Corsets in Chicago

Thanks to daisyfae, while in Chicago we stayed at the almost-too-hip-for-its-own-good-hotel, The Wit. Floor to ceiling windows on the 24th floor with gorgeous views of architectural delights. And two televisions back to back in case we wanted to watch different channels from the bed or the couch. Actually, I think we only turned the tv on once, most of our down time in the room was spent playing banagrams, sleeping and taking corset photos. We discovered  daisyfae’s pretty turquoise number on St Mark’s Place, NYC and my red leather lace up came from a vintage store in Chicago’s WickerPark.


the suite even came with its own chaise lounge

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  1. I’d say you two were stifling chuckles til the shutter’d clicked!
    Almost makes me wish I still had my old corsets… (actually, these days I’m more in need of them! ;-( )

    • Yeah, we were laughing the whole time. there’s nothing sexy about trying to take the photos, it’s more like a teenage girls’ pajama party

  2. Such a gorgeous red!

    • It was a fabulous find, impossible to pass up

  3. Lovely! Enjoy the holiday!

    • Thanks Kermit. It was great while it lasted but I’m home again now and back to work tomorrow 😦

      • Well in that case, welcome back Kotter!

  4. Fabulous! I’m so jealous of your ample cleavage (both of you). Enjoy the rest of your break!

  5. daisyfae is the one with the ample cleavage. Mine is definitely helped along with the boning and uplift

  6. Well those mammaries will last a lifetime.

    The King

  7. Oh Joy! Corset Sunday! Is this to be a new feature?

  8. […] has posted her photos from the Chicago session here.  Love the one of her sitting across the lounge […]

  9. Fabness to the max. Corsetry is officially reclaimed for the sisterhood.

  10. i’m wishing that we’d added a third city to the itinerary… could have used one more week away from reality! we’ll just have to do it again! xoxo

  11. as always, a delightful buffet of eye candy whenever you two get together. and it was a true treat to finally meet.

  12. […] already know the scrumptious Daisyfae, i also met–in person!!–the delectably delightful Nursemyra and the divine Rassles.  i look forward to getting together again, if possible.  but, even if […]

  13. Red becomes you nursemyra…..veh veh sexy.

  14. I do hope we get some sort of travelogue before normal transmission is resumed and hopefully it was all as fabulous as the photos are

  15. The red leather number is scrumptious. No wonder you found it impossible to pass up. Goes perfectly with those tantalising legs! (okay, Nick, calm down)

  16. Are you back? I want details!!

    ps. LuHUVE these corsets. They put my wife beater and sweat shorts to shame. (Then again, most things do.)

  17. I safest comment from an old buzzard like me is to just hit the like button and leave it at that.

  18. Wow!

  19. You guys look amazing! Now I know that you are amazing for real!

    I’ve never been to Chicago. It sounds really cool. I’ll save my first corset for Chicago.

  20. Aw, back to work. Oh well, from the photos it looks like a fun break away.

  21. Do all nurses wear red?

  22. You girls rock.

  23. If I start wearing corsets, it’ll be because of you ! Lovely red

  24. If, Jaya?? I’m definitely going to start wearing corsets!

    • I’ve been looking around, trying out a few, but somehow havent gotten the right fit yet 😦

  25. “daisyfae is the one with the ample cleavage. Mine is definitely helped along with the boning and uplift”

    Are you sure you want to leave that worded as such?
    I could have a field day with that!

  26. Shoot, I miss you guys already. I don’t think we spent nearly enough time together but I was afraid of imposing myself on you too much. Come back very soon. You’re just the right height.

  27. You paraded in front of the windows in your corsets? Bet there was an accident or two down below…

  28. Never mind the cleavage – how do you get the flat tummy?
    The last time I wore a corset was when i was preggers with my first son and had put on rather a lot of weight(4 stone)
    It was pale pink with laces – a real passion killer but great for back ache.

  29. I wasn’t too far from Chicago (for a brief amount of time), N.M…
    I could almost sense something special was in the windy air!

  30. I am so pissed I couldn’t make it to NYC or Chicago. Couldn’t convince Rassles to get a corset?

  31. Red and blue … so patriotic!

  32. What did you think of the Field Museum? You DID go, I’m sure. 😉

  33. I can imagine that the corset shoots were more like a slumber party! It just looks like so much fun, and yet I’m sure there were many moments of frustration as the camera timer went off at the wrong time….

    I am going to have to get me a corset. Really. I know I’ve been saying that for several years, but —

    Glad you had a great time, glad you made it home safe.

  34. ahhhhhhh! i’ve been mia and didn’t even know you were coming to chi. you know that’s where i am RIGHT???

    Never heard of the Wit, but sounds amazing…. will have to check it out. Dude, Chicago is awesomesauce. Best food. Best people. Great comedy. ugh.

    stay forever.

    • Noooooooo!! I didn’t know you lived in Chicago – shit shit shit. What a wasted opportunity.

      But you and Rassles should totally catch up

  35. Look at you lovely ladies. You are brilliant.

  36. How cute are you two? Very cute.

    The tops are great but oh, that leg shot. I’m correcting typos from the fingers of my trembling hands even as I tap this out on my keyboard. Yes, very pretty legs legs do that to me.

  37. I hope these continue, NYC or no NYC!

  38. […] daisyfae had to lace me into this corset in Chicago 2011 […]

  39. My God, you both look hot as hell!

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