Cream and I’ve made Buttermilk Pudding with Mango Sauce and Strawberries marinated in Brown Sugar and Balsamic Vinegar.

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  1. Can we come for dinner?
    Oh, yeah…nice stockings.;-)

    • Next time you’re in Sydney…..

  2. What a busy life you lead, Nursie! Queenwilly is a seriously funny name. Can you even think it without grinning?

    • The Queen always makes me smile 🙂

  3. How bizarre. My friend had strawberry & sherry vinegar icecream for dessert last night – had never heard of that combination before.

  4. I never miss a Friday here!

    Hope you enjoyed your game along with all that food!

  5. Tonight’s look is very buttermilk and caramel. Bon apetit.

  6. yummy! all the way around! you MUST not be late to game night – wouldn’t want the ice cream to melt!

  7. Somehow corsets and all those goodies just go together. Late night fun.

  8. i feel cheated… in a good way.

  9. Those stockings look like they are salted caramel colored. . . HOW do you keep your figure, Nursie? Do you fast the day after a wonderful feast like that? Strawberries marinated in balsamic vinegar and brown sugar — now that just sounds like alittle piece of heaven to me, especially with mango sauce over pudding.

    A delicious post all round.

    Oh yes. Enjoy the game!

    • I try to eat small portions Monday to Friday. And I don’t allow peanut butter in the house. Otherwise I would eat an entire jar in one sitting.

  10. All I know is those legs are simply delicious.

  11. Sorry to be the cause of the rushed photoshoot folks, normal service will resume soon I promise. I finally won a game tonight, though the royal treasury remains in tatters. Still, the ladies made a scrumptious desert – fit for a King in fact!

    Nighty night.

    The King

    • I wonder what the makers of Toblerone would say if they knew you actually ate more of their product than the dishes we served up…..

  12. Clearly you are immune from the effects of age. There is no difference between these old images and the newer ones. 😉

  13. Deep sigh for my youth…

    • youth is overrated Gerald. But old age ain’t for sissies

  14. Salted Ice Cream, and Strawberries marinated in Vinegar 😯

    What on earth do you drink to accompany that ???

    • Ice wine, a good sauterne, or port

      • I was on soda water by that stage of the evening.

  15. buttermilk pudding so describes the middle pic… have a great weekend 😀

  16. Love the one on the right the best. If you go clickity click it grows really!!!
    Oh and yes dinner sounds lovely.X

    • Ha! They all grow. I didn’t bother to resize because they’re not too revealing…..

  17. Yummy! Umm – I’m not sure if that was my reaction to the Strawberries or the legs.

    Oh yes – Both!

    @hmh, a bottle of Mateus would go well. (a spritzig Portuguese rose)

  18. I have made salted cod balls

    • I love salty balls

  19. You couldn’t top last week anyway, but you came close!

    Shrimp on the barbie?

    • Not this week…. it was delicious marinated chicken

  20. New or old. It is all gold!

  21. I am distracted by the mere mention of ice-cream. What a tease you are.

    • queenwilly makes the best ice cream ever!

  22. Very fetching. As for the desert, it sounds delicious!

  23. Not sure you’re going to be able to hide too many Mah Jongg tiles in that get up…

  24. Gorgeous as always…

    I can’t wait for the day you and I can play mah johngg together.

    • July 2011. New York.

  25. wow … another GREAT friday !

  26. Late for last Friday but in a way Friday comes early by looking at this.

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