cheesecake thursday

This is Donna Hay’s Classic Baked cheesecake (recipe here). It’s cooling on the kitchen bench as I type; my son has just arrived home from work and is inquiring anxiously about its intended destination. I usually make a dessert when  queenwilly hosts one of her  mah jongg parties so that’s probably where it will end up. Guess I could cut him a slice though. It’s big enough to feed 12 people! You can see Donna’s version in the “before” shot, mine’s a bit more golden than hers – I think it looks better that way

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  1. delicous. any way you slice it!

  2. It looks great. I’ve never made one.

    • the ingredients are evil but the taste is sublime

  3. Mah jongg…I thought only Asian women and old Jewish women played that.

    • Also beautiful Australian women.

    • I am not old! Bring on the Mah J.

  4. WOW! I hope you enjoyed your cheese cake. I certainly do!

  5. I think I like Cheesecake!!! Can I help lick the spoon??

  6. Nearly better than Friday…

  7. Are you trying to wean people off Corset Friday gently??? That outfit doesn’t look all that practical for cooking.

    That cheese cake looks wonderful, and it probably would serve 16 people. . . This reminds me that Jim hasn’t made a cheese cake in ages.

  8. Hello, Nursey. It’s the old Gropius. I’ve had a bit of a name change to avoid some pesky followers. All this has made me hungry, and now I see a cooling cheesecake on the other side of the globe. Sigh.

  9. I’m not sure what looks more delicious – you or the cheesecake. You have a beautiful smile

  10. LOL, thought you done posting such pix. Noooooo.

  11. Is there a religion where, after death, you can get reincarnated as a wooden spoon? If so, I might enrol…..

  12. I know what you’re implying with that wooden spoon, little Missy. If I had you and that wooden spoon in the same room I’d…well…never mind.

  13. Pic # 3 is very NAUGHTY..


  14. I adore baked cheesecake – will try that recipe yumxxx

  15. lick the spoon, lick the spoon…

    wait. don’t lick it..

    ok, lick the spoon.

    Very nice post, NM.

  16. So…is this going to be a regular Thursday Thing?

    • I might do one more at least. I just don’t want to get locked into anything again so it becomes a chore

  17. I am SO glad we are having a mahjongg party tonight.

  18. OK, so we’ve established that the “snaggle tooth” isn’t in your mouth…

    please don’t tell me where it is! 🙂

    • Haha… it was Stephen who had an adorable snaggle tooth – not me.

  19. Well that certainly got my souffle to rise.

  20. Looks wonderful! I like your golden topped final product better than the original.

  21. The cheesecake looks delicious but whats sweeter than that? The smile on your face. that brightened up my day.

  22. Cheesecake. Yum… (getting all hungry now)

  23. Nurse M! Laughter may be the best medicine but cheesecake is a close second. I am liking the new theme immensely.

    I also like that Donna Hay chocolate cake recipe that has the sour cream in it.

  24. If I dress like that, will my cheesecake taste delicious??

    I love it.

    • Oh I’m sure your cheesecake is more than delicious VaGB

    • I just checked out the Vodka and Ground Beef Blog..

      Cool site.. 🙂

      And hot chick alert. 🙂

  25. Oh my god oh my god oh my god….can I have some? Damn, (all) that looks good!

  26. I always cook in an apron – but I hadn’t thought of the stockings. Perhaps that is why my omelettes fail to rise.

  27. What a smile!!


  28. i don’t know if you know this or not but those pictures with the spoon and all could be construed as sexually suggestive. just saying. damn that cheesecake looks good, it’s making me hungry and i’m stuck at work with nothing but our third rate cafe.

  29. Ah, coquettes ala cuisine…I’d love to lick the spoon.

  30. Very sweet!

  31. I can confirm: tastes great, and the cheesecake wasn’t bad either!

    The King

    ps it’s the nicest cheesecake I’ve had in years actually. I’m considering it for breakfast.

  32. You have a beautiful smile

  33. The truth is that I’d choose cheesecake over corsets any day.

  34. Guess your son is used to your photo sessions, if my son had popped in to find me cooking in that outfit, he’d have been unwilling to try the cheesecake! Looks wonderful, and one of my favorite desserts.

  35. OMG … nearly so well like Friday :-))

  36. I have almost forgotten Corset Friday as I gaze at Cheesecake Thursday. And there I was thinking Boa Wednesday would replace Fridays. This Cheesecake takes the biscuit. X

  37. On taking a closer look at your photos I realise you have the same bench top stone as I have. It is very hard, yes? You can’t mark it if you try.

  38. […] by Nursemyra’s Cheesecake Thurday, today I present photos of last night’s dinner, Duck and Star Anise […]

  39. For the record the photograph with just the stockings and the apron is, quite possible, the most teasingly frustratingly erotically-minded photograph I’ve come across. My mind, body and soul all ache in unison with some of the things you can do.

  40. beautiful smile. denny appreciates teeth.

  41. oh, i missed this one! a little cheesecake served with the cheesecake. i *love* it!


  42. it sure looks plenty tasty!

  43. Whats the password to ‘more nursemyra (friends and family)’ again?

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