what happened to Percy and Jack?

Percival Fawcett was an archaeologist and explorer who disappeared around 1925

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Fawcett’s first expedition to South America was in 1906 when at the age of 39 he travelled to Brazil to map a jungle area at the border of Brazil and Bolivia at the behest of the RGS. Whilst on the expedition in 1907, Fawcett claimed to have seen and shot a 62 feet long giant anaconda, for which he was widely ridiculed by the scientific community. He reported other mysterious animals unknown to zoology, such as a small cat-like dog about the size of a foxhound, which he claimed to have seen twice, or the giant Apazauca spider which was said to have poisoned a number of locals.

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In 1925, with funding from a London-based group of financiers called The Glove, Fawcett returned to Brazil with his elder son Jack for an exploratory expedition. He had studied ancient legends and historical records and was convinced a lost city existed somewhere in the Mato Grosso region, a city Fawcett named “Z.” 

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Fawcett was a man with years of experience traveling with all the necessities, things such as canned foods, powdered milk, guns, flares and of course a sextant and a chronometer for gathering latitude and longitude. His travel companions, both chosen for their health, ability, and loyalty to each other— were his oldest son Jack Fawcett and Jack’s long time friend Raleigh Rimell.

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The last communication from the expedition was on 29 May 1925, when Fawcett telegraphed his wife that they was ready to go into unexplored territory. A final letter, written from Dead Horse Camp, gave their location and was generally optimistic.

Many presumed that local Indians had killed them. Both of the younger men were lame and ill when last seen, and there is no proof they were murdered. It is plausible that they died of natural causes in the Brazilian jungle. During the following decades, various groups mounted rescue expeditions without results. They heard only rumours that could not be verified. In addition to reports that Fawcett had been killed by Indians or wild animals, there was a tale that Fawcett had lost his memory and lived out his life as the chief of a tribe of cannibals.

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On 21 March 2004, the British newspaper The Observer reported that television director Misha Williams, who had studied Fawcett’s private papers, believed that Fawcett had not intended to return to Britain but rather meant to found a commune in the jungle based on theosophical principles and the worship of his son Jack.

Theosophist Madame Blavatsky found here

Before Jack’s birth in Ceylon, Buddhists and soothsayers had predicted that he would be born on the Buddha’s anniversary, May 19, 1903, one month later than the expected date of birth. They also predicted that Jack would have a mole as birthmark on his right foot, unusual toes, and that his eyes would have an “obliquity,” all of which turned out to be exactly what happened as per Fawcett’s article for the Occult Review. Thus, Fawcett believed the prophecy that his eldest son was a reincarnated spirit destined to become some kind of messiah. Fawcett wanted to deliver his son Jack to the “Earth Guardians” of the Great White Brotherhood…… 

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  1. Maybe naming the city ‘X’ would have provided better luck with that spot…

    • You may be right there Siggy.

  2. I once met a man who’d studied under Madame Blavatsky. He said that she wore white woollen bloomers.

    • Was that a question in the exam?

  3. I LOVE stories about travellers… I always wanted to be world traveller to exotic lands but I don’t like heat or mosquitos… so it’s the mall for me!

    • Too bad for you the trend these days is outdoor malls.

      • they still have the indoor air conditioned kind in Australia

  4. I like the idea of him becoming the chief of a cannibal tribe living out a life like Kurtz in the Heart of Darkness

    • I was going to mention he reminded me of Kurtz but you got there first. Respect.

  5. Maybe the 62 foot long snake ate them all.

    • That’s what I think!

      • I can’t begin to imagine what a 62 foot long snake would look like

  6. We have huge snakes like that in the USA. However, we call them megabanks and megacorps.They are eating everything.

  7. Sixty-two feet long? Why, that’s a small one! A 120-foot python ate my neighbor’s house last week.

    • Was it a gingerbread house?

  8. If I wanted to found a commune worshipping my unusual-toed, Buddhist-prophecy-fulfilling son, I’d choose a location with a higher Buddhist population than the Brazilian jungle.

  9. I saw a program about this recently (on PBS I think)–yes, it is a fascinating story!
    Thank you for sharing this with us!

    • Welcome to the gimcrack Scott. Is this your first visit?

  10. I tell you, it’s a jungle out there.

    • I like that song. It was the theme to a great Australian crime series called Underbelly

  11. Somehow I can’t believe that PF became a cannibal chief and enthusiastically embraced the idea of cannibalism. It seems much more likely that he was eaten by the cannibals and they found him jolly tasty. Well, perhaps not that tasty if he’d been existing on a diet of canned foods and powdered milk.

  12. Yeah, myra. You can’t go wrong with gecko toes.

    And what goes better with gecko toes than corsets…which I have…because it’s still Friday here.

  13. i find all of this so fascinating. which is odd, considering i never read history or research anything. that’s what you’re here for!

    Um, i just don’ tknow what was wrong with a person who’s like, yea, i’m gonna take off and go into an unexplored jungle.

    i mean, they’re kinda asking to disappear.

    • “History with a Twist” is my new motto

  14. Gecko toes are cute!!!

    Love reading about adventurers. Probably because I am too chicken to go face giant spiders while roughing it in the jungle! Yikes!

  15. Cool gecko pic!

  16. Does this mean he sacrified his son ?

    • No I don’t think that is what the article is implying

  17. I don’t know how they did it back then… I just read the beginning of Bill Bryson’s Down Under last night and came upon a couple of explorers who went missing in the wilderness.

    • Burke and Wills?

      • There’s a great book about Burke and Wills called The Dig Tree. I’d reccommend it to anyone.

  18. This was a man in serious need of therapy.

  19. A cat-like dog? I’m intrigued, as I like to think of myself as owned by two dog-like cats.

  20. Percy was a man of his times and gave an interesting alternative to what the Nazi came up with. Had he succeded he would have created another Jonestown and good ridence to them all. Unfortuately he was no better an explorer than he was an artillary officer.

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