how does one lose four husbands?

Enid Kenmare lost four husbands, all by death

“She was a member of the Australian Lindeman wine family, and she thought nothing of walking through Mayfair with a cheetah or flying to Kenya on safari by private aeroplane in the 1930s.

Lindeman’s vineyard found here

Enid, a celebrated beauty, married four times, the first time in 1913 to a New York shipbroker when she was 21. Two of her husbands were fabulously wealthy and left her fortunes. Three of them had titles. All died before her and two died less than a year after marrying her.

Her second husband was Brigadier General Frederick Cavendish, better known as Caviar Cavendish. Enid is reputed to have slept with every officer in his regiment for a dare.  

caviar found here

In 1933 she married the very rich Lord Furness, known as Duke, short for Marmaduke. He had a private railroad car, two yachts and an airplane. They were each other’s third spouse. Lord Furness was himself no stranger to homicidal rumour and controversy. His first wife, Daisy, had died aboard his yacht while on a pleasure cruise and he had buried her at sea.

Marmaduke found here

Enid’s last marriage, to Valentine, the sixth Earl of Kenmare, took place in 1943. He was an enormously fat man, 225 pounds, who once accidentally sat on a dog and killed it. Previously he had been married to Doris Castlerosse who died of an overdose of sleeping pills and alcohol. When Kenmare also died less than a year after his marriage to Enid, his inheritance was to pass to his niece. But Enid, in one of her boldest ventures, claimed to be pregnant, although she was approaching fifty. She was thus able to hold on to the income from the ancestral lands for an additional thirteen months. 

Valentine found here

Her great friend, writer Somerset Maugham, dubbed her Lady Killmore. 

The beauty of the much married and much widowed Enid Kenmare was so renowned that it was said people stood on chairs in the lobby of the Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo just to catch a glimpse of her as she passed through.

Lobby of the Hotel de Paris found here

She was also a constant and successful gambler who frequented casinos nightly. “She had fantastic posture, wore cabochon emeralds and dressed in diaphanous gowns” remembered one of her friends. She seemed to inhabit another sphere.”

Enid’s “other sphere” was dope. “She was a legally registered heroin addict” recalled a gentleman in New York whilst another gentleman in London said “Opium was her drug of choice.”

Opium smokers found here

“I don’t think Enid killed anybody” said a friend of her son Rory, “but she may have given them drugs and helped them along.”

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  1. Her kid has the same name as one of mine. She may be homicidal but she can’t be all bad.

  2. there is a lady here, more than a century old, and her current husband is like under 35.
    she has had over 20 husbands over the decades, and of course one at a time.
    one dies and she marries another.

    • One would have thought she would have learnt her lesson by now

      • The current husband is in rehab

  3. Oh dear, I’m on husband no 4, but so far only one died …

    • Four???? Really?

  4. “Valentine-an enormously fat man at 225”. Hmmm. Am I in denial? I’m pushing 231 and don’t consider myself fat. I have been pumping iron for years and there is a bit of a belly but have muscles of steel and steel is quite heavy you know.

  5. But Enid, in one of her boldest ventures, claimed to be pregnant, although she was approaching fifty. She was thus able to hold on to the income from the ancestral lands for an additional thirteen months.

    Faking a pregnancy for 13 months is quite an accomplishment.

  6. Ummm. Explain to me again the nuance that separates “killing them” from “giving them drugs and helping them along”…?

    It could come in useful…

  7. I’d be happy to be ‘helped along’ like that. Given sufficient age of course.

  8. No disrespect, but talk about “Typhoid Mary”!

  9. how does one lose four husbands? careful planning and steely execution…

  10. Is this masculine mortality confined to the rich or to all married men?
    *looking around suspiciously*

    • I’m thinking that masculine mortality is probably enhanced by the male in question being equipped with vast fortunes. What’s the point of offing a poor husband? Well, unless you had a fabulously wealthy guy waiting off-stage…

  11. It is amazing that back in the day you could take your wife on a “pleasure cruise” and come home to say she died on the trip and rather than burden everyone, decided to just bury her at sea. AND no one investigates??

  12. I almost sat on a cat once, but it got out of the way just in time.

  13. To lose one husband is unfortunate, to lose two is careless, but three and four…words fail me. As for spreading caviar on Monica Bellucci….oh, oh, oh,

  14. Yes, I think we’re taking liberties with the meaning of the word “lose”…

  15. What to say? Four husbands is a bit more than careless!

  16. Two yachts sounds like a race to me.

  17. I’ve never tried caviar. Can I be the first to lick it off Monica Belluci’s exceptional body?

    • It’s delicious. Try a teaspoon first, then you can build up to the Belluci

      • From now on I shall think of Bellucci, not Beluga caviar!

  18. Outliving four husbands is not so difficult I suspect, it’s just a matter of choosing carefully. Sounds like she walked the full length of the counter before making her selection. Go girl!

  19. A very Wilde-ian title.
    I used to work with a man who’d had 4 wives. I could never remember whether he’d divorced 3 and buried one or t’other way around.

  20. A legally registered heroin addict. Wonder if you register your addictions if you get them for free or at reduced cost… chocolate registry here I come!

    • Ooh, now I’m off to look for an oyster registry

      • Oh my. I feel fried tempura oysters coming on! Definitely for your Birthday.

      • Mmm. How about my birthday?

      • Will you be in Sydney in October?

      • Last week in September. Queen Willy has details.

  21. I’m thinking that Daisy’s cruise wasn’t that pleasurable.

    • I’m thinking you’re thinking right

  22. Hmm. Standards must have been different back then, 225 pounds in american would no longer be described as “enormously fat”, but more on the order of pleasingly plump.

    I followed your link to the shot of this “famous beauty” and again, standards must have been different back then. I found her sort of attractive but the gal wrapped in caviar is beautiful, not Enid. (IMHO)

    I’m still trying to figure out how you bag the wealthy guy — although in my case to do so I’d have to jettison the rather grand and wonderful relationship I am presently involved in. I’m not sure I’d exchange that for a lot of money.

  23. It’d look good on her CV if she was looking for a job as a hired assassin.

    • Haha yes it would Terra

  24. Oh, my!

  25. I think I’d stop being a vegetarian instantly if I were in the same room with a caviar-covered Monica.

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