skewgee décor

Reading old issues of Time Magazine, it seems 1946 was a good year for interesting gossip

Gloria Swanson, svelte survivor of the silent screen and five marriages, survived a New York City taxicab crash that bowled one of the cabs over. Injuries to Siren Swanson: an egg on the brow, a skewgee décor.

Gloria Swanson in her monkey fur cape found here

John Jacob Astor III, 34, plum-shaped posthumous son of the Colonel and half-brother of Vincent, was having a time with the newspapers. They were breaking out all over with photos of a symmetrical 18-year-old girl in suburban Philadelphia, and stuff about her heartbreak. The girl, Virginia Jacobs, called him “Jackims.” He was supposed to have had her on the qui vive since she was 15, but now she could not find him. She said he had talked of marrying her and “going to Paris, where we’d have lots of children” —that is, if he ever got a divorce from Wife No. 2. He had been just too extravagant, Virginia’s mother told the newspapers. Mother had had to put her foot down: “Not mink, I told him. . . . He begged so hard, I finally allowed him to buy her a seven-skin beaver . . . $1,500. . . .” Suddenly the wind shifted. Said lovelorn Virginia to the newspapermen: “I’ve changed my mind.”

Bette Davis rocks a mink

Schiaparelli figured that women would be hobbled much of the time this season. “Nobody will be able to get out of bed before 5 in the afternoon,” said she. “There are practically no dresses designed to wear before that time. . . .”

hobble skirt found here

Paris’ fall fashion shows opened, and Schiaparelli’s outstanding contribution proved to be a bustle—a bustle on almost everything. Molyneux’s favorite colors sounded like sublimations: butter yellow, burnt orange, light mustard. Favorite couturière of the boulevardiers was doubtless Mlle. Alixt: she had daytime dresses with necklines clear to the waistline.

Sophia Loren found here

Princess Juliana of The Netherlands, mother of three, all girls, was again in an interesting condition. As a delicately euphemistic palace announcement put it, the Princess “for a joyful reason has to restrict her activities.” Stolid Netherlanders, under petticoat rule since 1890, started hoping for a royal boy.

Juliana curtailing her duties found here

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  1. Am I really the first one to leave a comment today?
    Why I’m suddenly as nervous as a seven-skin beaver…

    • Really? It doesn’t show

  2. Sophia Loren could still pull off that dress.

    • a fella wishes she would.

    • When Sophia Loren won the lifetime achievement at the Oscars she still looked incredible.

      • I think most fellas would like to have seen the young Ms Loren without a dress

  3. Ahhh – you bring back my mis-spent youth with a young Sophia Loren. She was my yesterday, today and tomorrow!

    • Sophia and Elizabeth Taylor held the world in their hands didn’t they?

  4. A seven skin beaver sounds painfully like a good time girl suffering fae eczema.

    • hahahahahaa…. Jimmy you crack me up big time

  5. Freddie Mercury was born in 1946…..and so would have been 65 this year and settling down to a retired life of pipe and slippers (NOT!).

    • A cigar and plimsolls for Freddie I think

  6. How on earth is that lass going to get that dress off if she needs a sudden wee? Very bad for the kidneys if you hold it in, you know!

    • I guess since it’s latex, she could just hose herself down

  7. That hobble dress looks like a filtering system.

    • like a car radiator or something.

      • or something is right

  8. A year for interesting happenings to be sure. 🙂

    • All years are interesting in their own way. this one seems to have had a lot of weather catastrophes so far

  9. I can’t stop scrolling up to look at Sophia Loren. She’s so HOT in that picture.

    • Yes, even though I prefer her as a brunette, i still think it’s a wonderful photograph

      • I think if you can successfully use distaff and skewgee decor in a casual sentence then a prize is in order.

  10. Hobble dresses AND the mighty Sophia in one post? That would be enough for me, but I now have the phrase ‘skewgee decor’ to use. Today is starting out right.

    • Have you managed to slip it into conversation yet? I failed miserably. Though I did use distaff correctly – to the consternation of several listeners 😉

      • oops, wrong reply button- put that comment above here and it’ll make a little more sense

  11. Do they sell those hobble skirts in Marks and Spencers? I may have to acquire one for work wear.

    • If you do, then please please please post the evidence on your blog

  12. It appears that Queen Beatrice resisted the charms of Schiaparelli’s hobbles. Do you think an employer would understand if you explained you couldn’t come in to work until after five, because you had nothing to wear but Schiaparelli? It’s worth a try.

    • How I wish I could get away with an excuse like that

  13. Sorry – not Beatrice, Juliana.

  14. Hobble dress is a MUST for my next evening event… and have to agree that the photo of Ms. Loren is just mind-blowing!

    • Let’s go shopping for one in NYC for our photo shoot

  15. Sophia takes my breath away. She can even pull off the hobble dress.

    • “Pull off” being the operative words for many of our male readers here (see P’s comment)

  16. Is that a blonde Sophia Loren? I may have to re-assess my allegiance to a young Bridget Bardot

  17. I’d never pay for beaver.

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