we’re all going on a summer holiday

I’m taking a short pre-Christmas break in Hardys Bay. Five blissful days of swimming, eating, drinking, reading, sleeping, laughing and playing mah jongg. I may also use the time to invent a new cocktail, unravel the truth behind several conspiracy theories, take photos of aliens and master the art of walking on water. Or maybe I’ll do nothing at all…..

image by Stuart Townsend

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  1. Sounds good to me! Enjoy.

  2. How ever much you are paying for holiday, I’d recommend you upgrade re this “charming” little boat pictured unless you plan to add drowning to your itinerary!

  3. You’re in NSW? I somehow thought you were somewhere in the USA. Enjoy the vacation.

    • Easy mistake to make. I thought she lived in Cleethorpes which is very similar to Hardys Bay.

  4. miss you already

    have a marvelous time!

  5. Don’t forget the postcard in between all that running around…

  6. Have a great time!

  7. I hope you have a lovely trip and I hope you don’t miss me too badly while you’re gone.

    That happens a lot with the women in my life.

  8. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!

    Take me with you. I’ll be good. I’ll be the best boy servant ever!

    I need warm sunshine instead of this crappy cold and snow.

  9. Relax, Go to it!

    Enjoy your little mini holiday Myra.
    Merry Christmas.

  10. Bon voyage. Safe travels to you.

  11. happy holidays, gorgeous! hope you all avail yourselves of the beauty around you!

  12. Make sure you don’t unwind all the way or your head will fall off.

  13. “mah jongg” I didn’t know you were either an old Asian woman or an old jewish woman.

    • Neither!

      Funnily enough though, our Mah Jongg set is from the 20’s and is called ‘Royal Depth’ as that particular depth of tile was deemed to be the most suitable for old ladies of the court.

      The King

  14. Have a good ‘un young Nursey.

  15. I highly recommend mango as an ingredient for cocktails. Enjoy your break!

  16. sounds lovely….enjoy!

  17. Hope you have a lovely break. If you do master ‘Walking on water’ drop me line with instructions. It could be a wee bit wet where we are going camping. x

  18. dong nothing at all seems the purrrfect thing .. have a great time x

  19. That sounds wonderful. Have a terrific time!

  20. I’ll see you at the nude beach.

  21. It’s not summer here, I can tell you that. Have a great time!

  22. Do nothing at all. It’s an unbeatable choice.

  23. relax, enjoy, send pictures…the good kind!

  24. enjoy your break! 🙂

  25. I first I read you were taking a break in honor of the Hardy Boys.

    And I was intrigued.

  26. you’re going to need a bigger boat…

  27. …I had exposed to the name mah jongg reading A Christie s when I was a kid
    since then and from time to time I wanted to buy the stuff to learn how to play…but elusive here where I live
    but the other day I checked another PC that have the game…I played but seems a bit different than “analog” one…
    is there a good place in the web to find more info about it or learn?

    good trip!

    • Playing it on the web is NOTHING like playing it for real. There is a lovely ritual involved with “twittering the birds” and then building a wall and removing a kung shaped box from the middle of it – all this before the play even starts. The tiles themselves are very beautiful and tactile and the game is quite graceful.

  28. Nothing at all sounds good to me

  29. Have fun, nursemyra. Wish I got a pre-Christmas vacation… and it was in Australia.

  30. i am jealous! i need a break too.
    have fun nursemyra!

  31. Sounds wonderful!

  32. Have fun!

  33. Have fun, but it’s a shame you had to miss…


  34. Walking on water is easy you only need a raft.
    You have a boat so all’s good.
    Have a good one

  35. I love it when I unravel the truth behind a conspiracy theory. I would have thought the aliens had already taught you to walk on water…in something skimpy. Those pervs…

    Enjoy the vacation, M’Lady!

  36. Enjoy!! I will miss you 🙂

  37. A well-deserved seaside holiday, Nurse. Hope you had fun!

  38. Happy holiday, darl.

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