Tone up that vag!

Marion Sayle Taylor was a broadcaster in the 1930s known as The Voice of Experience

The title of “Doctor” was applied to him at the suggestion of William Jennings Bryan when he was already well known as an adviser to the lovelorn. Bryan suggested that Taylor call himself “Doctor of Matrimony.” Taylor was careful never to give any medical advice— except to endorse the patent medicines which sponsored his programs: Wasey Products (Musterole, Kreml Hair Tonic, and a brace of nostrums known as Zemo and Haley’s CTC, for stomach acidity).


Before adopting the career of mass confessor, Taylor was a proficient organist. He was guest organist at the St. Louis Fair of 1904 but an automobile accident crushed his hands in 32 places and took him from the manual.

origami organist found here

So successful was his booming voice and his clean handling of sex problems that he employed 29 private secretaries, all male, to answer his intimate correspondence. In addition to broadcasting, Taylor had time to write 120 pamphlets on such subjects as “Facts About Fruits“, “Why Be Unique?”, “Why Take Your Own Life?”, “The Nudist Fad“, “Feminine Shapeliness”, “War of the Sexes”, “Square Pegs in Round Holes”, “Promiscuous Kissing“, “The In-Law Problem” and “Are You Afraid of Insanity?“. He also has a wife and a daughter, lives on Manhattan’s Park Avenue, with a private gymnasium in his apartment to keep himself fit.


The practical charity that Mr. Taylor does is enormous. From his own pocket he has paid for innumerable funerals, bought wooden legs and glass eyes, met rent bills. In 1934 alone The Voice paid for 413 blood transfusions and the hospital bills of 583 unwed mothers.


According to the Bureau of Investigation, he also sold a patent medicine known as Vagitone.

It used to come as a liquid but now, with a name change to La-Fon, it has been put out in powder form. He also sells a device that he calls Vagispray. M Sayle Taylor has appeared at motion picture theatres in connection with films of an erotic character. He has also given “stage presentations”  in which were used “living models” and “human charts”.


Taylor puts out an elaborate little book “The Male Motor”, a treatise devoted to the promotion of a device called the “Thermalaid”, a rectal dilator with a rheostat attachment.


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  1. Oh my, I think I’ll just stick with my undilated rectum, thanks all the same! Bwahaha!

    • Suit yourself Cindy 😉

  2. Aghhhh!!! All of those images will haunt me. The tendency not to give medical advice except to promote the medicines paying to endorse his program sounds a lot like the physicians over here these days. Those drug companies own the doctors, it seems!

    • Forget the other images, just look at the link below the origami organist…. they won’t haunt you

      • Very mmmm … “interesting images”.

        I think for now I’ll also skip “thermalaid” … HAHHAAH

  3. I would have appreciated reading those pamphlets. I want to learn Facts About Fruits and I’m definitely Afraid of Insanity. I also want to know why Many Men are Old at Forty. I’m only a few years away and need to know how to avoid it.

    • you can click the image to enlarge it Scott. The good doctor tells you all about it…..

      • Ahh I need more cranberry in my diet.

  4. “Are You Afraid of Insanity?”I would not waste my time reading this. My paranoia is based on fact not fear.

    • What are you most paranoid about Carl?

  5. Feel slightly ill now.

    • Just look at the origami

  6. That is one busy bee, but how do you break your hands in 32 places. they must have looked like a turkeys innards

    • My ex husband once broke his heel in 16 places. Apart from being swollen it didn’t look that different before they operated.

  7. although the fingered fingers were pretty freaky, it was ‘loaf woman’ modeling her colon that has put me off my breakfast…

    • I love those old anatomy dolls, would love to own one. Then again I’m a “nurse” so I’m used to that sort of thing….. 😉

      • Splutter-giggle 😉

  8. I always wondered what the PG was for. Wish I’d paid more attention. Now where can I buy that Thermalaid? It’s for a ‘friend’.

    • your local sex shop probably has a variation….. for your friend of course

  9. So what does Vagitone and Vagispray do? Seems like two different purposes to me.

    • you use the spray to make your vag sing in tune. well not your vag bearman, the vag of your nearest and dearest. A tuneful vag is very important these days.

  10. I see a man who capitalized on his early radio career. Good for him. Btw those fingers with more tiny sets of fingers are quite creepy.

  11. I love the pamphlet titles. I am reminded of Stanley Green, the sandwich board man who used to walk up and down Oxford Street in London selling a pamphlet “Eight Passion Proteis with Care” .. Basically less meat so less desire to fornicate… the killjoy!

  12. My aunt had a cat called Wasey (pronounced wayzee). She was name after the PR/advertising agency Wasey Campbell-Ewald.

    • That just makes me think of Royston Vasey

  13. “Square pegs in round holes” – that’ll be what the rectal dilator’s for then?

  14. Old prosthetics are fascinating to me. In some ways they are much more advanced, as we would expect. But in other ways, they are pretty much the same.

  15. Yikes, I don’t know about that rectal dilator, there must be a better way to change the light bulb in the fridge.

  16. I may be exhibiting advanced dementia here – or possibly just the fact that I live in Canberra – but why does anyone need a rectal dilator exactly? Actually, I almost certainly don’t want to know.

  17. Why, I found a Thermalaid just the other day at the thrift store. It’s a bit rusty.

  18. I can name a whole shitload of things that are better than a mustard plaster.

  19. That’s what’s missing from adult entertainment these days… live demonstrations. It’s like seeing your favorite rock band in concert, except all the fucking is on stage instead of behind it.

  20. VAGI-TONE!!!!! I love this idea. They should make small vagi-sized dumbells for this delicate area to really firm up nicely.

  21. Um…pass on the Thermalaid

  22. For a biography of Marion Sayle Taylor (my wife and I are working on) would be pleased to correspond with anyone who actually has (even rusted) any of the medical (devices) “quackery” which Taylor promoted. He spent 16 years in Oregon, much of it as a high school educator. His career as a sexologist and as radio’s Voice of Experience came later. Thanks for any help, Dick

    • I would like to be in touch with you! I am finishing a book titled How Sex Became a Civil Liberty and it includes a section on Taylor–the ACLU defended him–I obtained docs on him from the AMA too–I’m very interested in hearing about what you’ve found!

      • I’ll email you Leigh Ann

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