surprise sunday

Well I did say I was done with Corset Friday but Scott mentioned that he missed the tingle it used to give him and then I found that the lovely L C Aggie Sith had posted a stunning tribute so I had a root around in my corset drawer for old times sake…..

the arse shot is for queenwilly’s husband to make up for us (almost) always beating him at the crossword

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  1. You know, I just wandered over here to see if Nurse Myra was up to anything and lo and behold! Look what was waiting for me!

    I don’t have anything half as titillating in my own wardrobe but I do like the word “titillating” and I’m going to slip it into conversation every chance I get. At least until something slightly more rude-sounding comes along …

  2. Style says “Miami, Florida”

  3. Very nice and perky, Dear. Did you decorate the jeans or buy them like that?

  4. I’m 100% hetero so when I say “lovely” you may know I mean it.

    • As am I and when I say “corrrrr” you can believe I mean it 🙂

      • Or when i say, wow they look just like mine you know i mean it. 😀

  5. This afternoon, I was just thinking about those Fridays. Well, something is always better than nothing!

  6. Well that is a nice surprise (and tribute).

    Suitably beaten.

    The King

  7. Very stylish and up-to-date.

  8. Thanks, darlin’. The heteros in this country “salute” you properly as they appreciate your figure.

  9. Am I glad I did the tribute now!!

    Love the lace and the hearts!!

  10. Thanks for the bright sunny sunday surprise! LOVE those jeans with the corset! says “Spring” even though you’re already into autumn!

  11. yes jeans and perfect body made me most envious – (which in girl-language is always meant to b a compliment!)

  12. Your photos would make a beautiful book (what coffee table couldn’t use one)?! They’d make really nice drawings/paintings/mixed media pieces, too…
    just saying… again…

  13. I have always been a fan of the female form. Glad to see you’re bringing back (at least in some small part) the good ol’ days!

    Keep em coming!

  14. Tis a great arse you have doll.

  15. Love this one. White, clean n sexy 🙂

  16. Oh my god you listen to my prayers! You look amazingly hot and beautiful and you just made my day!!! Love you!

  17. Crosswords and cute bodice in one blog post – swoon!

  18. 🙂

  19. You are too gorgeous! If I looked like you, I would immediately move to a nudist colony, NM! (Love the embroidered jeans. Beyond cool.)

  20. Those jeans…gorgeous! And you show them off beautifully!

  21. I love those jeans

  22. I didn’t get to this post until 6:15 in the morning on Monday and BOY am I glad I waited. Better than a cup of coffee.

  23. I think I just bit my tongue.
    In a good way though I reckon.

  24. Hurray for Corset Sunday, doens’t matter which day but it’s always a good day when it’s Corset Day.

  25. On corset Sunday, bums the word I always say . . .

  26. Very nice.
    Cool jeans too.

  27. That’s a bosom made for nestling up to, if ever I saw one!

  28. Strewth, the white heat of sexual provocation. I think I need a little lie-down after all that.

  29. I have informed LC of what her weekend-wicked hath wrought…

    And groveled imploringly that she do so again in hopes of a similar result. 😆

  30. Those jeans! THOSE JEANS!!!

    Oh, how I heart those jeans.

  31. If anything would get me to wear jeans ever in my life, having a pair like that might. I join bschooled: Oh how I heart those jeans. What is inside them is pretty choice too. . .

    Lovely surprise, Nursemyra. Thank you!

  32. Jeans AND a corset… nursemyra, you keep finding new ways to win my devotion. Delicious!

  33. Encore!

  34. I’ve only been visiting the site for a couple months and had no idea I had been missing out on Corset Friday.

  35. Lovely pix. Though really I’m only interested in your brain. Such a lovely brain, curvy lobes.

  36. All pert and perky. 🙂

  37. Glorious!

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