smiling has been outlawed

On Saturday I went to the Motor Registry to renew my licence. A very pleasant young Asian woman pointed at a chair and asked me to assume the position for “the taking of photo please”. I sat down and gave my best don’t-arrest-me grin to the camera. “Please to not do that” she said “smiling has been outlawed”.

So, no smiling in New South Wales then. Even when you look at these delightful entries for the Gimcrack’s Inaugural Cat Competition. Please cast your vote in the comments. And yes, you may vote for your own cat (entrants names are visible when you hover cursor over the photo – click to enlarge)

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  1. I vote for Milo 1 as he looks so grumpy.

  2. I’m voting for them all.

    • Me, too!
      Smiles all around… or… you know. Whatever is appropriate. 🙂

  3. Well, I’m smiling… and purring… they are all adorable.

  4. I vote for Scabbers 1…reminds me of mine when she sleeps on my bed.

  5. Forget high heels, sgtockings and all the other paraphernallia. As far as I am concerned there is nothing quite so sexy “on” a woman as a warm and sincere smile!

  6. Scabbers looks great!

    Cue illegal expression on face of doting parent.

    Tonight we caught him licking the duck fat off a pan in the kitchen while we supped – little bugger.

    The King

  7. Milo’s got cattitude

  8. I’m a little disappointed that you haven’t shown the picture that I sent you of my niece’s pussy – it’s very strokeable. But of the one’s you have shown, I like Hermione.

  9. Oh how do I choose? They are all wonderful. But the Teva and Isabel shot is lovely.

  10. I would be voting for Scabbers if it wasn’t for Scabbers in Harry Potter which is a very evil creature.

    I saw what our Liz Hurley has done to your Shane Warne so had an inkling that smiling was a thing of the past

  11. That’s what if forgot to do, send the picture.

  12. What?! No smiling?

    I vote for the cat on the shoulders. I’m a sucker for a man and his cat. 🙂

  13. Stunning felines all. The main reason I didn’t get an entry organised was because I thought one had to be photographed together with one’s cat.

    The Kira/Caliban is amazing, if I had to forced at bazooka-point to choose only one.

  14. It’s Scabbers1 for me. She just looks so sweet, waiting for her tummy to be rubbed.

    We’re not allowed to smile on our photo ID in the UK either. Apparently smiles confuse facial recognition scanners. So we all have to look like escaped convicts.

    • My current passport shows a homicidal maniac expression. Stupid, since I’m usually laughing.

  15. RTA is staffed by droids.

  16. I vote for Hermione!

  17. Seems like whenever one goes into a government agency these days, one must always be ready to “Assume the position”.

  18. Milo 1 has an indefatigable battered look that I can relate to so my vote goes there.

  19. I love Mallory but I have to vote for Hermione

  20. My vote goes to Hermione, cutest kitten of all!

  21. This is tough! I love my Huey Newton (aka sleepy kitty) but I sent a lousy photo. Mallory (and sweet Ruby), Teva and Isabel are known wonderful kittehs, too…. But I’m going with Jazzy.

  22. Smiling has been abolished here in the USA too. No smiling allowed when dealing with officialdom. Though when dealing with the Department of Motor Vehicles its easy enough to wipe the grin off your face.

  23. Good grief!!!

  24. You can’t smile but I bet they let you wear a full burqa.. Appeasement politics at it’s best.

  25. I like all of them, but Kira and Caliban might just swing it…
    or maybe Scabbers. ..hell! I can’t choose! [Ticks all boxes.]

  26. Teva and Isabel! They look so cozy. And kind of insolent in that cozy cat-like way. And they’re not smiling, because that’s not legal.

  27. I just can’t pick a Scabber.

  28. yeah, i’m going to have to go with Jazzy.

    and it seems that all of these kittehs could live in New South Wales…none of them are smiling.

  29. I vote for Scabbers – looks like the rudest one

  30. Scabbers looks enviously relaxed. Gonna have to go with that one. 🙂

    We aren’t allowed to smile for passport photos here in the US either.

  31. I vote for sleepy kitty 1 since he doesn’t even look real.

  32. I vote for Jazzy.

    (Even though we all know that I really vote for Teva and Isabel.)

  33. if you don’t let me smile, you’ll get a smirk instead.

  34. I admire your bravery. By posting these pictures, you’re risking being charged with Incitement to Smile.

  35. Hermione for me 🙂

  36. Well it looks like Scabbers beat Hermione by a couple of whiskers. And it means I save on postage with the prize as Scabbers is owned by none other than queenwilly and The King who live only minutes from my place.

    Thanks to everyone who entered and voted xxx

  37. What?!! You smiled? That’s very daring of you NM.. sinfully daring.

    A difficult decision but for some reason Jazzy caught my attention the longest! I’m kicking myself for not knowing about this, my cat Reggie aka Lucky Bastard would’ve won. I’m sure of it!

  38. I vote for Jazzy 1 as Jazzy is striking the usual feline “I’m being photographed” pose.

  39. When they outlaw laughter (especially at their ridiculous laws), it’s time for a revolution. Australia has never had a revolution, right? They’re great fun. You should try it.

  40. sporran2, paws down

  41. I’m going with Kira because I had two Siamese for 14 years and I have a soft spot for them. God, I love cats. I think I’ve finally worn my wife down and we’re going to get one.

  42. They’re all adorable!

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