corset friday comes a cropper

I’ve been posting photos of myself in a corset on Fridays for over 3 years now. It was fun for a while but over time it’s become almost a chore since I’ve now documented all the corsets I own plus quite a few babydolls and other lingerie. To me the photos are beginning to look the same especially since I never did master the timer on my camera so this will be the last Friday in the weekly series. For the finale I’ve made a collage of some of my favourites.


Enjoy the weekend and I’ll see you on Monday…… xx

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  1. LOVE this site……You have some of the most interesting stories on the internet, never failing to entertain and educate! Thanks for all the effort!

  2. A wonderful finale of bountiful bosomry, Nursie. The one of you sprawled on the floor in the red outfit is new to me. Glad you republished it.

    • That one is the best by me. Professional quality, at least I’d expect to see it in a lingerie… uh, spread.

      • The King took that shot.

  3. I can’t believe it’s over.

    I’m going to miss wearing these beautiful corsets vicariously through you, NM. 🙂

    I love this collage.

  4. you can start something new on fridays 🙂

  5. Crikey. It’s a good job I’m not at work.


    Oh, I am at work.


    It’s been awesome, nurse 🙂

  6. Black Friday 006 has the most structure. I like it.

    Now you’ll just have to write, which is why I come here. 😉

  7. NOOOOOO! I’m losing all the material I used to show my Students how connected I am!

    Perhaps you could cast your eye over the offerings of others? Start with ‘Strumpet and Pink’……

  8. What a delightful finale.

    Golden rule of everything –

    “Don’t stay until you bore, leave them wanting more!”

  9. Loads here I’d not seen and all delicious.


  10. Pulling the plug, are you? Well, 10,000 thank-yous. I’ll miss them but all things must end. I bow to your skills as a seductress, from afar.

  11. Looks like I came late to the party, well better late than never showing up at all. Thanks for the peeks.

    Remember if you ever get bored of writing serious material, you always have a sexy body to fall back on.

  12. great collage! i am reminded how absolutely delicious you are in black leather!

    all good things must come to an end, and i hope the friday corset series helped you work through some demons as you worked through your party closet!


  13. Incredible collage. I applaud the fact that you were confident enough in yourself to post pics like that for the public at large to view and enjoy.

    Fantastic way of ending a chapter and starting a new one.

  14. *applaudes*

    That a great curtain call set of photos, nursemyra.

    Well done.

  15. I completely understand. It is really hard to keep up new ideas but it was worth all the effort. Thank you for making my Fridays so memorable.

  16. it has been a joy to share with you this journey you’ve taken. thank you. the reminders of the delights of the past brought a bittersweet smile to my face and warmed the cockles of… well, various ones. Happy November! xxoooxx

  17. The end of an era. It is a great collage. I know people enjoy the shots but if it is a chore for you then better to go on a high!

  18. wow … stunning and great collage … another fantastic Friday for me 🙂
    oh no, the last 😦 I don’t hope so!
    Cheers, Walter

  19. I’m new here and every Friday morning I looked forward to this. This disappointment is up there with Johnny Carson going off the air!


  20. Everything comes to an end, but very few things come to a sexy end like this.

    The Black Friday corset may be my favorite, but Indigo is right up there too.

    • So… does this mean more bondage photos?

  21. Damn.

    Oh well, it was good while it lasted. Thanks for the wonderful three years of Corset Friday (and you can always stage a comeback tour).

  22. as the great Dan Bejar says, “all good things must come to an end, the bad ones just go on forever”, these fridays have been a pleasure, we’ll wait to see what you do next.

  23. beautiful.

  24. so beautiful…

  25. Wow, this will give me plenty to do over the weekend.

    No, wait – did I say that out loud? Damn.

  26. “If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden”

    • Well, you drew Mr. K. out to comment. Well done, Nurse!

  27. Thank you, you’ve made an old man very happy these past few Fridays.

    Have a good weekend yourself.

  28. If you’d like to start a new theme I can send you a naked pic of my fat ass every Friday.


  29. Well, I guess that means we have to hand the torch over to our Woodsy.

  30. Cue mournful strings and a lilting zither … a sweet and sad curtain call and an undeniably artistic spin on contemporary voyeurism, and a hit exquisitness, weekly. I know how challenging it must have been – my ‘boots Sunday’ theme lasted about three weeks.

    Sling across thy breast these winner’s sashes:
    ‘Miss Screwniverse”, “Miss Whirlled” and “Miss Wondrous Downundress, 2010” … hurrah! We all love our perverse Nurse (and the generous-hearted woman within who set her loose upon the depraved collective imagination.)

  31. Dear dear, for some reason I feel filled with an unutterable sadness…

    I am honoured that two of my photos have made it into the final masterwork. Perhaps this signifies you moving on past a chapter which as many of the readers know was not an easy one. I only hope that the corsets will reappear at the Mah Jong table!

    xx my friend

    The King

    • I’m rather sad about it too….. but if you want to select a favourite I’ll wear it next time I play mah jong 😉


    This is the 7th Sign!!! It’s the Apocalypse!!!


  33. Who is the young lady in the photos?

  34. My fave is on the top left. You’ve been quite committed to these posts…maybe they’ll come back one day.

    • I like that one too Gropius. I dyed it myself and the colour turned out to be a mistake, but one I was strangely happy with

  35. I think you broke C Monster’s heart, Myra. I know you broke mine 😉

    Thank you for the lovely Fridays

  36. Are you contemplating a new “Friday Theme”?
    If so, we all know it’ll be wonderous…just like you!

  37. All good things must come to an end, I suppose.

    I love that one on the bottom right.

    I was going to weave you a corset out of red licorice too. Oh well – it was an amazing run.

    • Red licorice? May favourite flavour! Oh please do – I’ll stage a comeback in your honour

  38. the botnet is always last to the party. A shame.

    • A new reader! welcome to the Gimcrack, botnet. The blog is not closing down, drop by again sometime

  39. This is some serious sensory overload…But it’s all good…

  40. May I suggest … Naked Friday?

  41. you’ve made the right decision

    once something becomes a chore rather than pleasure, it is time to leave it behind

    • It is however hard to leave this ‘behind’ – if you know what I mean!

      The King

      • boom boom

  42. OMG the end of an era! This is so sad but I certainly know what you mean. We’ll I for one have enjoyed every minute of it.

    You managed to get a bunch of my favorites in this collage!

  43. Three years? Dat’s a lotta underwear hunny! Every stitch of it was memorable. Thank you.

  44. I wish you well.
    See you Monday!

  45. […] On a slightly different note, as I told some of you yesterday, another of our favorite bloggers from Down Under is also throwing in the towel…well, more like the teddy actually. Nurse myra has posted her final Corset Friday: […]

  46. Love the collage, hate to not see Corset Friday’s just when i’ve found you. But i will enjoy catching up on your very entertaining blog.

    • another new reader…? Thanks david, hope to see you here again

  47. Those are all simply lovely. While I visit just about every day but generally don’t comment on Fridays, this is a feature that was a bright spot in my week. 🙂 I enjoy all of your posts, though, not just these.

  48. Too bad, well I will have to favorite this post

  49. BTW I loved the blue/black combo the best ! Bee seeing you , I hope !

  50. Well this is unacceptable… I’m going to write my local member of parliment, they’ll definitely back me up.

    Thanks for making friday so damn good.

  51. All great things must come to an end!

    These things should be fun, not a trap. And Corset Friday is but one of many darn good reasons to check in with Nurse Myra.

  52. Well, I understand the sentiment, but I’m still sad!

  53. On closer inspection I can see why these are some of your favourites. Maybe a new angle might be the way to go. Boas on Friday?

  54. A nation mourns the passing. M.DeFarge had become very fond of this feature and will miss it enormously.

  55. Ah, sad to see it go… But tell me, where did you get those delectable skull-and-bones tights that featured last Friday? I’ve been trawling the web but no joy. I have a special occasion I’d love to wear them for.

    • I got them at one of those cheap tacky places that sell bits of everything. It was in Enmore Road near Newtown but I’m sure you’d be able to get them in lots of different places

      • Ooh, ta… will be visiting Newtown next weekend anyway.

      • Do you live in Sydney?

  56. Good show, Nursie. Jolly, jolly good show.

    I came for the corsets and stay for the laughs.

  57. This was on some webite I check out now and then.. Thought of you. 🙂

  58. I’m sorry to hear that this is coming to a close as I enjoyed these posts quite a bit. However, all good things must end. I hope for the occasional return to form as a special treat but will continue to enjoy your regular posts regardless.

    • Oh, and these were lovely. They featured the clothes as much as your body and were chalk full of erotic expression. I will definitely miss these for their creative, fashion and sexual value.

  59. Fridays were always something to look forward to. I cannot believe that this is the last of these. I hope you reconsider your decision.

  60. That loud cracking noise you hear from the other side of the world is the sound of my heart breaking.

  61. I’m sad to see it go but things must move on and evolve.

  62. Your photos would make a lovely book, N.M. –
    or some very interesting drawings…
    or paintings, etc…
    just saying…

  63. […] Wombat might have never even noticed my Internet Godhood had I not lamely tried to compensate for nursemyra discontinuing her Corset Friday posts. The hyperverse will never be the […]

  64. […] rise and fall of Corset Fridays, the problem I had with a cyberstalker, my son’s health […]

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