was there hanky panky at Hanko?

In Norway in 1934, Mrs Ingeborg Koeber was accused of drowning her father Judge Dahl at Hanko Beach. Several months prior to this impromptu dip, Ingeborg had predicted the manner of her father’s death while supposedly in a sleeping trance.


She reportedly heard him call for help and swam out to rescue him, bringing him to shore where he died in her arms. At the inquest, his deputy, Christian Apenes, told the coroner that in December 1933, he attended a Spiritualist séance with Judge Dahl. The medium was Ingeborg Koeber, who communicated a message allegedly from her dead brother, Regnar Dahl whilst in a sleeping trance. The message was that their father would die within a year, but that Apenes must not tell anyone this, including Ingeborg, who would not remember the message when she came out of the trance. The spirit also stated that the same message would be communicated to another medium, a Mrs. Stolt-Nielsen, who was to place it in a sealed envelope.

Judge Dahl

After Judge Dahl’s death, Apenes asked Stolt-Nielsen if she had received the message, and she produced the sealed envelope. Opened in the presence of witnesses, it contained the message, “In August 1934 Ludwig Dahl shall lose his life in an accident.” When these prophecies were revealed by the press, there was considerable scandal and controversy. Some people thought the mayor might have committed suicide under sub-conscious suggestion, others that his daughter had drowned him before bringing him back to shore. It was even suggested that Christian Apenes had hypnotized her and suggested that she murder her father.

The investigation lasted three years, during which it was revealed that the judge’s life insurance policy had expired on the day of his death. The court ultimately found that Judge Dahl’s death was accidental, but the his wife, who had suffered great strain, committed suicide before her daughter’s name was cleared.

image found here

According to Arthur C Clarke’s World of Strange Powers, the Judge had been a passionate believer in his daughter’s powers and wrote five books on the subject. Much of the family’s money had been spent on supporting and promoting Ingeborg’s strange powers and her mother had gone so far as to purloin funds from her work as a community treasurer. As she later wrote in her suicide note “My husband felt it was his life’s work to bring Ingeborg’s message to mankind. In doing so he took a great and unselfish task on his shoulders. But he was quite innocent of the demands of daily living and did not realise that our family economy was threatened.”

It was predicted that Ingeborg father’s death, and the sum of his insurance was identical with the sum which his wife had misappropriated from her office.

In researching this sad story I’ve had to rely a lot upon translations. In the interests of giving my readers a lighter postscript, here’s an example of what I found:


Much muffins:

In Købersaken that ended in the courts were dug up a lot of muffins. The autopsy of Louis Dahl showed a flaw in the neck, initially downplayed, it was fully focused on. Ingeborg had killed his father, conscious? But why should she? She adored the father even though he was also a dominant hustyrann.

Købersaken would also eventually be about money. Recorder’s wife who worked in his office had in fact helped themselves of the box. The amount proved to be the same as the life policy they got paid. Lay the motives here?


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  1. You’re a natural translator, I predict a great future for you. All sounds like a con job to me though, and the insurance…

    The King

    • Are you consulting your crystal balls?

  2. I must admit that I an’t get beyond the date of the death and the date o expiry of the insurance coinciding.. How strange!

    • Another site appeared to say the insurance ran out a month later… it’s hard to tell when you don’t speak Norwegian

  3. So maybe poppa loved his daughter so much that he would and did die for her.

    • That’s an excellent theory

  4. I love your images, you must spend a lot of time in finding just the right one!

    • It’s my favourite thing to do 🙂

  5. How are you, nursemyra?

    • Considering it’s Monday morning….. pretty good really.

  6. off to surf the ironing board… and extend the date on my life insurance policy, just in case either of my spawn are reading this…

    • I’d keep my eye on The Boy if I were you….

  7. I think dad offed himself in order to make her powers real assuming that the catch would be more than the insurance. Might take up surfing with daisy though

    • you and Bearman seem to be on the same page with that theory

  8. The hon. judge’s ear in that snap looks extremely odd. Come to think of it, his hair is pretty strange too… fitting.

    • I think he went overboard with the perm – looks like he needs to use more conditioner too.

  9. Obviously you’re not using Translation Party, which translates whatever you paste in there into Japanese then back to English then back to Japanese until it reaches equilibrium.

    • That’s hilarious! It even admonished me for omitting a capital letter.

  10. I’ve surfed a million waves on a thousand boards but I’m an ironing board virgin. Where do I sign up?!

  11. You’d have thought Annette Mills would have shaved for the photo…

  12. Those Scandalavians are fixated on their muffins – – –

  13. A dominant hustyrann? Well, I can clearly see she had motive aplenty in that case.

  14. This seem like a normal day in my household

  15. The timing of that is so sad. Terrible she didn’t live to see her daughter’s name cleared…or the picture of the lady surfing her ironing board. If it was only that much fun for me, our clothes wouldn’t be half-assed ironed all the time.

  16. i guess its best to be normal than to possess powers like Ingeborg, although i do wish i could fly and walk through walls.

    • I’d like the power to make myself invisible

  17. Could Roald Dahl himself write a more baffling tale? I have been meaning to make a pot of dahl for a while, this has inspired me.

  18. Man, I hate digging up muffins after court sessions.

    • I know. As if one isn’t exhausted enough already….

  19. Nice to see that picture of Muffin the Mule. Is it still legal in the Outback?

  20. That’s a wild story!

  21. I have no idea what a dominant hustyrann is but I like it.

    I think I would make an excellent dominant hustyrann.

    in a good way…..of course.

    • In Swedish a hustyrann (hustyrannen) is a family tyrant. A bossy-boots, at best.

      • Whoa, really? I was thinking something completely different.

  22. “Much Muffins” was a pet name I had for an old Sub of mine. I haven’t talked to her in quite a while. Thanks for the memories.

  23. I’ve always wanted to know someone with mental powers and, occasionally, to also drown my father.

    Ingeborg doesn’t realize how good she had it.

  24. Hi. I am including the Dahl case in a new true crime book that will be published in the UK by The History Press in July 2012. Is it possible to use the two portrait images as illustrations and if so do you have higher resolution copies? Many thanks.

    • The sources for the photos can be found by clicking the links below them. I do not own the copyright.

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