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After enduring a heatwave last week, the weather turned cool and overcast as soon as Queenwilly, The King and I went to Hardys Bay for a long weekend. So no swimming but lots of mah jongg and spotting of kookaburras, galahs, parrots and bush turkeys. And this fellow with his magnificent camouflage

We also completed a rather rude jigsaw of a very happy cat. If you have both fish and cats in the same house I would advise you to keep a lid on the aquarium.

One other thing we did was play a few rounds of “If…. Questions for the Game of Life”. Your mission (should you decide to accept it) is to decide which two famous people you would sleep with simultaneously. Queenwilly chose Alan Rickman and Jeremy Irons (though ten years younger than he is now).

image found here

The King picked the girls from Chronicles of Riddick, a film I’ve never seen. They appear to be Thandie Newton and Alexa Davalos, unless he has such a thing for older women that he meant Judi Dench…..

image found here

I picked Jemaine and Bret,  from Flight of the Conchords. Originally I’d selected Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen but The King told me they’d probably spend the entire night just talking about music to each other and that wouldn’t do at all

image found here

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  1. I like soft pillows and comfort so it would have to be Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum …… might have to buy a larger bed though and get permission from the TG ….

  2. The stick insect! I’ve encountered them before!
    No swimming due to a sudden change of weather? I’d be pissed.
    And well done, The King! Excellent choice!

    • This is the biggest one I’ve ever seen. Are they common in your neck of the woods?

      • I’ve seen a few in Goa…

    • Actually it was Christina Cox (what’s in a name?) who played the female mercenary I rather fancied. She also starred in an episode of Dexter causing Dex to say “What’s with you and all this raping, no-one’s raping anyone!”

      Still I wouldn’t kick Dame Vakko out of bed either.

      And Queenie took the photo of ‘Sticky’ as he was known. I repatriated him to the tree and he was as happy as Larry. An hour later I went to check on him and his camouflage was so good it was impossible to find the little blighter.

      The King

  3. Is that the girl from the original Planet of the Apes movie?

    • It’s Judi Dench

  4. That’s an easy one! Natalie Wood (circa West Side Story) and Nursemyra!

    • Oh aren’t you sweet 😉

  5. So the King likes to take photos of brown and sticky things, does he?

  6. I’ll give the stick insect some advice…if you want to stay hidden, stay in a tree or bush. But apart from that…how fabulous. If it’s a pair of celebrities, then I’d have to pick Monica Bellucci and Monica Bellucci. I know I’d have a fabulous time. I know it.

  7. this is tough, but i’d have to go with Reuben Blades (salsa singer/activist) and… gosh, this is tough. catherine zeta-jones, lucy lawless and/or geena davis (is there an Amazon theme here?)

  8. Yeah i guess Nursie and Daisy would really do a number on said victim and i don’t want to end up having to recuperate for months afterwards, off the top of my head, Helena Bonham Carter and Shirley Manson of Garbage, that sounds like a good night.

    • Shirley Manson – Yes!

  9. Johnny Depp and his twin brother, would be fun.

  10. What a cool walking stick!

    My nephew keeps having his muscle magazines sent to my house. I wish he wouldn’t.

  11. Wow I never knew how good Judi Dench looked

  12. I couldn’t possibly sleep with two people simultaneously. My loved one should have my undivided attention, not to mention my undivided energy. And suppose the two bedmates got bored with me and decided to sleep with each other instead?

  13. Fran Kelly and Michelle Grattan (as I already wake up with them every morning!)

  14. The men I like are dead! And they wouldn’t like (or need!) any competition.
    Anthony Quinn and Robert Mitchum. Yes, I am ancient.

  15. Diane Lane and Cheryl Ladd.

  16. Love the Phasmid (stick insect) but they do get a lot bigger.

    My choice would be Christina Hendricks (she played Saffron in Firefly before taking on the role in Mad Men) and Morena Baccarin (Inara from Firefly). Yes, I’m a geek!


  17. I wouldn’t mind being sandwiched between Diane Kruger and hayden panettiere

  18. Nice walking stick! Sounds like a lovely weekend, despite the lack of swimming.

    As to the famous people, my tastes tend to be somewhat mercurial. Whatever my answer was today wouldn’t be likely to be the same next week. 🙂 Many good suggestions in the comments though. This week I’d start with Robert Mitchum & Michael Madsen. Maybe next week Cate Blanchett & Myrna Loy…

  19. Lucy Lawless and Kylie Minogue… if only for the inherent comedy of their height difference.

    • Inherent comedy indeed

  20. Lucy Lawless and Latika Bourke (Aus journo and ABC social media guru) although I don’t think my stick insect would measure up!

    Hmmm – I watched Carry on Camping last night – Bouncy Babs Windsor would be an interesting reserve – – –

  21. This sleeping with the famous bit….you Aussies are a bit straitlaced aren’t you? Why not mix and match a bit: like, Sonny and Cher, Michael and Susannah York, Ike and Tina Turner, Eric Sykes and Hattie Jacques……oh well, perhaps not!

    • Ike and Tina? I wouldn’t want to be between those two when they were having an argument.

  22. *goes of to search for an online store that sells rude jigsaw puzzles*

  23. I find it much easier to think of who I wouldn’t sleep with

  24. Dame Judi needs a royal bath!

    • I think she looks pretty good dirty 😉

  25. Thandie Newton is a VERY hot piece of ass. She was in Run Fatboy Run and some other mobster film.

    Good choice.

  26. It’s reassuring to know that someone shares my sexual attraction to Alan Rickman. Mmmm.

  27. I choose….Terence Stamp & Hugo Weaving.
    (ok….it’s no secret that I love priscilla)

  28. Hmm… I once lived with a roommate who had a large aquarium from which the fish used to disappear. The mystery was solved one day when we saw her large orange tabby slip in from the back and, in the little space that wasn’t covered, dip in his paw and take a fish as skillfully as any bear at a stream.

    Don’t think the fish ever did that with him, though. Perhaps the neutering made a difference?

  29. I approve heartily of your choice of Jemaine and Bret. Me — I’d have Terence Stamp and … just Terence Stamp, thanks.

  30. A young Raquel Welch and Dame Helen Mirren… though and older of either would be hard to pass up.

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