the aristocrats go gaga

Scopolamine is a drug with a long dark history in Colombia.

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Legend has it that Colombian Indian tribes used the drug to bury alive the wives and slaves of fallen chiefs, so that they would quietly accompany their masters into the afterworld. The tree which naturally produces scopolamine grows wild around the capital and is so famous in the countryside that mothers warn their children not to fall asleep below its yellow and white flowers. It’s popularly known as the “get-you-drunk” tree and the pollen alone is said to conjure up strange dreams.

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Colorless, odorless and tasteless, scopolamine is slipped into drinks and sprinkled onto food. Victims become so docile that they have been known to help thieves rob their homes and empty their bank accounts. Since scopolamine completely blocks the formation of memories, it is usually impossible for victims to ever identify their aggressors.

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There are so many scopolamine cases in Colombia that they usually don’t make the news unless particularly bizarre. One such incident involved three young Bogota women who preyed on men by smearing the drug on their breasts and luring their victims to take a lick. Losing all willpower, the men readily gave up their bank access codes. The breast-temptress thieves then held them hostage for days while draining their accounts.

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In 1929 several Russian emigres in Paris were overwhelmed by the side effects of scopolamine which caused a condition they referred to as gaga-ism

“It seems that Prince Yusupoff’s valet encouraged another valet to put the drug in the tea of the latter’s masters and their guests. The polite poisoning had been going on for months, producing a state of complete stupidity which none of these aristocrats found strange.

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Memory vanished, general conversation lagged, the two children dropped behind in their studies and became unable to add two and two without exciting comment from their proud parents. Casual guests dropping in for ‘le five o’clock’ were led back to their limousines in a state of complete imbecility, and an aunt fell flat on her face after having sipped a cup of weak Orange Pekoe.

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Also, the unfortunate Comte de Lareinty-Tholozan, who had been imbibing from the scopolamine bottle steadily since the previous November, each day lost a little more sense, according to his admiring spouse. The hilarity among red-blooded mortals caused by these blue-blood disclosures was said to be as good as a revolution…..”

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  1. Wanted to make a clever comment, but it somehow slipped my mind …

    • That would be the wine talking…..

  2. I haven’t thought of scopolamine since I asked the TG to marry me.

    • That’s because your head is full of gingernuts daddyp

  3. “Holding them hostage for days while draining their bank accounts …” definitely more attractive than marrying them and waiting for them to drop off the twig.

    Do you think that rabbit knows there’s something in her tea? Should we tell her?

    • I love that rabbit image

  4. Interesting! We have a couple giant datura plants our yard (“devil’s trumpet”, whose flowers point up, and “angel’s trumpet,” whose flowers point down). I knew that they can kill a person, so we always warn our guests not to touch them, but I didn’t know you could make something useful from them like scopalamine. Fascinating! I may need to try that.

    • Make sure to check in and let us know if you died from your experimentation.

      • Bearman!!!

  5. Wow. It’s like black magic.

  6. We serve scopolamine at all our family functions – keeps the drama to a minimum.

    Thanksgiving is here this year… 😉

    • Oh I’d like to be a fly on the wall for your Thanksgiving Elisabeth

    • We should try that at our next family gathering

  7. Gaga-ism, you say?
    Sounds like a ‘Bad Romance’ to me.

    • haha…… I like that song!

      • (I like a few of her songs…
        that’s a secret, though, okay?)

  8. “Scopolamine blocks the formation of memories.” Is that why my memory’s so unreliable? Someone’s spiking the bread at Sainsbury’s.

    “….producing a state of complete stupidity which none of these aristocrats found strange.” I love it.

    • Yes it’s a great line isn’t it?

  9. It is a strange world and Columbia is at its epicenter.

    • I’ve never been there and probably never will

  10. That’s kind of terrifying.

    • Yes it is Laura

  11. People are surprised at idiotic behaviour from aristocrats? So TMZ and the tabloids really ARE a new idea……
    All I can say is, based on the young lady in the picture, “gaga-ism” is VERY appropriate. Kinda my reaction, and I haven’t even had any scopolamine – at least, none I can remember. 😉
    (Yeah, that one’s getting REALLY old. Sorry, creativity is low today.)

    • I enjoy reading about crazy aristocrats

  12. Do you think the “get-you-drunk” tree grows near the “piss-the-bed” plant?

    ‘scuse my French.

    • It looks like a common dandelion to me, but Pissenlit sounds better

  13. I bet the valets laughed like drains! We used to have daturas in our garden, Sadly the old boy who used to cultivate them died a couple of years ago. Hopefully he died happy!

    • I’ve seen a few growing in Sydney, I wonder if anyone knows how to extract the mind altering substances

      • It’s an Aussie version of Breaking Bad waiting to happen.

  14. I think I’ve read somewhere that the SS used it during WWII as a “truth serum” to get information from spies. I suppose it’s possible, as many people do “talk” under legitimate anaesthetics, like pentathol…

    • Tell me about it 😉

  15. Interesting read as always…and you’ve been tagged, details to follow…

  16. By the way, if you didn’t get a Pingback message just read my latest post, where you’ll find your link at the bottom, for details.

  17. clearly, it has been dumped into the public water supply in Washington, DC….

  18. “…producing a state of complete stupidity which none of these aristocrats found strange.” Well, considering how strange most of these aristocrats normally act, I guess it’s no wonder!

  19. I’ve used scopalamine patches to keep from barfing and never got so much as a buzz. Some people have all the luck. Or all the lick.

    • Did it work on the barfing Robin?

      • I forget. Kidding. Yes, it did.

  20. I remember reading about the ladies in Bogota. Spooky drug.

    Love, love, love the tea illustration!

  21. um…




    • Has The King been spiking your coffee Queenie?

  22. PS. your breasts are suspended.

  23. Just one more reason not to go to Bogota

  24. No need for scopolamine when faced with a pair of nekked breasts. My will to resist crumbles quite easily.

  25. I just planted some this summer! Had I known, I would have planted more!

  26. Mildly toxic breast-bearing seems somehow more polite than Breaking and Entering.

  27. I am somehow convinced that minute doses of scopolamine is the reason why I get the bizarre dreams I get.

  28. Isn’t this that truth serum stuff ?

  29. Err, what? Story…Boobs!

    tHe kINg

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