Khashoggi’s cosmos

Adnan Khashoggi was once touted as the richest man in the world, which was probably an exaggeration, but he certainly knew how to spend.

High above the clouds, Adnan Khashoggi’s DC-8 is cruising noiselessly toward his estate in Marbella, Spain. His guests, sipping 1961 Chateau Margaux from crystal goblets, lounge on the jet’s cream-colored chamois-and-silk banquettes. His masseur, his valet, his barber and his chiropractor — they accompany him everywhere — are relaxing as well because “A.K.,” as he is known to his employees, is fast asleep on the $200,000 Russian sable spread covering his 10 foot wide bed in one of the plane’s three bedrooms.


In the plane’s fully equipped kitchen, Khashoggi’s chef is preparing hors d’oeuvres. They will be served on white china, embossed in gold with the letters AK, designed, along with the crystal and flatware, at a cost of $750,000. The plane, which Khashoggi bought for $31 million and had reconfigured for an additional $9 million, has the streamlined and futuristic feel of a flying 21st century Las Vegas disco. In the sumptuous lounges, digital panels indicate the time and altitude, and electronic maps chart the jet’s current position. Inside a coffee table, a color monitor shows a view of the ground. Built into the ceiling is an elaborate electronic map of the cosmos, a 50th-birthday gift to Khashoggi, who is fascinated by astronomy. One by one, against a dark background, the outline of the constellations lights up, the tiny stars winking against the blankness. Aquarius . . . Cancer . . . Gemini . . . Then there is Leo, Khashoggi’s birth sign, and as the constellation brightens, a small image of the round-faced, mustachioed Saudi Arabian arms merchant and businessman flashes on and off, on and off.


Fantastic parties are a Khashoggi signature. Christmas was a simple tea compared with his 50th birthday fete in 1985, at which he entertained more than 400 guests at a three day extravaganza. His birthday cake, a model of Louis XIV’s coronation crown, was created by a chef who was flown to the Louvre to study the original.

Moroccan pillow cake found here

Khashoggi’s parties also take place in his 30,000 sq.ft. quarters incorporating the 46th and 47th floors of the Olympic Towers in Manhattan. Created out of 16 separate apartments, the abode has a pool that overlooks the spires of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.


His wife Lamia dresses according to the Joan Collins Dynasty handbook, complete with diamonds and decolletage. With her, as with her husband, more is definitely more. Her idea of casual is to wear a one-inch ruby-and-diamond ring with matching ruby earrings. Her 40- carat diamond wedding ring covers the lower half of her ring finger. She asserts that size does not matter. “It’s the sentiment that counts,” she says.

Lovely Lamia found here

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  1. I now want many dresses like that in my wardrobe – do we have the designer’s name?

  2. Arms dealer! What a scumbag!

    • Ooh! My comment went through! Seems my phone wants to play again!

      • Ooooh Syncy! so delighted to see you commenting again. Really looking forward to our catch up next week xxxxx

  3. Anyone know where I can get a Moroccan Pillow cake at 2am? I’m having a sudden craving. It needs to be chocolate, obviously.

    • Oh I could probably whip one up for you. Does it have to be red and white? I’m all out of cochineal.

      • Thanks, but I’m kind of caked out at the moment — last night I had a really vivid dream that I was eating a Moroccan pillow cake. It was great, but when I woke up, all my Moroccan pillows were missing.

  4. I would have to have a pool on my jet.

    • Of course you would Your Majesty

  5. With rewards like this at the top, is it any wonder why we will never be done with war?

  6. Cool hat but the dress pattern looks like wall paper for the ladies room.

  7. Wow, I never realised just how serious the French aristocracy were about dentistry.

    • I have to admit defeat Kyk. I have no idea what this comment means…..

      • Something to do with getting a very large crown put on one of your teeth. eg Mon dieu! I have mangered too much of les coissants! My teets ‘ave pain, much pain. Le Dentiste: you will need a crown put on that. Loius: Mais, je already wear a crown!

  8. So the size of the sentiment really does matter!

  9. All that astonishing wealth (and a nice Manhattan pad) but is he happy? I honestly don’t think I’d trade places. Can you imagine the flys that are buzzing around his dung heap of money?

  10. what an ugly dress in the last pix!

  11. looks a lot like the MD-88 i was on a couple weeks ago… we only pretend commuter flying is rough to get your sympathy.

  12. Yes, I’ve always said it’s the size of my sentiment that counts

  13. Is he looking to adopt???

  14. “size does not matter” Just as well, since she’s half a head ahead of him.

  15. I just want to see it all, just once. (not a warmonger, you do understand …)

  16. “decolletage” …. what a lovely word …. *sigh*

    • One of my favourites too

  17. Jeez, as you say, how the other half lives. People who flaunt their wealth like that while others are scratching around for the next meal make me despair of humanity.

  18. The great Dolly Parton quote springs to mind…

    “It costs a lot of money to look this cheap.”

  19. No matter how much money he has, he’ll never have a name that people can spell when he rings up a call centre.

    • Ain’t that the truth?

  20. One should never leave home without one’s chiropractor. All those bumps and rattles on my bus route would give anyone cause for a little adjustment.

  21. Nice cake. I had to make a cake last week. My first time working with fondant. It worked out (could have been better though). It would be cool to try something like that pillow cake. The unfortunate fact of the matter though, is that I can’t eat this stuff. Legitimately, in order to experiment with cake baking, I need to find someone to eat large quantities of it and pay for the stuff.

  22. They look like they’re not even 5 feet tall in that last photo. Like they’re rich hobbits or leprechauns. I guess they save a lot of money on overhead…

  23. I was really hoping the article would go on to say:

    Later investigators determined the cause of the crash was a rapid depressurisation due to stress fractures along the fuselage. It is believed the custom modifications had stressed the airframe beyond it’s design limits.

    The King

  24. Nice cake…however does that mean he’s a pillow biter?

  25. She asserts that size does not matter. “It’s the sentiment that counts,” she says.

    I don’t think I could afford to even look at her kind of ‘sentiment’.


  26. Gah what an obscene display.

  27. I always hear Emerson Lake & Palmer’s “Lucky Man” in my head when I read about people like that. 😉

  28. Great. The plane ride I’m taking tomorrow to Ohio – sitting in coach, of course – will just not measure up.

  29. I need a dude like this to give me a grant or something.

  30. The DC 8 Jet interior was Designed by Michael Reese. It was completed in 18 months by AiResearch Aviation Long Beach California in 1983. Many of the gee whizz do dads were manufactured by Jerry Fain, and Fred Sikes. I Played a significant role in developing all of the curved seating structures an integrating them to the airframe. It was a magnificent aircraft, a Palace in a tube if you will. The last I knew of it was that it was placed on auction in France (unpaid fuel bill)and its interior gutted, and ultimately outfitted as a cargo hauler for Connie Kallitas (sic) Flying Service in the early/mid ’90s.

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