the consolation of flowers

Sandra Patricia Jarvis-Daly was just 20 when she married the Adnan Khashoggi and changed her name to Soraya.

Soraya found here

“In an age when so-called celebrities sell kiss-and-tell revelations for fortunes, Soraya kept many of her most fascinating secrets to herself.

It took more than 18 years, for instance, before she broke her silence to confirm that her beautiful daughter Petrina was fathered by disgraced former Tory Minister Jonathan Aitken. (Petrina uncovered the link after noticing her uncanny resemblance to Aitken’s twin girls.)

Jonathon and Petrina found here

In the 1960s, as a bright and alluring 20-year-old, it was the chance to be introduced to Khashoggi, one of 14 sons of the King of Saudi Arabia’s physician, which allowed her to improve an otherwise ordinary life.

He was instantly smitten by her, and they married after a whirlwind romance. Soraya flitted between three London homes, another in New York, two Swiss apartments and a mansion in Marbella.

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During a torrid affair with Winston Churchill MP, the wartime leader’s grandson, she reportedly stripped naked in a car he was driving at speed on the motorway. Someone said at the time she could look a man into bed with a flash of her eyes and a flick of her hair. She and Khashoggi spent 13 years together but parted in 1974. Two more marriages followed for Soraya, one to a boyfriend of one of her daughters, another to a former toyboy companion of actress Britt Ekland.

In the 1990s, Soraya virtually disappeared from the public eye and found a modest existence away from the limelight. Then she and one of her sons took out a mortgage to buy a home in London, where Soraya is listed under a different name. She began to carve out her twilight career as a florist – and now they jointly run an upmarket flower company.

image found here

Meanwhile, Khashoggi moved in other circles, with a French woman who became known as Madame Mimi, a serious though brief rival to the famous Madame Claude, the Parisian madam who serviced the upper classes and business elite of Europe for three decades with some of the most beautiful women in the world.

image found here

Madame Mimi’s operation boasted a roster of three hundred girls between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five. A perfectionist in her trade, she groomed and dressed her girls so that they would be presentable escorts for the important men they were servicing. The girls, who were sent to Khashoggi in groups of twos and threes, called him papa gâteau, or sugar daddy, because he was extremely generous with them. In addition to their fee, 40 percent of which went to Madame Mimi, the girls received furs and jewels and tips that sometimes equaled or surpassed the fee. One of the greatest whoremongers in the world, Khashoggi was generous to a fault and provided the same girls to members of the Saudi royal family as well as to business associates and party friends.

image found here

In an interview in the London Daily Mail, beautiful Indian prostitute Pamilla Bordes made her sexual revelations about Khashoggi shortly after he was imprisoned in Bern, a bit of bad timing for the beleaguered arms dealer. Pamella was introduced by a Hindu teacher with worldly aspirations known simply as the Swami, although sometimes he is addressed by his worshippers with the papal-sounding title of Your Holiness. The Swami, who is said to possess miraculous powers, has served as a spiritual and financial adviser to, among others, Ferdinand Marcos, who credited him with once saving his life, Adnan Khashoggi, Mohammed Al Fayed, and both the Sultan of Brunei and the second of his two wives, Princess Mariam, a half-Japanese former airline stewardess.

Pamella Bordes found here

The Swami introduced Pamella Bordes to Khashoggi after she failed to be entered as Miss India in the Miss Universe contest in 1982. Pamella, a young woman of immense ambition, was invited to Khashoggi’s Marbella estate, La Baraka, shortly after meeting him. She slept with him in what she described as the largest bed she had ever seen. “I was very happy to have sex with him, and he did not want me to do anything kinky or sleazy.”

world’s most expensive bed found here

After their liaison, she became a part of the Khashoggi bank of women ready and willing to be used in his business deals. In the article, she described in detail a flight she was sent on from Geneva to Riyadh to service a Prince Mohammed, a senior member of the royal family, “who would be a key man in buying arms and vital technology.” The prince came in, looked her over, and said something to his secretary in Arabic. The secretary then took Pamella into a bathroom, where she was told to bathe and to wash her hair and blow-dry it straight. The prince, it seemed, wanted her with straight hair. Then she went to the prince’s room and had sex with him. The next day she was shipped back to Geneva.

In the summer of 1988, a Texas multimillionairess named Nancy Hamon chartered a ship and invited eighty friends, mostly other Texas millionaires, on a four-day cruise, starting in Málaga, Spain. The high point of the trip was an elaborate and expensive lunch party at the Khashoggi villa in Marbella. 

Malaga found here

“Oh, darling, it was an experience,” said one of the guests. “There were guardhouses with guards with machine guns, and closed-circuit television everywhere. The whole house is gaudy Saudi, if you know what I mean. They have Liberace’s piano, with rhinestones in it, and the chairs are all trimmed with gilt, and a disco, naturally, with a floor that lights up. You can see Africa and Gibraltar from the terrace—that was nice. Mr. Khashoggi was a tremendously gracious host. And so was the wife, Lamia. She had on a pink dress trimmed with gold—Saint Laurent, I think—and rubies, lots of rubies, with a décolletage to set off the rubies, and ruby earrings, great big drop earrings. This is just for lunch, remember. The food was wonderful. Tons of staff, as well as a lot of men in black suits—his assistants, I suppose. After lunch we were taken on a tour of the stables. The stables are in better taste than the house. Everything pristine. And Arabian horses. It was marvelous. It was amazing he could continue living on that scale. Everyone knew he was on his uppies.”

Liberace found here

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  1. That is a very unfortunate pair of panties Rod is wearing!

  2. I agree with Cindy!

    Shades of the Maharishi in that story. Gosh, she was a beautiful woman though.

    • Yes, she looks like Sophia Loren in that photo

  3. I saw Khashoggi once. He was remonstrating with an airline official at Heathrow. Rather a shortarse but I daresay what he lacked in length he made up for in girth.. wallet girth

    Bordes is a name to conjure with. She was at the centre of a sex scandal with Tory minister David Mellor in the early 90s.. Jesus he was ugly!

    • Politicians are always getting themselves into hot water over some dame

  4. Interesting she had the one word name before it became vogue for all females in Hollywood to do so.

    • I think Garbo and Marilyn were known by single names too

  5. Liberace had some serious bling.With all that weight on his fingers he hardly need loud pedal!

    • And to think he denied his gay side…… 😉

  6. i had all sorts of comments percolating, then got completely derailed with that “sugar daddy” website. i’ve been looking for 2 hours now, but there aren’t any rich old fucks, with bad eyes and bad hearts, looking for 49 year old, lumpy engineers. damn. will keep looking…. this 9-5 gig is getting old…

    • I heard the news story about it the other morning. I figured I’d be in the same boat as you so I didn’t go look. 🙂

  7. Liberace could make a piano play and sound like the poetry of music.

  8. I just can’t fathom such an existence, for a man or for a woman. Hmmm.

  9. That Sugar Daddy website is hilarious. I guess someone found a way to get around prostitution laws 😉

  10. Cindy, I think you mean budgie-smugglers. But I suppose some women like a prominent budgie!

    “The stables are in better taste than the house.” I like it. Why do so many of the wealthy have such appalling taste in decor? They always overdo everything.

  11. Over here, Pamela bordes is best remembered for her dalliance with former editor of the Sunday Times Andrew Neil and rival editor of The Observer Donald Trelford. I thought she was the one that cut Mr Neils expensive suits to shreds, but as I can’t find a reference I’ll put that down to a fertile imagination on my part

  12. Doh! Mellor had an affair with Antonia de Sancha, not Pamella Bordes

  13. …don’t worry Mr Jams, you were still correct about Mellor being ugly…

  14. Stories like these make it more and more difficult to convince myself I’m leading an exciting life.

  15. I was feeling the exact same way as the Good Greatsby. The thing is, even with all that money, I’m not sure that those folks are happier than I am. But gosh.

    When I read things like this, I keep thinking about the amount of money being splashed about, and how just a tiny fraction of their daily expenditures splashed into my budget would enable me to fund an account that I could live off the interest of for the rest of my life.

    Sometimes I think that I may have chosen the wrong career path. High class hookerism seems to pay awfully well.

  16. Why are prostitutes always the biggest prudes? I can’t see anything wrong with doing anything kinky or sleazy, Pamella.

  17. Oh! That Rod Stewart pic – take it away, take it away!
    BUt apart from that – fascinating blog you have here.
    I found it via I Know I Made You Smile

  18. I almost urped at the thought of a torrid affair with Winston Churchill. For a split second, I thought you meant the old one. Can you imagine?

    • No I can’t *shudder*

  19. Some people live such boring lives.

  20. Oh no! You can’t end with a photo of Liberace! now I’m far too tempted to run out and by a bedazzler!

    • Oops, sorry SIG

  21. I guess when you’re obscenely rich that’s how you live- the ‘gaudy saudi’ thing might wear thin quickly but ‘companions’ like Soraya and Ms. Bordes would make up for a lot of it. Fascinating stuff- those people must be have been exhausted.

  22. I love the word “whoremonger”. It’s going to be tough to work it into casual conversation, though.

    • You can do it Laura

  23. I was listening to an audio book the other day and it led me to this person…
    I thought of you…

    Loved the corsets with daisyfae!

  24. Poor Soraya……clocked off from Adnan with a mere $875 million. Do you see what all that money does for you? Turns you into a porker with a flower shop………….

  25. I’d suffocate in Saudi gaudy – have been to something close to it – it was obscene.

    Soraya is a beauty.

  26. It’s confirmed… my life has no excitement in it!

    I suddenly feel like listening to the Queen song Kashoggi’s Ship

  27. Oh GOD. That image of Rod Stewart has caused me PERMANENT psychological damage. Nurse Myra- please post whose kinds of things under a rollover with a content warning in future!

  28. You can see Africa and Gibraltar from the terrace? Lah-di-da. Sarah Palin can see Russia from her house.

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