it’s a form of introduction

According to Time Magazine, these people were making news in May 1954

1954 Ford Atmos found here

None of Asbestos Heir Tommy Manville’s first eight wives ever succeeded in smoking him out into court to fight a divorce brawl. Playboy Manville, 60, in escaping his previous marriages, barely dented his $20 million mad money. But shrewd Anita Roddy-Eden Manville, No. 9, enticed Tommy into a Manhattan court last week. Anita wanted a fatter payoff in her separation agreement: $1,250 a week instead of the piddling $1,000 a month she gets.

Tommy Manville found here

When their honeymoon was only two days old, Anita testified, teetering Tommy lugged out photographs of his ex-wives and old flames and hung them all about the house. “I said to him, ‘Tommy, you’ve had more than your usual quota of gin this morning. ” That got Tommy’s dander up. “He got his gun and threatened to kill me.” In the witness chair, Manville was asked if it was true that he had proposed to Anita’s twin sister, Juanita Patino, ex-wife of Bolivia’s tin tycoon, just a few days after he married Anita. Tommy grinned sheepishly: “I don’t know. I propose to anybody. I say it to a hatcheck girl. I say it to anybody—sort of as a form of introduction.”

Hatcheck girl from Lie Detector game found here

At week’s end, when the judge tossed her suit out of court Anita announced that she would appeal. But there would be no divorce. Anita reflected upon Tommy’s worldly goods and the 29-year difference in their ages, then candidly charted her course: “I am still his wife, and I am going to be the Widow Manville.”

image found here


At Hollywood’s Mocambo nightclub, up & coming Cinemactress Grace Kelly, 24, turned up for dinner as the date of mellowing Crooner Bing Crosby, 52, who bridled painfully when a photographer caught him dancing without the hair piece he usually wears before the cameras.

Grace and Bing at the Mocambo found here

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  1. That Anita had the right idea!

    • Really? I think I’d still want the divorce

  2. i need a ’54 Ford Atmos. It looks enough like the flying car we were all promised that i’ll quit whining about the failures of futurists in the 50’s…

    • We would look so good in that car wouldn’t we daisyfae?

  3. Never saw that car. There was a real jetty looking one at the 1960 World’s Fair that had all sorts of advanced tech and got 50 miles per gallon. None of that tech seems to have been used 50 years. Suppose the oil companies buy up the patents and put the tech on the shelf.

    • you’re probably right 😦

  4. What, in God’s name, would a beautiful, vivacious 24-year see in a 52-year old man who needs a hair piece in order to feel fit to be seen in public? He looks awful. 52 my ass.

    Or, am I simply jealous?

    • It was probably part of the publicity mill

  5. His ass was 62 at the time, Mr Banish and also needed a hair-piece.

    • Looks as if his dentures needed re-lining, too! (meeiouw!)

  6. I’m wondering – did Anita manage to outlast Tommy? And if so, was it worth it?

    • He died in 1967, I’m not sure about her

      • 1993

  7. I like Anita’s attitude. Oh to be a merry widow who was also filthy stinking rich!

    As for the Atmos it looks like it has rockets where the headlights should be – a positive advantage in dealing with drivers who cut you up

    • Is “cut you up” the same as “cut in on you”

  8. Was that car really by the same people that made the Ford Cortina? I think he was probably just renewing his marriage vows and didn’t realise he was proposing to the twin sister…

    • Haha, didn’t think of that

  9. Didn’t I hear Bing Crosby’s hairpiece is a contestant on this season of Dancing with the Stars?

    • Yes but I am voting for Howard Cosell’s

      • It’s a phoney and it comes from the tail of a pony…

  10. Wait, Bing wore a hair piece? Well, now I just don’t know what to trust anymore.

    • Trust nobody. Except your mother and Skye.

  11. I am not concerned about my hair piece, but would never go dancing without my codpiece in place.

  12. The Ford is okay, but for real “jet look”, look up the GM Autorama cars, especially the various “Firebird” prototypes (unrelated to the muscle car). The 50s designers were SO into that whole “jet look”. The worst one was the Chrysler that they actually put a jet engine in. Slow to accelerate, horrible mileage, but one neat side effect – it tended to melt any car within 50 feet of the rear end. No more tailgaters!
    I never got the old man-young woman thing. I understand it, I just don’t GET it. Then again, give me another few years, and it may become my life’s quest…….

    • I like the Chrysler Imperial

  13. Grace Kelly was inhumanly beautiful. And I bet Bing just sang to her for a few seconds – that would be enough to get a date.

    • you love a crooner don’t you queenie?

      • 🙂

  14. Never mind the nine wives, what did he have to say about the thousands of asbestos workers who developed asbestosis? And how much of his fortune did he send their way?

    • My guess is none 😦

  15. Can I have a Ford Atmos and Grace Kelly for my birthday?

    • Yes you may

      • Oooh. Excellent!

  16. I love that car!

  17. Shrewd woman.

  18. I want that car! Fifty years later, and it still looks futuristic!

  19. I don’t think you can complain about people photographing you without your hairpiece if you can’t even be bothered to put it on for a date with Grace Kelly.

  20. Bing was forced to wear the hairpiece lest he be mistaken for the Marquis de Cuevas!

    The King

    • Well spotted Your Majesty. The resemblance is uncanny

  21. John Wayne wore a hairpiece too.

    That’s right. The DUKE.

  22. I suppose “how do you do?” never got him the girls compared to “will you marry me”

  23. I remember when twenty million was a LOT of money!

    • Hey, for most of us it’s still a HELLUVA lot of money

      • Sweetie, I’ll rub out anybody you want for 1% of that! 😉

  24. Ford may have come up with the Atmos but they also made the Edsel, its unpopularity sometimes attributed to its resemblance to a woman…if you know what I mean…

    • Talk about the elephant in the room…. I stared at that photo for a good 60 seconds before I realised what you meant

      • Now, in all fairness, at the time of its’ rel;ease it was described s “looking like it had sucked a lemon”.
        Take that however you will…….

  25. “More than your usual quota of gin this morning”? I usually wait till evening to play cards …

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