t shirt friday 29.10.2010

Warm the One You Love

After you watch the video, swing on by HMH; she’s sporting a t shirt today too

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  1. Sexy, spooky start to a ghoulish, girlish weekend. I’m off to carve a pumpkin. Happy Friday to Nurse, all and sundry!

  2. You’re back in black and I love it! The gloves make the whole outfit. And the fact that you have a kickass body helps too!

  3. Oh, sod it! Not game enough to do the corset thing…and I forgot today was Final Friday!
    Next month, maybe?

    • Yes, next month please Dinah….

  4. Lookin good Nursemyra!! Love the black stockings, all set for Halloween I see. 🙂

  5. love the skellies on the stockings! happy halloween!

  6. My Halloween treat!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Your spooky skull and bones will haunt me in my sleep this Halloween weekend.

  8. Can i get a hell yeah? hell yeah.

  9. happy halloween. i’d certainly give you a special treat if you came to my door looking like that.

  10. I absolutely adore those stockings. Only you could make a wedgie look good.

  11. LOL I’ve never seen goth hose.

  12. spooky. Those look like fun.

  13. Gordon Bennet!

  14. God God± So many women would kill for a figure like yours

  15. I love the faux alligator skin.

    Oh, and the real wedgie.

  16. Skulls, very nice. Do they glow in the dark?

    • Unfortuntely not.

  17. Ooh, the snake skin hot pants are back! And the stockings rock too.

  18. Love love love (x10) the tights, NM! HAWT!

  19. I only recently found out that you do these sexy and interesting little adventures every friday and (after going back through most of them) I have to admit that they will be a great start to my or anyone else’s weekend.

  20. Happy Halloween … you are looking gorgeous as ever :0)

  21. Those rogers look pretty jolly.

  22. Happy Halloween!

  23. I need to do a t-shirt thing on my blog too. It would have to be a scrach and sniff. Everybody here sweats a lot.

  24. I warmed the one I love tonight fo sho.

    Thank you, Denny.


  25. Ha! Love the tights!

  26. Wow what a figure!

  27. The middle one is my idea of a t-shirt.

  28. The skull tights are a nice touch

  29. I find bodies as temples to be so boring. A Honey Palace sounds like so much fun.

    If only I hadn’t been forced into celibacy 2000 years ago.

  30. Umm, Nurse Myra, your ass is effing HOT. What’s your secret.

    Not joking, tell me your secret.

    • Lots of spanking 😉

  31. Argh. Now that makes for a Jolly Roger. 😉

    Happy Halloween, myra.

  32. i want one of those tee shirts!!!

  33. Great ass nurse!!!

  34. Nice … glove. Sure, let’s go with that.

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