a daily ration of bacon

From The Bucks Herald, June 1911

A writer in a daily contemporary tells us that King George’s stock of fuel was recently enriched by two faggots received from the Corporation of London as quit-rent for certain lands.


If he cares to assert his rights, the King could gather in many more oddments, such as the annual bowl of porridge from the Lord of the Manor of Adlington, a bucketful of snow from the owner of the Foulis estate in Scotland and a garland of roses fron the owner of Crendon in Buckinghamshire.

Read about a different Lord of the Manor here

Then should he visit Aylesbury in the winter, the owner of certain lands in the neighbourhood could be called upon to furnish straw for his bed, and also for the floor of his room.

Bald hedgehog found at Aylesbury

And should he go to war at the head of his troops, the holder of the Corbet estates in Shropshire is bound to furnish the Royal table with a daily supply of bacon.

Bacon roses found at Daily Bacon

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  1. Ooooh, Bacon. Want bacon!

    • You should get exactly what you want Miss Dolce. Concentrate hard now…..

  2. ALERT: No bacon. No bacon. Had open-heart triple by-pass 2006. No bacon. No bacon. No bacon.

  3. While I’m a devotee of the bald look this preference does not extend to hedgehogs. Oink!

  4. I think a bald hedgehog would make a rather charming pet. I wonder if he misses the outdoor life or whether he reckons it was his lucky day when someone brought him indoors. And he even gets warm baths and massages with baby oil. One blissfully pampered hedgehog.

  5. That hedgehog looks like a mutant snuggy.

  6. Poor hedgehog. We need to take a stand against those women wearing hedgehog fur.

  7. You had me at bacon!! Love the stuff, how you find all of this incredible historical information is beyond me.

    • By limiting my interaction with the world outside and by reading lots and lots of books

  8. Bacon roses are the only roses worth giving or receiving.

    • When is Tag Larkin going to present me with 2 dozen?

  9. The not-wife is a vegan. If I tried to say IT with those flowers then I would be in deep, deep trouble!

    • Best say IT with tofu then

  10. Ha! Only you could start a post with faggots galore and end it with bacon roses…

    • …. and in between I’m practicing my Gaze. In a non local reality kind of way.

  11. Poor little hedgehog. I feel a strangely maternal instinct creeping over me.

    • You’re back! I must pop over to see how the huskying went.

  12. We have faggots (of wood) all over the place here at The Havens. Mmmm. Bacon.

  13. See, now I have to read “Faggots Galore”

  14. Would you like some tips to lost weight?
    Go on http://comoemagrecer.tk

    • Maybe after I’ve eaten my share of bacon roses.

  15. That could give a whole new flavour to Rose Hip Wine – – –

    • What? A bacon infusion?

  16. Even though I’ve just watched Withnail & I twice, I have no way to fully calculate this post.

    Nevertheless, it was great fun!

  17. Love the bacon roses! I’d like me some cheesecake tulips, too.

    • And some pavlova pansies for me please.

  18. I feel bad for the hedgehog but he’s adorable without spines!

  19. It’s good to be the king. When I go to the neighbours and demand bowls of porridge they all smile and talk to me really, really slowly, but to date I have received not one bowl of porridge from any of them!

  20. Hungry.

  21. I could eat bacon 7 days a week. Unless you were around, I mean.

  22. It’s BACON!!! I love Gilbert Gottfried’s voice. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ug_iluxQ1IQ

  23. Spineless!

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