flying a kite

A Letter to The Times from the Reverend Wilfred A Tighe:

“Sir, Aeroplanists should keep their eyes skinned for agents other than human at the earth end of a kite string. I have seen a horse flying a kite.

image found here

It was in Hong Kong twenty years ago. The kite swooped into a paddock where horses grazed: the string snapped, leaving perhaps 30 feet of its length still attached to the frame work: the free end fell across the rump of a horse: a twitch of the tail secured (mysteriously) the string; the animal moved, felt the drag, moved faster, became frightened, began to gallop – and the kite rose and soared beautifully and in partnership with its flier round and round the paddock for almost a minute.

Alexander Graham Bell’s Horse Kite found here

Three others saw this with me; they are all alive today. For the benefit of the unkindly suspicious, this equine feat was observed during the last of three hard sets of tennis and more than two hours after a very light lunch.”

image found here

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  1. you know reading your blog can be so surreal sometimes but always interesting!

    • I aim for surreal 😉

      • Not interesting too?

      • Yes, but after surreal 😉

  2. Accidentally high as a kite indeed.

    • you’re not being unkindly suspicious are you Mitzi?

  3. The news must have made their day at Times 😉

    • It made their slow day just that little bit faster

  4. “…and more than two hours after a very light lunch.” Oh, and a side of psilocybin!

    • Your unkindly suspicious side is showing my dear

  5. Are you sure the whole thing wasn’t beamed direct into his brain by pot head pixies in flying teapots!

    • Is that a Gong reference?

  6. Although I’m not an aeroplanist – neither am I “unkindly suspicious.” I’ll now keep my eyes open for unusual kite flyers.
    (Poor frightened horse…)

    I am now singing “Let’s Go Fly a Kite!” – not a bad way to start the morning. 😉

    • no no no ….. earworm!

      • I’m always singing “Let’s Go Fly a Kite!” Julie Andrews … mmm.

  7. Shouldn’t he have been concentrating on his balls?

    • that’s what most men do

  8. At least they didn’t tell the one about a kite flying a horse.

    • That’s coming up next….

  9. Once I tied a kite to my dog and he just sat there.

    • did you forget the puppy treats?

  10. A horse can fly a kite, but can a kite fly a horse? I’d like to see that!

    • Sounds dangerous. For somebody.

  11. The poor horse!

    • He was only frightened for a minute Terra

  12. I don’t believe a word of it. A horse flying a kite? About as likely as a flying pig.

    • Again with the unkind suspicions…..

  13. After a bottle of strong Sylvaner I’m ready for flying pigs …

    • Is that a dessert wine?

  14. If PETA ever heard about this, there’s no doubt in my mind that they would begin to protest against horse-flown kites.

    • Shhh… don’t tell

  15. My favourite ever letter to The Times…

    • Yes, it’s a favourite of mine too

  16. I can just imagine the scene. “Wilbur! This is getting so much lift!”

    • Are you channelling Mr Ed?

      • :: nods ::

  17. I’ve never been good with kites…
    maybe part of the flaw is my bipedal ‘technique’…

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