how to speak to aliens

Have you ever had a wild desire to control those pesky clouds that blot out the sunshine or cause rain when it’s inconvenient? T. Chase shows us how….

see more amazing clouds here

“I think I am a pretty good cloud psychic. I have found that to do this I have to speak in a low tone, and command the cloud to disappear or grow. I find it helps if I try to get excited and angry. And I try to speak in a low voice: “Cloud disappear”, with the word “cloud” sounding like “ooom”. And I try to turn my eyes upward.


This ability can also come in really handy if you are on a sailboat and there is no wind as happened to me recently. I was on a cruise and they said “sorry there is no wind”. 5 minutes later after a little chanting by me the wind was blowing strongly and the boat was gliding along fast.

Futuristic sailboat found here

Many have the ability. It is a gene. A matter of focusing the power. A relatively small percentage have the gene, under 5%, and most of them never try to use it. It enables energy flow to the clouds, faster than light in the 5th dimension. The energy goes through another dimension of space-time, refer to String Theory on this. It’s an exchange of nuclear particles in another dimension.


On August 31, 2009 I tried to send rain to Los Angeles and California which had been suffering from a severe prolonged drought from lack of rain. It took a while, but in January 2010 both LA and California saw major rainstorms occur.

T. Chase also recommends we read the books of Ted Owens. Here’s an extract from his “How To Contact Space People”

“In 1965, after I discovered it was actually UFOs that I was dealing with, they gave me a system to use to call upon them, just as if I’d pick up a phone and talk. They showed me, in my mind’s eye, a small chamber. Inside the chamber were two small creatures, resembling grasshoppers, and insect like, but standing on two legs. These creatures looked down into a large, round oval machine. In it they could see me. If I talked, they heard the sound, but the machine quickly turned the sound into symbols, then the symbols into very high-frequency sound which they could understand.

So, you say, dear readers, “how do I go about communicating with flying saucers?” Just by reading how I have done it, you can imitate the method.

The Si’s have told me that they put me up to this: giving out my secrets, which up to this time have been disclosed to no other human. For they wish to try to communicate with other humans besides myself. They have even constructed, in their own way, a sort of ESP channel or frequency by which this can be done by persons using my “chamber” method, with Tweeter and Twitter (the two strange insect-like creatures inside) in the chamber looking into the oval machine.


They have told me I am the first human since the days of Moses to be able to withstand the reception of their mental sending power. They have found other humans who were peculiarly adapted toward Si reception, through the years, but when they beamed or projected or whatever it is they do, the humans either cracked up or had strokes or cerebral hemorrhages that destroyed them.

If a UFO ever does come to you, force yourself to sit still. Put your hands out, palms outward, on the ground by your side, or in your lap. As it comes close, or as the intelligences get close, you may want to scream, and a sort of force or pressure may make you want to run run run. But if you can stick it out, you’ll meet the Si’s. I went through that ordeal one time, and will never forget it as long as I live. My hair stood up on my head; I could hardly get my breath; It was ghastly!

But wouldn’t it be worth it – to meet a Si ?


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  1. I’m spaced out on pain medication at the moment, so this was rather ‘trippy’ for me. Of course, I have never inhaled, so I wouldn’t know how it feels ;p

  2. That first cloud photo is one of the most astonishing things I have ever seen.Joni Mitchell or Carol King: “I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now…..”

  3. I’ve never had a problem in regards to wind…

    The King

    • But I am sure others have.

  4. digital cameras and cell phone cameras, in fact, have scared away all aliens. a powerful force. there have been very few sightings of UFOs once the population of earth had cameras always at the ready…

  5. I have tried his cloud-disappearing theory on politicians. It didn’t work 😦

  6. The I-mac and I like to stare at clouds, we don’t scare them away though unless they look like scary dinosaurs.

  7. I used to love stories about aliens… and then the X-files ruined everything 😦

  8. Daisy took the words right out of my mouth! Where the hell are all the UFOs now that we’re all walking around with the means to record them? Hogwash all along. Just as I suspected.

    • Better yet where were the reports of them before their were man-made flying objects?

  9. Off topic..

    Nursey.. Check it out. 😀

    • Hmmm…. it does look slightly exotic. But I don’t think it will catch on here

  10. Your best blog ever…

  11. They’re not that interested in talking to people, really. They just want DNA and tissue samples. Earth is a lab, a zoo. That’s why this planet has never been “invaded” as such. The caretakers are here, you just can’t perceive them unless they want you to. 😉

  12. According to String Theory, T. Chase is a bit loopy.

    • Only a bit? Completely disengaged from the trolley, I’d say.

  13. When talking to Aliens I utilize the Standard American Approach…. which is to say I adopt an attitude of mild annoyance, raise my voice and talk slowly, putting emphasis on the vowels.

    Great Post, Nurse Myra.

  14. And the final pointer to their coming from another dimension? Their ovals are round.

  15. I can destroy clouds by flying my parachute through them.

    It’s a game that some fellow skydivers and I like to play sometimes. Ten or twelve people flying spirals through a small cloud can disrupt it pretty quickly by changing the air currents within it.

  16. It was a Calvin and Hobbes comic that said the surest sign of intelligence life elsewhere in the universe was that none of it had tried to contact us.

    Also, one day I’ll figure out how tie up Nursemyra in the 5th dimension.

    • I’ll make myself available when you do

  17. Wonderful stuff! It’s a huge shame that the likes of the Aetherius society and the Raelians seem to be in decline….

  18. No problem for me, I am good friends with Storm from the XMen

  19. Aliens freak me out. Stories of aliens freak me out, I should say. Did you consult Marvin the Martian about this post? …Cloud formations, on the other hand, wow–we see some amazing ones here in Florida. Those are always stunning.

  20. Clouds are one of my favorite things in the world. Though how one would make “cloud” sound like “ooom” I don’t know.

  21. Always had wild desires to command heavy dark clouds to vanish during my bootcamp evenings. Hate soggy shoes.

  22. that’s quite a work! i luv that word “ooom” too. ;9. keep on!

    • Welcome to the Gimcrack Sana

  23. This explains so very much- like why my head hurts, for instance…

    • Hey Sal, I can’t comment at your blog now because it’s set to private 😦

  24. Do you think aliens write books called How To Speak To Earthlings?

  25. I’m into that “hyperbondage” cartoon.

    “Making your Ministry Contagious” HI-larious.

  26. This week at work a history teacher is on leave and he left a movie for his class to watch: ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’. Spooooky! Even more so with the 80s style tweed jackets and beards!

  27. HAHA!! Why can’t I stop laughing at this?

    I’m going to go outside right now and say “Cloom disappear” in my best Orson Welles voice.

  28. Good to know quackery is alive in well in 2010 also.

  29. Yep Ted Owens was a REAL Person with REAL Contacts to Space Intelligences

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