I must I must I must increase my bust

Back in 1977 Dr Richard Willard set about trying to increase the breast size of a number of women by mind power.


At the first session the women were taught how to relax their muscles. Subsequently, they were asked to do this and then to imagine that they had a wet, warm towel draped over their breasts. They were asked to imagine that the towel was making their breasts feel warm, or to imagine that a heat lamp was shining directly onto their breasts.

Once the women were satisfied that their breasts were getting warmer, they were asked to develop an awareness of a pulsation within their breast tissue. It was suggested to them that they should become conscious of their heartbeats and feel each new beat pushing blood into their breasts. They were told to practise this exercise every day at home.


At the end of the 12-week experiment, 85 per cent confirmed that a significant increase in their breast size had been achieved and 46 per cent reported that they had had to buy bigger bras. The average increase in breast circumference was 1.37 inches; in breast height, 0.67 inches; and in breast width, 1.01 inches. Most women reported that by the end of the experiment they could feel warm blood flowing into their breasts simply by thinking about them.

Do you remember when queenwilly and The King gave me a Mark Eden Bust Developer?

I don’t know if it’s any more effective than imagining warm wet towels enveloping my bathykolpian chest but it certainly worked for June Wilkinson


“They decided to make me the most publicized pin up and nude in the world so they hired Russ Meyer to take pictures of me.  Russ begged me saying I’ve got to have your breasts in my movies somewhere. He said I won’t show your face and I won’t give you a credit. So, for free and for fun one day I just did that one shot that shows my breasts where you can’t see my face. And, of course, breasts are like fingerprints…no two are alike. Everyone still knew they were my breasts immediately.”


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  1. Breasts are like fingerprints? Well, the best breasts certainly have fingerprints on them…

  2. I wonder if mine will shrink a bit if I think of cold dry towels?

    • Seems to work for men. brrrrrrr

  3. I’ve never understood that. Small to medium sized are perfect. Any bigger and their ruined by 30. Or they’re marred by a scalpel by 30 anyway, and who wants to pay for that?

  4. It’s a typo day.

    …they’re ruined…

  5. The most effective – and cheapest – way to substantially increase breast size is to rub them three times a day with good quality toilet paper.

    It certainly worked on my wife’s arse anyway……

  6. I remember a sign on the notice-board at a local shop advertising ‘breast enlargement by hypnosis’, always thought that sounded like a great line of work.

    I’m in the wrong job.

    The King

    • Oh I don’t know about that…..

  7. Well I certainly don’t know if I believe that just thinking about something growing makes it so. How does Dr Willard explain teenage boys? All they think about is boobs and making their willies bigger.

    If thought alone were making this happen the world would be full of men walking around with 16″ boners and women would all be F cups.

    Just Sayin.

  8. i don’t wish mine larger, but i sure wish i could lose a little of the “Marty Feldman” action going on… one is looking at Toledo and the other points toward St. Louis…

    • One of mine points to hell and the other one to heaven

      • hemispheric asymmetry makes the world go ’round.

  9. I wish all the ladies around here would consider the mind option before paying these crazy doctors to operate. We must have more plastic surgery and related ops here than almost any place on the planet.

  10. I wonder if it could help me improve the look of my nose…

  11. Personally I’m an appreciator of just a “good size apple” fellow. Not too mammalian and not Twiggy, just right. The police here where I live have been increasing their “busts” too. Much to the chagrin of the pot and hash smokers.

  12. i can only imagine warm, wet towel developing the nipples, nothing more.

  13. I will pass on the exercises The last thing I need is bigger manboobs!

  14. Does the same technique work on brains? If mine was a bit bigger, maybe I could keep up with those fiendishly plotted detective movies….

  15. In the late 1940s, my mother and her best friend sent away for a bust enhancer that was advertised in a comic book. When they got the package and opened it, they were mortified to find a rubber hand.

    • A rubber hand or a rubber band? That’s pretty funny either way Deb.

  16. The most reliable bust enhancer is pregnancy. Unfortunate side effect is enhancement of the abdominal region.

    • And the subsequent droop 😦

  17. Wow, will it work for me too?

    • Try it and see Malach. Report back when you have titties

  18. And have you been keeping up with your Bust Developer regimen?

    • Unfortunately not. I’m a little on the lazy side.

  19. I’m going to imagine more blood flow going to my brain. Then, more importantly, I’m going to imagine more blood flow going to my sons’ brains.

    • I try not to imagine blood flow anywhere when it comes to my sons 😉

  20. People will convince themselves of anything, won’t they?

  21. Mind over matter works every time.

  22. Having been cursed with large breasts since puberty I have not got the slightest idea why women want them so badly.

  23. Everyone still knew they were my breasts immediately.

    And we all wonder about that!

    Ladies, if they don’t harbour any cancerous lumps,stop complaining.

  24. In junior high, my friends and I used to repeat that chant over and over. Sadly, it only worked for “Busty Brenda”.

  25. Sidenote: Bust developers work. Denny’s a 46 CCC now.

  26. Wonder if I can will my ass to get small …

  27. Well you certainly don’t need that contraption for your breasts but I do find it funny that people fell for and still fall for these things. It’s like the penis pumps. Those don;t work. The whole thing is silly but people will try anything.

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