ginger up your apple cake

Last night I made apple, ginger and creme fraiche cake to take to my weekly mah jongg game. queenwilly lent me this beautiful floral apron for the occasion….

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  1. Pretty fabric (*)(*) hope you enjoyed the game.

  2. What lovely cakes (ahem…)

  3. Only you could make an apron look sexy!

    So tell me; do you have a recipe for a good potato, bacon and cheese soup? Can you come over and make it?

  4. looks yummy

    oops! watch out for splatter, got a little on you

  5. Those are no cup cakes… :p

  6. It’s a good thing you weren’t frying anythign in hot oil.

  7. What came first? The chicken or the egg?

  8. Jesus Christ… This food stuff is even hotter than the corset thingy..

    Any chance I get some lovin if I ever make it back to Australia?


    Keep on doing what yer doing because there ain’t many 40 year olds as hot as you..


  9. It is very helpful that the lady illustrated step by step instructions on how to prepare the cake. Kindly keep me updated re her kitchen wizardry.

  10. such a delicious dish! oh, and “Ginga!”

  11. Hey! I thought you were through with this sort of thing?! Imagine my delight, surprise and, most of all, relief.

  12. A beautiful apron it is nusey!

  13. Very pretty apron, nice looking apple cake too…

  14. I’ve never had Ginga Apple cake and i don’t like apples but i believe i would eat yours. 🙂

  15. I love Fridays.

  16. I love how it almost fits, you sneaky devil. I always knew you cooked. 😉

    And here I was just cordially letting you know that I’m toiling to keep up the corset tradition. Oh, and there’s one you might like in the post before this one:

  17. […] nursemyra, that minx who started the whole corset conundrum by stopping her Friday awesomeness, is heating up her kitchen with an apron this week. Can she cook, or […]

  18. Definitely cookin’ in the kitchen!

  19. Umm, wait – there was a cake?

  20. Mmmmm…..CAKE!!!!

  21. You didn’t need ginger to spice up that cake!

  22. Honey, you need to be VERY careful when bending over reaching in the oven in that outfit! We wouldn’t want to see any burn scars on any of that too too lovely flesh. What a beautiful apron. That peekaboo breast isn’t bad either. . .

    • That cake looks very delicious too.

    • Daddypapersurfer would love this cake! It actually calls for gingernuts in the recipe!

  23. Gingernuts!!!!!

    I am concerned about several Health and Safety issues here though ….. I’ll need to study the evidence a little further ….. *looks up baking/nipples/frilly knickers/floral patterns*

  24. …hey gal that fabric fit cool on one of my boards…

    -I like the 3 and 7 pictures
    6 looks like plastic surgery

  25. I would watch a Nursemyra-hosted cooking show every day, multiple times a day.

  26. MMMMMM – Pie

  27. Cake…

    Wouldn’t go deep frying wearing that outfit if I were you.

  28. Gee, thanks. Now I have to clean my monitor.

  29. It looks as though everything has risen wonderfully Nursey xx

  30. Cakes there were cakes in those pictures??

    I don’t know if I am in the mood for apples but I sure would love to eat some pie!!

  31. that cake looka very yummy !!!

  32. …and people say fruit cake is dull. Bah!

  33. Is this a regular custom around there? Australia rocks then :).

  34. Wow, you have pictures of my favorite fantasy.

    …and the apron thing isn’t bad, either.

  35. You expect me to maintain self control with these images.

  36. delicious and hearty

  37. I wear a lab apron and goggles when I’m in the kitchen. Everyone else has to leave. Safety first. 😉

  38. Love the photos a sense of kitchen heat mixed with loose fitting clothes. I noticed your kitchen cupboard knobs in the background. Believe it or not I sell those exact same.
    Woof xx
    Merry Christmas.

  39. This makes me hungry… for apples, interesting fabrics and you.

  40. I must say, on referring back to this post, I absolutely LOVE your cooking technique. Would that my kitchen were so blessed.

  41. I too have returned for a second look at your cooking. I love the way you always have one shot that has that little extra in. You are bursting beautifully out of your floral dress. Purrfect. xxx

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