the tooth fairy grows a beard

Does your local dentist charge prohibitively expensive fees? Who cares if he went to University for 5 years and has a framed degree hanging on his wall? There are cheaper ways to obtain a mouthful of pearly whites.


“50-year-old West Virginia evangelist, Rev. Steve Jones, who describes himself as “an interdenominational Christian,” will pray for the sick and lame, but it’s cracked molars, crooked teeth, toothaches and amalgam fillings that he believes are his calling.

Since he began praying for teeth in 1987, the former coal miner and amateur boxer says he has seen crooked teeth straighten in slow motion, cracked teeth heal, and blackened amalgam fillings turn to silver and gold.


He has practiced his orthodontic ministry across North and South America, Europe and Asia. There is no charge to hear Jones preach, but assistants pass out envelopes and ask the worshippers to make a donation toward gas money.


“I have seen some things that would make science realize that there is a creator,” Jones told the crowd, his half-tenor, half-baritone voice now so loud that the speakers distort it. “Especially when you watch teeth move in slow motion and straighten; especially when you see God create things that wasn’t.”


Sarasota resident Leann Schlabach came to the revival hoping Jones would heal her cracked tooth. “It feels better now; it was very sensitive before,” she said afterward.

Another Parrish resident was sure something had taken place in his mouth. “I came expecting it to happen,” he said. “When he prayed for me, I felt the right side of my face go numb.”

Afterwards the crowd filed slowly out. For some of them, Jones said, a miracle may already be in motion. “Healing doesn’t always happen there and then,” he said. “But it could happen when they’re in McDonald’s the next day.”


Dr Willard Fuller also miraculously heals teeth, as shown by the testimonials below

For the past 43 years, this man of faith has traveled throughout all of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Russia and Australia, ministering to the needs of those who are seeking truth. 40,000 dental healings have manifested as a result of his ministry.


“During Rev. Fuller’s hands on healing services, I have personally seen teeth move, silver fillings turn to gold, facial bone structure of the jaw move and shift into alignment, gold crowns appear and existing fillings disappear. This healing experience comes with my highest recommendation.” -Barbara Waterhouse, Minister, Center for Creative Living, Ashville.

“We watched as cavities filled, old fillings turned to gold, crooked teeth became straight, and gums healed, right before our very eyes. Michael Beckwith, Minister, Agape Church of Religious Science, Santa Monica.

“This man is a veritable traveling tooth fairy.” -The Toronto Star (Canada)


Don’t despair if Willard doesn’t have plans to minister in your neck of the woods though. Just send him a 3″ x 5″ index card with a list of your needs on it and he’ll heal you remotely.

Send the card, with a self addressed stamped envelope to:

Lively Stone’s World Healing Fellowship

P.O. Box 396

Lloyd, FL 32337

Expect good things to happen, plus a letter from the Lively Stone’s Fellowship.

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  1. Another scamster “chewing” out a living. He sure takes a bite out of their wallets too.

  2. Hallelujah, I’m off to the post office. *gnash*

  3. Oh how I wish this was true… but I’m not that gummable… I mean gullible…

  4. “orthodontic ministry”
    Maybe I have heard everything, maybe I have.

    • No, there’s more to come…. 🙂

  5. “…something had taken place in his mouth…I felt the right side of my face go numb…”
    A typical Saturday night for many people.

  6. RADCL – rolling around in the dentist’s chair laughing!

  7. My miracles always happen in McDonalds.

  8. I’m with Bearman. There are some classic lines here- “especially when you see God create things that wasn’t.”

    I’ve always dreamed of having someone with that level of language skills in my mouth!

    • You might want to rephrase that comment *grin*

  9. i wonder what he could do to my baby teeth.

  10. the last time i was in a McDonalds, something happened inside my mouth. but it wasn’t a miracle…

  11. Well we’ve always suspected that they believed in the tooth fairy, now there’s a bit of truth at last…

    Love the Jesus image!

    The King

    • I thought you’d like the “godjesus” image too

  12. I might just bite a brick to see what the good reverend can do for me…

  13. I want a crown of eternal life.

    • Charles, try as I may, I still can’t leave comments on your blog 😦

  14. “You know the drill.” ROFL

  15. Gold crowns appearing. Wow. My dentist should study with this guy.

    I wish I was as witty as all your other readers! So many wonderful comments that make me laugh every morning — I wouldn’t miss this community for the world!

    Thank you EVERYONE for making my day one that included chuckles, snorts, and outloud guffawing.

  16. You know I hate posts about teeth ….. *wistful sigh*

  17. I wonder if Mr Fuller’s talents extend to recreating a full set of teeth and making dentures redundant? Or is that a bit too much even for the miracle-working reverend?

  18. Thanks for posting this. Strange though that no faith healers choose proctology as their specility…

  19. I´m not kidding, NM. I saw a local here in Nicaragua wearing the silver ones with the fangs. The only difference being that they weren´t as ¨blingy¨.

  20. Yes yes tooth quacks all funny weirdos. BUT CORBIN BERNSEN in a horror c-grade? I thought he was a real actor. He must have acquired a mortgage much too big during ‘LA Law’.

    • Yeah, he’s slipped from his usual B-

  21. no man Nursie. Nightmares!

  22. If you’ve seen my Latest post you will know I’m beyond healing.

    Any suggestions ?

  23. But can Mr. Healer Man produce vagina dentata? Now that would be a feat to behold.

  24. The miracle of faith. Sela!

    And God said …

    Go forth and eat all manner of honey and sugar, for I love you, and I will bring forth dentures, implants, and foods that you can gum. Drink and be merry, take up smoking, exercise is for sinners! Have not a thought in your head. Fart proudly.

  25. Not a surprise Nurse. Look at the success stories re homeopathy, iridology, reflexology, magnetic mattresses and bracelets. Its called the placebo effect…and it works.

    • Have you got any illegal placebos? Just a handful will do, I’m pretty susceptible

  26. I love the way the guy covers his tracks by saying that this might be “the start of healing”, and the true outcome could come later. Maybe after the person sees a real dentist?

  27. Wow. Maybe he could cure me of grinding my teeth. That would be nifty!

  28. Okay, picturing teeth moving around a mouth in slow motion has given me a hard core case of oogie woogies here.

  29. I wonder if there are any “faith based” plastic surgeons that do miraculous rhinoplasty, boob jobs, etc.

  30. Figures that he’s from Florida. Good grief.

  31. Pray for the well being of my teeth nurse and I shall pray for yours 😛

  32. Well, I’ve been looking for a way to cut back on dental insurance.

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