spot the spider bite victim

The Brazilian Wandering Spider‘s venom is 30 times more powerful than that of a rattlesnake. A native to Brazil and northern Argentina, its diet includes lizards and mice. There is enough poison in an adult’s bite to kill 225 mice.

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It is incredibly hardy and can survive being frozen, thrown in boiling water and even microwaved for a short periodIf one of its legs becomes damaged it will amputate it with its own mouth – a new shorter leg growing within a few weeks.

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They have a distinctive defensive display in which the body is lifted up into an erect position, the first two pairs of legs are lifted high (revealing the conspicuous black-striped pattern on their underside), while the entire spider sways from side to side with hind legs in a cocked position.

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In Brazil, emergency room staff can immediately spot the victims of a bite from this spider. Patients not only experience overall pain and an increase in blood pressure, they also sport an uncomfortable erection.

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Scientists separated the different components of the spider venom and ran tests on rats to seek out the erectile enhancer. Then they injected the venom-chemical into rats stimulated to begin an erection. A tiny needle-like device inserted into each rat’s penis measured the pressure change, which corresponds with the increase in blood flow to the blood vessels inside the penis. Compared with control rats, those injected with the peptide showed a significant increase in penis pressure.

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But erections don’t last forever. The erectile party crasher, a substance called PDE-5 breaks down the cGMP and in turn transforms the erect penis into its normal limp stateThe most popular erectile-dysfunction drugs work by blocking this party crasher.

image found here

The spider chemical works in a different manner, affecting an earlier step in the erection process. Somehow, the toxin ups the amount of nitric oxide, which sort of sets into motion an erection. The scientists suggest that a combination of a synthetic version of the spider venom with a drug like Viagra would result in a magnified effect.

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  1. I’m not sure I want ‘overall pain’ with my erection, though…

    • I’m not sure you do either…

  2. Well that’s fine for the envenomated men. How do women present?

    • With firm nipples?

      • 🙂

  3. Spiders are amazingly resilient. They can live on mountaintops, at the bottom of the sea, in tropical heat, in freezing cold. A lot more adaptable than us feeble humans.

    Love the picture of all the mice drinking milk. How sweet! And I love the pic of the little boy apologising to the little girl. Even sweeter.

    • That’s my favourite image today too. someecards is a great site

  4. This post should bring forth many an amusing, lewd comment – but I’m still laughing at the words “erectile party crasher” – can’t focus enough to get my lewd on!

    • I can’t focus enough to work that phrase into conversation

  5. Thanks, I always wanted to travel the world, but I think I’ll stay the hell away from Brazil until I can be 100% certain that my health insurance is accepted there.

    • Just buy the kind of health insurance that flies you straight home if you have a dangerous encounter with a spider.

  6. Hmm I can see big pharma spending billions on this while research into vital new antibiotics can go to hell…

    • Erections are big business 😉

  7. So it has to be crushed into pieces to be dead ? Or maybe kept in the microwave a bit longer.
    Spiders, centipedes and leeches – I’m terrified of them.

    • Spiders are the worst, especially ones with hairy legs

  8. Oh, great, just what my arachnophobia needed – mixing with erectile dysfunction! 😯
    You’re lucky you’re so cute, Nursie, or I’d have to go find my daily “weird” somewhere else! 😉 😀

    • you’d miss me though…..

      • Like my7 right arm – one of the few extremities that still work…..

  9. not spiders. anything but spiders… but i bet that brazilian badass spider would burn quite nicely in my patented “Can of Hairspray and Lighter” Spider Eradication Flamethrower!

    • You saw that James Bond movie, too?
      And Daisyfae- DO NOT follow the links.Just don’t.OK?

  10. Can’t we all agree that science has gone too far in it’s testing on animals when scientists are injecting venom into rat penises?

  11. *shriek*

  12. Bites off its own leg? This is like the spider version of “127 Hours.”

  13. What is an “uncomfortable erection”? My erections have always been very comfortable. All four of of them.

    • *phew* we’re all relieved to know that Affer

  14. Creepy crawlies abound with that apology card being the creepiest

    • Oh I think it’s kind of cute

  15. Rats can’t have very sensitive willies if they can still get it up with a tiny needle stuck into it. I’m glad I’ve got enough feeling in mine to stop me if I ever tried to have sex with a thistle.

    The card made me laugh – the innocence with a hard-on.

    • Don’t ever do a google search with the words needle and c**k 😦

  16. Oh that spider … I can’t even look at it.

    I have a feeling I’d say the same if confronted by some poor male afflicted by its venom.

    • Same here. no offering to suck the poison out either

  17. Does the spider whisper dirty things in your ear before getting the erection? Rude of her not to “complete” the transaction.

  18. I’m not putting a spider on the end of my cock for any one

    • Do you know anyone who would ask you to do such a thing?

  19. Dying with an erection isn’t all bad.

    • Dying from a painful spider bite would be

  20. That is amazing!

    Lovely pic of the banana spider.We have another couple of those living in our bushes in our front yard. They’re so big! We love them.

  21. oh my. I’m heading out to some ecards to see what other sweet advice they might have. I’m not much one for spiders.

  22. As my hair turns white a lot of parts don’t work as well anymore. Now don’t jump to conclusions here. I am speaking of my eyesight, hearing and ability to run a mile in one minute. Anyway, I ain’t gettin no spider bite for nuthin. Never. No matter how desperate.

    • I’ve never been a runner and I’m sure there’s a lot of white under my violet streaks

  23. Well, if it doesn’t kill you. . .

  24. …. yes?

  25. I’m not big on spiders.
    Our last apartment was very dark (and just full of the creepy things). Granted, they weren’t as… um… ‘unique’ as those wondering spiders (although we’re fairly certain many were brown recluses). Naturally one bit me in the leg (twice). It even required antibiotics (and actually looked pretty nasty for a while).

  26. I wrote about spiders today. I find them fascinating and scary as all get-out.

  27. Thanks for the nightmare inducing news… and the erection.

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