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I’m about to go to the Blue Mountains for 6 days. It’s very very cold up there but I’m hoping my default colour of red will help keep me warm. This is a new corset, but in taking these photos today I was reminded why I gave up doing the corset friday blog posts – it looks like every other red corset I’ve uploaded over the years. And because it’s winter in Sydney, I’ve kept my red velvet trousers on too. See you all in a week!

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  1. This particular breed of garments would inhibit being warm in winter because they have a way of encouraging the removal of clothing.

  2. Have a great little break. Don’t freeze up completely 🙂

  3. Winter in the Blue Mountains is simply gorgeous, just like Nurse Myra. Enjoy the mists over the Megalong Valley and crackly log fires.

  4. Is this sexy? Of corset is!

  5. Oooh, I’ve come over here to check and just in time it seems! I hope you have a nice break up there. Where will I get my daily dose of kinky while you’re gone???

    Crikey, I wish I looked that hot in some lingerie which I’d put on over outerwear.

  6. Winter?

  7. lovely, as always! and the gloves are a delicious touch! have a good holiday! see you SOON!

  8. You just made my week and it’s only Sunday! I can’t even describe how much I’ve missed Corset Friday. That doesn’t look like all the other red corsets at all, not to me.

    For one thing this one comes with sexy velvet gloves.

    Hope you have fun!

  9. Have a lubberly time young Nursey! … and no, your breath doesn’t smell …

  10. All very red and lush…

  11. Have a fun time. Perhaps some thermal lingerie would be useful!

  12. Well, that outfit will certainly give the other tourists something to talk about. Unless you’re concealing it in a thick winter coat, that is. I covet the red velvet gloves, they’re fabulous.

    I was in the Blue Mountains three years ago. Give my love to the Three Sisters.

  13. Wow – you look gorgeous!! However, you may need a sweater. Have a great holiday!

  14. You’re wearing a corset? Sorry, I was too busy staring at your ample breasts.

  15. The gloves should keep you warm.

  16. I’m glad you have gloves on, best take a little jumper or two, don’t want to catch a chill. Enjoy yourself, girlie. xxx

  17. I hope you have a great time in the Blue Mountains. I love it up there.

    Lovely new corset and that’s a gorgeous picture of your face. x

  18. hope your trip was lovely.

  19. Red Velvet Trousers, i like it.

  20. Lovely !
    Have a wonderful trip !

  21. Reminds me of an art instructor who was very fond of saying it’s all about those “beautiful subtle nuances”. He was right.
    Have a wonderful trip, N.M.! 🙂

  22. You are so gorgeous it’s not even funny. If I were you I’d move to a nudist colony, or at least a corset colony.

    The Blue Mountains look like a fantasy land! So beautiful!

  23. Those are certainly some fancy pants. Nice gloves too.

  24. Too bad you weren’t around when poor old Superman was getting his undies and outers muddled.

  25. Love the gloves nursemyra. They should help keep you warm.

  26. Hey, tell us more about the tattoo….

    • It’s the Vietnamese word for Peace, I used to do some volunteer work in Vietnam

  27. Nursie, I thought of you when I saw this a mere two nights after your departure:

    Not only is it snowing like mad in the Blue Mountains but some people are taking their clothes off!

    • Oh my god how crazy was he? It was freezing up there (but we did have lovely warm fires)

  28. You are adorable!!

    Hope you’re having a great time….

  29. Ooooh those eyes. Seductive. Have fun!!!

  30. Hey, this is the first time I think I’ve seen your eyes. Nice outfit, very stylish and certainly something you should wear frequently.

  31. I’m told you always wear a corset when you’re writing your posts. Could this possibly be true?

    • Well it used to be true on Fridays but sadly no longer. Especially now that it’s winter

  32. Adorable… love the red.

  33. have an awesomely good time up there. i’m sure that, and whoever sees you in it will be enough to keep you warm!

  34. Aha!!! And I didn’t put up a single red corset on Friday.
    The gloves are, of course, awesome.
    And with the pants and the streak, it gives you that Ultra, Super, Lightning Babe look.
    I always suspected you were a superhero.

  35. […] UPDATE: Nursemyra in Red. […]

  36. You are so freaking HOT.. Keep working it baby. 😉

  37. It’s always a good idea to get yourself sown into red woollen underwear for the winter. 🙂

  38. Yep. Those corset photos look like all the others. So boring.

    And by “boring” I mean “hot.”

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