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Which of the following parties do you think sounds like it was the most fun? This Parisian ball……

“At a costume ball in Paris in the 1920s Lucien Daudet appeared as Spectre de la Rose. At the end of the evening the effete Daudet was stark naked. The guests had plucked the rose petals his devoted mother had sown onto his tights, and eventually the tights disappeared along with the roses. Jean Godebska came as a house of cards and his friend Radiguet as a shooting gallery while the Princess Soutzo was a Christmas tree. 

Princess Soutzo found here

Jean Hugo attended as a waiter carrying a large tray. On it was perched the Maharani of Kapurthala, disguised as caviar. Hugo was somewhat tipsy and let the tray drop. When the maharenee almost fell to the floor, the maharajah was heard to mutter, “In India he would have been put to death at once.”

Maharani found here

The Duchess de Gramont organised an entrance that represented the beheading of John the Baptist. Dressed in the black costume of an executioner, she appeared carrying  a platter with a wooden head of John the Baptist that looked suspiciously like the party’s host. As Salome, the Prince de Chimay covered his face with veils but liberally exposed the shapely legs he was so proud of. Hiding all evening in a bedroom like children at a costume party, they missed Marie Laurencin as Malade Imaginaire attended by a friend dressed as measles, with red spots painted on his face.

Le Malade Imaginaire found here

Or would you prefer to attend P Diddy’s soiree?

On Thursday, August 29th, 2002 – P. Diddy and Guy Oseary celebrated the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards with a post party in New York City’s exclusive Cipriani’s. “It was top shelf and caviar all the way” said one guest. 

image found here

Attending celebrities received a gift basket valued at over $25,000 which included an exclusive Surf Camp t shirt and a week at Surf Camp. The drawback was the “party policy,” which included an amusing–some might call it obscene–set of guidelines re: scuffed shoes, haircuts, and clothing (though someone should have told Puffy that Mr. Dolce’s partner spells his surname “Gabbana”). “Pull out the flyest shit in your closet” Puffy said. “Women must be waxed, pedicured and manicured to the hilt.”

$32,000 manicure found here

And one final instruction….. P.S. Do not disturb the sexy.

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  1. decisions, decisions – I’m torn 😳

  2. Just pondering whether I have anything in my closet that might qualify as “flyest shit”.

    No, I think it might just be fly shit.

  3. OMFG, I’m off to Paris dressed as a peacock. Hope I’m not late.

    • Will you be taking the peahen with you?

  4. 🙂 i can live with the top shelf without the caviar.

    • It wouldn’t be the same without the caviar

  5. i have no fly shit. i’ve been quite careful with the screens this season…

    • That reminds me of a story I read recently. A man took to wearing a colander on his head when he was reading in bed at night. He said it kept the light out of his eyes and stopped the flies from annoying him. Made me wonder why he didn’t just invest in a screen door and a bedside lamp

  6. I’m off to Paris dressed as a wombat. Not that I’ll be eating caviare.

    • Will you even get through customs?

  7. I would have thought an aunt visiting from out of town could have been a delightfully eccentric addition to the gathering. Bring on those aunts, I say!

    • I had two such aunts. They used to descend upon my mother once a year with bottles of gin, cigarettes and racing guides

      • Oh dear god! One wasn’t Auntie Letty by any chance? Heavy on the henna, bright red lipstick?

  8. I find P. Diddy’s invitation egotistical and vain – plus I don’t have any “fly shit” in my closet nor a designer as back-up. My choice would be party # 1 – sounds as though it would have been much more entertaining.

    • Good selection Elisabeth

  9. If I got an invite like P. Diddy’s, I’d post it online with the caption “How Not To Write A Party Invitation.” That’s ridiculous. It would be an honor for him if I attended (which I wouldn’t).

    • Feel free to take the gif. and run with it Marvin

  10. Painting my nails … I’ll go to the opening of an envelope, I will!

    • Good for you Cindy!

  11. That P. Diddy event sounds rather vulgar.

    • As do most things he’s involved in

  12. I’m jealous of the guy who went as a shooting gallery. My work once invited us to come in costume, and I showed up as “A Long Day’s Journey into Knight”, but everybody thought I was a chain letter. 😦

    • I require photographic proof 🙂

      • Sorry, no photos. I was a knight having a hard day, and I failed at flashing. Something of a lifelong trend…..

  13. I think I will go for full on decadence that the second rate couture clad crap Puff Diddy is offering. Sean John high couture? He has a high opinion of himself!

    • It would be interesting to watch but I wouldn’t want to participate

      • I dunno!, perhaps it would be fun to indulge in some Grade A decadence once in a while!

  14. I think I’d pass on both, Nursie and I bet you would too. I’d like to see pictures of the Paris party but the other one sounds like MTV with delusions of grandeur.

    • Ah you know how I feel about parties don’t you syncy?

  15. I think I’d just stay home with a good book

    • That’s what I usually do too

  16. I think the 1920’s have much greater appeal!

    • Except for the Charleston

  17. Poor old P-Diddy, trying so hard to seem decadent and opulent but somehow coming across as completely tawdry. My fly shit would stay in the closet and I’d be in Paris trying to find a shooting gallery costume. I do like ‘Don’t Disturb The Sexy’ though, probably for all the wrong reasons.

    • Do you own any fly shit? all I’ve got is a cupboard full of corsets

      • I’m sure in many worlds, Puff’s included, a cupboard full of corsets counts as some very fly shit indeed. In fact, there’s nothing satorial I approve of more than a lovely woman with a cupboard full of corsets. I manage a couple of nice suits, nothing from Mr. Diddley’s list of approved designers, but one is a bespoke number from Hong Kong. It’s fun to scrub up nice when you get a chance.

  18. I do love a goddess with a buffed hilt.

    • But do they love you back daddyp?

  19. I’m sticking with Paris although I do have a raving pedicure at the moment.

  20. Paris pour moi, that Puff Draggy/Piddy Potty idiot is like a drowning man, and a good example of money having little or nothing to do with class. I mean a suit with trainers and a walking stick for Chrissakes, oh the horror… I have a pike reserved for his head right here at the castle.

    The King

    • Thank you King, I absolutely hate the suit with trainers deal- hip hop artists and frat boys trying to look edgy find some common ground and it’s very bad ground indeed.

  21. P-Puddy-Doody-Dollar leaves a written document of what and egomaniac douchebag he actually is.

  22. ALL great parties end with somebody naked. Just sayin’.

  23. He’s stupid. He can’t think for himself so he demands that his so called friends conform outwardly in the same way that he does. He reminds me of a snobbish but very entertaining line from an English Tory politician’s memoirs, in which former Trade Minister and famous philanderer Alan Clark quotes Michael Heseltine, another Tory Minister, saying about someone, “He bore that unmistakable stamp of a working class upbringing: not knowing what to say or do in situations with which he was not familiar.”

  24. That party invite is so dripping with elitism, arrogance and attitude that I can’t imagine even the chance of having a good time. How is it that the ultimate party has become the inverse of what it should be? (i.e. friendly, casual, non-judgmental, etc…). If you’ll pardon my French, “F%&k the sexy”. Well, that’s probably going to happen already, but you know what I mean…

  25. Do not disturb the sexy. LOL.

    PS: I think I’m gonna use that as my online status when I’m busy and do not want to be disturbed 😀

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