men who make passes at girls who wear glasses

It’s been a while since we’ve done a post on iridology


A typical iridology map divides the eye into sections, using the image of a clock face as a base. So, for example, if you want to know the condition of a patient’s thyroid gland,  you need not touch the patient to feel for any enlargement of the gland. All you need to do is look in the iris of the right eye at about 2:30 and the iris of the left eye at about 9:30. Discolorations, flecks, streaks, etc. in those parts of the eyes are all you need concern yourself with, if it is the condition of the thyroid you wish to know. For problems with the vagina or penis, look at 5 o’clock in the right eye.


Practitioners of iridology say there are three constitutional types of eye colour

The blue eyed constitution (“lymphatic type”), whose inherent tendencies include: irritated appendix; catarrh with exudations; eczema; acne; dry skin; dandruff; asthma; coughs; bronchitis; sinusitis; diarrhoea; arthritis; vaginal discharge; eye irritations; fluid retention.”


The pure brown eyed constitution (“haematogenic type”), whose inherent tendencies include: “Anaemia; muscle spasms; endocrine disorders; spleenic disturbances; poor lymphatic drainage; swollen glands; flatulence; constipation; colonic tumour; dyspepsia; ulcers; liver, gallbladder & pancreatic malfunctions; diabetes; auto-intoxication.”

Hide the brown eye

A combination of the two types, whose inherent tendencies include: “Flatulence; constipation; colitis; diabetes; blood diseases; gall-stones; liver, gastro-intestinal weakness with spasm; lymphatic constitutional weaknesses.”


And then there’s Sanpaku

Generally, there are two types of sanpaku. The first is yin sanpaku, white showing below the iris, which is very common, especially among drug addicts. Here, the iris floats upward, revealing the sclera below. The second type is yang sanpaku, white showing above the iris; here the iris sinks downward toward the bottom eyelid. This reveals a dangerous or violent character. Charles Manson has beautiful yang sanpaku eyes.


The macrobiotic philosopher George Ohsawa wrote a book called You Are All Sanpaku and dedicated it to John Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. Ohsawa said they were seriously sanpaku and thus suffered from impaired judgment that indicated poor health and premature death.


Yin sanpaku, or white showing below the isis, is the result of excessive intake of yin substances, such as sugar, refined grains, alcohol, and medical drugs.

Yang sanpaku, or white showing above the iris, comes from excessive intake of meat, salt, and hard cheeses, and from indulgence in violence. Yang sanpaku shows a character that is self-centered and bent on fulfilling its own ambition, something without regard for the cost.


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  1. don’t it make my brown eye blue?

    • oh no…. earworm….

  2. Phew…thankfully my hazel eyes avoid all those conditions.

    • That’s what you think….. I’m sending bschooled over for a look

  3. made me go check my eyes in the mirror ! lol

    • Did you find anything interesting?

  4. I’m squeamish about eye stuff. I could never wear contacts because it would require I touch my eye. I teared up while reading this.

    • Do you have yearly eye checks? as we get older there are many eye conditions that require daily eye drops. you may have to overcome that squeamishness eventually UB 😦

  5. Thank you, ma’am. I now feel thoroughly iridiated…

    • You’re welcome Coyote

  6. Oh man!

    • Which photo elicited that response?

  7. George certainly made a good call on Kennedy & Lincoln! I’d better start wearing my bullet-proof tinfoil hat from now on.

    • Can you make one for me too Kyk?

      • Gladly. Send me your measurements and five or six high-rez photos of yourself in the nude – for quality control purposes, of course.

  8. wood eye! harelip, harelip!

    (sorry. that was me pops fave joke.)

    • Ha! That was my Dad’s favorite joke, too…

      • My dad used to do the old “pulling the thumb in half trick” when I was little. It took me YEARS to catch on…..

    • P! where have you been lately? I miss you.

  9. I actually took an iridology class.

    I creeped my bosses wife out when I told her there was something weird going on in her left breast area. Turns out she had breast cancer…

    • Ok that’s it! I’m wearing dark glasses all the time when we meet up in New York next year

  10. I like those dogs with their “coverts”.:-)

  11. I have blue eyes. It appears that I have the ghastliest collection of ailments. At least it provides me with a good excuse to stay off work now. And I’m not fat, it’s fluid retention on account of my eyes.

    • Of course it is Madame

  12. How do you think we’re supposed to judge the world’s worst dictator – is it the one who is the best at being a dictator or the nice one, who is hopeless at being a dictator? Blue eyes are a genetic abnormality, by the way – at least that’s what someone with brown eyes told me.

    • Which one is the nice one?

  13. I don’t see anything in iridology – – –

  14. I’ve never heard of this before. No wonder my eyes have been so messed up lately! Those doctored photos are somethin’ else; givin’ me something to smile about. Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. I wonder what drizzled mascara, redness and flecks of glitter indicate?

  16. I may be critically ill! One eye is split, half blue and half green!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. In my research for holistic approach to drug/alcohol addiction treatment iridology has been presented as having contributions in establishing treatment protocols in addition to acupuncture, yoga, biomolecular, et. al., approaches. Parade Magazine is an insert to Miami Herald on Sunday. They’ve had the dictator thing a lot over the years. But I don’t understand what “worst dictator” means. Are you the worst because the other guys are badder than you or are you the worst because you are badder than all the rest of them?

  18. So I got the combo… bluish-gray eyes. I always thought the constipation was from the constant diet of meat…

    Also, girls in glasses: SEXY!

    • Off topic but I immediately thought of you when I saw it, Nursemyra…

      • 🙂

  19. Can I tell you from one nurse to another I like the way you think…especially when it comes to peni

    • Amie where’s your blog link?

  20. Auto-intoxication. That’s an interesting ailment…

  21. Malach makes passes and girls in glasses

  22. Blue eyes holding back the tears, holding back the pain … of exudations.

  23. “For problems with the vagina or penis, look at 5 o’clock in the right eye.”

    ok i’m confused. is it the big hand or the little hand on the vagina (or penis) that says 5 o’clock?

  24. All I need to do is look into my eyes for all the answers!!! Who knew it was this easy.

  25. I sport a killer pair of baby-blue eyes. Well, the color is nice, even if the eyes aren’t. Nurse, what color are yours?

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